Technique beadwork and beadwork.

beadwork technique is considered one of the most simple and very effective types of needlework.It is easier than cross stitching and other techniques of counting, and much easier and faster than a smooth surface.Embroidering beads do not need to constantly change the thread, because color patterns creates colorful beads that are strung on a solid wax or silk thread close to the fabric-based colors.

beadwork technique - one of the most exciting types of needlework.Jobs created quickly and easily on hand masters "bloom" stunning, shimmering in the light texture, colorful paintings and sewn beads background makes them like a precious woven of fine crystals.

As with any material, beads has its own characteristics.To embroidery turned out beautiful, smooth and neat, carefully sort out beads by size and quality.Sometimes smooth round beads, frosted or transparent, very small, or large enough, it happens bead cutting - is, as a rule, large beads with irregular faceted structure, finally, glass - this colo

rful shiny small elongated tubes of a few mm, which are used inmainly for decoration of clothes.

Technique beadwork same size and texture can create smooth smooth fabrics, gives the cabin a light crystal embroidered linens structural and roughness.Beading successfully combine embroidery with embroidery and cross.The methods are different embroidery.The most popular - a sewing attach, when a thread strung several beads, and then thread with beads attached by drawing other auxiliary thread in the spaces between beaded and embroidered individual beads of which are attached to the base of slanting stitches next to each other, flat, horizontalseries.This technique is known beadwork reminiscent of counting equipment or cross stitch tapestry, and it can use any drawings created for a countable embroidery.

add beadwork can be raised, three-dimensional elements in the technique of beading.

French technique of weaving beads

French technique as if specially invented for weaving flower petals and leaves circular and oblong shapes that adorn not only the panels but also from long hairstyles and short hair.For example, the technique of weaving fish tail - the original tresses of long thick hair, can successfully combine hard plait braided with decoration from beaded petals.

to weave one petal required wire thickness of 0.3 and 0.6 mm and smooth round beads average.The thicker the wire used for the warp and thin - as a working thread.On the basis of a wire-strung several beads, whose number is equal to the length of the petal.To beads held and slid on the end of the wire make a small bundle.Then, the wire-based down as close as possible to the strung beads, attach a thin wire working, making one turn.On working the wire strung on a single bead is greater than on the basis of, the arc is drawn along the beads strung on the basis of fixed and working single loop wire on top.Then strung on a wire working the same number of beads and make the arc on the other hand, fixing the work string from below by a wire coil basis.Again strung on one or two beads of larger stretch an arc, first to the right from the base, and then left the same, fixing the operating wire bottom, the top of the wire-based.As a result, the work turns round or oblong lobe.The upper tip of the wire is cut at the base of 3-4 mm above the petals and gently bend inward, hiding between the beaded.From ready-petal flower head consists of different tulips, roses, poppies, daisies.The more beaded edges, the wider and rounder will tab.Decorate braid of hair can separate petals, fixed on Hairpin Invisible and beautifully located along the spit.