How to make a surprise from the "Kinder Surprise": bouquet, cake, bee?

Surprises like everything, so most kids just crazy about chocolate eggs, inside which is a small container with a bright toy.Many craftsmen even know how to make a surprise from the "Kinder-surprise".If you are also interested in this topic, the following are a few methods for manufacturing handicrafts made of chocolate eggs themselves and their containers, as well as delicious and beautiful cake with the same name.

crafts "Birdie"

the question of how to make a surprise from the "Kinder Surprise", the responses can be set.For example, if you have at hand a few white feathers, watercolors, "eyes" to craft or two black beads, a few minutes can make funny chicken.You will also need a piece of red velvet paper or cardboard, which should be cut from the beak.With watercolors or bird feathers fluff need to paint the yellow and glue to the container as wings.Then you need to add the eyes and beak.All the chicken is ready.It can be present, used to decorate the Easter table or hang on the wall in the room

or the baby over his crib.


Do you know how to make a surprise from the "Kinder Surprise" in the form of a salt shaker?Surely now you're wondering, that they themselves did not think about!But this idea is just on the surface.To implement it, enough to make a few holes in the lid of the container and paint its water-resistant paints, for example, under Khokhlov.

crafts "Giraffe"

container "Kinder Surprise" and the usual cocktail tubes can be made elegant giraffe.For this purpose, a permanent marker on the container paint pattern typical of giraffe skin.Cut off from the cocktail tubules 5 pieces 8-9 cm in length. The container is inserted into the hole and make the "legs" and "neck".From the tip, which is laced hood to make a muzzle.Fix it on the "neck".With glue beads fixed on the face instead of the eyes and ears.Thick strands of yellow braided in a pigtail using a piece of wire.When you have finished, insert the "tail" of the hole in the "rump" giraffe.

crafts "Matryoshka"

etui for toys-can be turned into a surprise and a traditional Russian doll.To do this, you need to cut colored paper face, arms and apron.These details should be pasted on the container, paint on his face and eyes mouth and apron to decorate flowers or colorful ornaments.


in recent years in Hollywood were created cartoons about all sorts of monsters and fantastic creatures, many of which are very fond of kids.For example, I'm sure many kids will be delighted, if you tell them how to make a surprise from the "Kinder Surprise" in the form of minions.It's very easy!You will need a container, hidden in a chocolate egg, eyes, permanent black marker and blue waterproof paint.On egg depict unitard, like minions.Eyes glued marker and draw glasses and mouth.All - the toy is ready!

How to make a cake "Kinder Surprise"

Almost all children and most adults love pastries.If your kids love chocolate egg with a toy inside, they can please the colorful cake.

before a big "Kinder Surprise", you must first bake a 5-6 round-shaped cakes with sour cream, as usual.Then cook cream 1 cup of cream, 250 grams of cheese, 3-4 tablespoons.l.powdered sugar, 1 tbsp.l.maple syrup.To do this, the cream is whipped with powdered sugar, until the mixture thickens, the curd is ground through a sieve, add the maple syrup and administered in cream cottage cheese.

of the pre-baked cakes cut out circles of different diameters.Promazyvaya cream spread "details" at each other, while the upper layers are formed from a portion of scrap, rolled in a spiral shape (in the end you should get the design, which resembles a pyramid on a tapered basis).The remaining pieces of cakes are ground, mixed with cream and this "cement" smeared on top of cakes, giving the shape of an egg.

From the powdered sugar with the addition of gelatin, water and lemon juice and a small amount of oil (to prevent rapid drying) mastic prepared, rolled out and pull on the "egg", cutting off the excess at the base.From the same material as the desired color cut out letters, as well as decor for the base.If you want to add mastic "label" with the name of the child, which was prepared for the cake.

How to make a bee from the "Kinder Surprise"

etui for plastic toys, which is inside chocolate eggs, can be the basis for a variety of crafts.For example, because he gets funny bees, which can be hung over the crib of the newborn instead of mobiles.The easiest option would require a minimum of effort, and the need for its production line was only a few containers, black tape width of about 0.5 cm (you can replace tape right color, cut into strips), glue, beads for the eye, tracing paper, blackpen and wire antennae.

On etui laughing attractive face paint and glued eyes.Wrap the containers with adhesive tape to get the striped bee.From tracing paper cut wings, draw up their crayons and fixed to the etui.Wire made mustache.Needle heated in the fire, puncture containers and put the antennae, tying the ends of his mustache on the inside in the nodules.Make a hole for the line and hung bee.If you want to hack turned more expressive, you can make the insect's feet black thin ribbons.For this purpose a container is pierced in the right places, threaded through the tape segments are 5 cm long and both ends tied in a tight knots.


In recent years, very popular sweets of unusual design.For example, you can make a bunch of "Kinder surprises".Those who have already made the flowers of sweets, do the job without any problems.And even if you have no experience, learn how to collect bouquets are not difficult.You will need crimped paper, glue, wooden skewers, green tape, wrapping paper, ribbons, and some element for decoration, such as a butterfly.

To make a flower, you need corrugated paper cut 5 petals slightly longer than the "Kinder-surprise".Each of them need to bend and put on eggs at the base of twist and lock on a skewer.Then, "stalk" need to wrap duct tape, to pick flowers in the bouquet, wrap the floral paper, tie the ribbon and butterfly to decorate.

Sweet gift with toys

If you are interested in how to make a surprise from the "Kinder Surprise" in the form of a bouquet, we can advise and option with the contents of containers.For its production, "egg" should be wrapped in transparent film floristic and secure skewer.The same should be done with miniature toys 5-fillings.This is followed to collect all the "flowers" in a bouquet with a "kinder-surprise" in the center and surrounded by large leaves, cut from corrugated paper.At the end you can decorate your bouquet ribbon tied in a bow at the bottom.

Now you know how to make a "Kinder Surprise," the basis for the original artefacts and will be able to please your family extraordinary gift.