How to fill the printing ink right?

Sooner or later, in any branch or office of the question arises: how to fill the printing ink.It seems to be a fairly simple exercise requires the person performing it, certain knowledge and skills.

types of printing

to know how to fill the printing ink to start is to find out what kinds they are.

All we remember from childhood Stamp printing.They are easy to use, but not quite comfortable.Together with the stamp should always be worn stamp pads, which is in a separate box.This is a good option if you are printing on a single workplace, but if you want portability, you should pay attention to other species.

Printing with automatic snap is more practical to use.She is compact in storage, and is more convenient for putting clear and smooth prints.But there may be some difficulties, because it is necessary to know exactly how to fill the automatic printing.

hardest things with Flash stamps.These designs are not foreseen cushion with paint, who runs directly in a matrix.In addition, this type of pr

inting is most often of several colors, which further complicates the task.What

black brothers?

Before printing ink refill properly, you must select them.Best option if you take the paint of the same producer that has been used previously.But it does not always have the opportunity to learn its brand.So you should carefully approach the issue.

Ink fall into water, oil and alcohol.For official documents at the offices of the most commonly used are the most common - water-based.They are well absorbed by the paper and not smeared.But moisture can leak, which indicates the nature of their foundations.

Alcohol inks are used for non-porous surfaces such as glass and metal.A characteristic feature of these paints: they dry quickly enough, not smeared and hard to be erased from the surface.

Oil ink occur less often.They are used in the manufacture of parts and marking boxes.Good behave as porous surface and on the smooth.On paper, left a massive trail of fat.

When the ink defined, is not to forget about their color.Mix different colors on one pillow is strictly prohibited.Now you can see in more detail how to fill the printing ink.

The simplest options

Oddly enough, but today more often use the simplest form of stamps that require a separate stamp pillow.Treat them the easiest way.

Open box with a porous material and carefully dripped onto a small amount of paint.The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise then prints will look like blots, and their text will not legible.

Wait until the paint is evenly distributed over the surface.If desired, this process can be enhanced by stretching the clip on the ink surface.After the porous material is completely soaked, we do a few test prints.If printing makes it clear, then everything is fine.But there may be other options.

If the prints are not clear, it is necessary to add a little paint and repeat the procedure again, because you already know how to fill the stamp printing.

when prints are blurred, so the ink too much.They remove any porous paper such as cloth or toilet paper.

How to fill the automatic printing?

Stamps in mechanical snap characterized by the fact that they can not see the stamp pad.To get it, you need to show some skill.

Slightly press down on the lower part of the mechanism and use the lock it in a position where the open access to the pillow.Gently press your finger to the side, pull it out and snap on a flat clean surface.

Then using a syringe or a special bottle with a thin nose, apply ink approximately 2 mm thick.Use a paper clip or similar devices spread over the surface of the paint and let it soak.Remains ink remove tissue or handkerchief.

After an hour or two put a pillow on the seat and make some prints.If you did everything correctly, they will be clear and bright.The main thing at the moment of filling to make sure that the pillow itself to prevent dust, dirt or lint.

highest level of craftsmanship

most difficult to figure out how to fill flash printing.The thing is that she has the most unusual design.To start analyze it by removing the blade retaining ring.Next, put on a clean matrix substrate on a completely flat surface.Using a syringe carefully drip paint on its surface and tried to distribute evenly.

to seal completely soaked, you need to leave it for a few hours, and then check by making a few prints on a blank sheet of paper.But before that, it's worth to remove excess moisture on its surface.This is done in a good porous paper.

If you are satisfied with the quality of prints, you can collect flash printing, return dismantling repeating actions.If it prints clear enough, is a porous substance refuel stamp.

multicolor printing

Already it became clear how to fill seal "true copy", "sell", "Paid."After all, they use only one color of ink.But there are some stamps that have colorful pillows.They refuel in the same way as one color, but with a difference.

First of all we can not allow the mixing of colors.The easiest way to fill in this case, each ink individually.First, it is applied to the central portion and uniformly distributed.There is very carefully monitored to ensure that it does not perebavit, otherwise it will go beyond its area.

Once one color is absorbed, perform the following procedure.And so on until all the zones are not primed.This process will go on a decent amount of time.

Flash printing two or more colors are filled by the print.First, the central part is filled, and then the edges.There also need to be extremely careful that the colors remain in their areas.

Common Errors

now consider options like printing ink can not be refilled.It depends on the quality and durability.

order not to fool with dismantling the equipment, many office workers dripping paint directly onto the matrix.It is not correct for the reason that in the stamp pads gets insufficient amount of ink.It is also not distributed evenly.

drip the paint is not taken out the pillow is not recommended.It does not control its amount.Soak up the good ink also can not.

can not dunk a pillow excavated directly into the paint.This way you oversaturate it and ruin.It is also not advisable to do it with a flush seal.The effect will be the same.

stamps to long served them requires care and proper charge of pillows.

Some subtleties

is not always an option that describes how to fill a rectangular seal, as well as a round.First of all, the official stamp of the enterprise never refuel.It varies each time theft.This is due to the fact that the color and composition of the print must always be the same.

not recommended to fill the pillow more than three times.During her long exploitation remain dents which significantly impair the quality of prints.

Also, many manufacturers do not recommend adding ink stamp pads automatic equipment.According to them, cushions themselves are not designed for that and still do not give a clear enough impressions as new.But this nuance is more commercial in nature, because theft is more expensive than a bottle of ink stamp.

As with all the seals need to be very careful and avoid any chance of contamination because of dust, sand, and hair will greatly affect the clarity of subsequent prints.

Entrust professionals

Finally I remind you that everyone knows how to fill the printing ink, but not everyone can get it.This is especially true of complex multi-color stamps.Therefore, in order not to risk a lot of money, it makes sense to refer to a special service that will do everything for you.Here you will spend a nominal amount is much less than that which would have to pay for a new snap-in or printing.This is the case when the risk is not justified.