Modular origami: what is it?

With Origami all familiar with at least hearsay - is the art of folding the various figures using paper.As an example, can easily result in a paper boat, airplane, or a flower, we can do from childhood.Modular origami is a three-dimensional origami, which appeared in China as one of the manifestations of the philosophy and art of paper folding.In those days, when China originated a variety of flow appeared and different kinds of art that involved representatives directions.Modular origami is characterized in that it consists of every product of a set of the same type of modules that are small figures, created on the principles of traditional origami.Between these modules can differ in size, that must be specified in the job description.

Now everyone can own such a difficult art to master.Due to the modular technique everyone has the ability to create three-dimensional figures of different styles.Modular origami allows you to make original gifts, unusual paper toys and even Christmas decorations.It is

notable that the individual elements do not need to stick together, they must be inserted into a single one.Due to the emerging forces of friction and keeps the whole structure.This type of needlework is equally relevant for both adults and children, and besides, it's great for family creation.

Modular origami puts in front of you only one important condition - perseverance.Even for the crafts of small dimensions required a huge number of modules, numbering in the hundreds, and sometimes thousands.After creating a plurality of modules comes the most pleasant phase of work - the formation of volume figures.This step is exactly like you and your child, since after it becomes visible result of all the work done.

To work usually consists of triangular set of modules.By their crafts masters usually create a very simple and clear diagrams explaining each step to create a masterpiece in the art.For starters, you can learn simple crafts, such as a conventional bowl or fruit.Kids really like space for imagination, which opens thanks to this occupation.If you teach your child this kind of work, then it will open an incredible world of objects which he will proudly display, and you will no longer be concerned about the issue than his take.When you have mastered reading schemes and the basic principles of modular origami, you will already be not difficult to read the chart, even Chinese and Japanese journals, such as the Internet very much.

Modular Origami: How to make the module

Make a separate module is not difficult, because now the Internet can find a lot of schemes of modular origami.There are entire clubs dedicated to this ancient art.Of course, the first step towards the development of this activity is the creation of a single module.There is nothing complicated, and lessons on the subject enough, so you should have no difficulty.There may be several types of modules, each designed for a specific purpose.

small modular origami materials and tools

Of course, as with any other class, in this case, there are specific materials that are most suitable for this activity.The most suitable paper for this is office paper - not too smooth and dense enough, so the modules are kept perfectly and do not slip.A colored office paper not only painted on both sides, she still does not turn white at the joints.You can take a conventional square stickers records, they are perfect for this activity.If you are using stickers with adhesive edge, it is necessary to put his side into the glue.There is also a special origami paper, which is called kami.Usually it is already cut into sheets of a specific form, the magnitude of which can be different.The kit may be present such paper sheets of different colors.You can use plain colored paper for children's creativity.You must first check that it is not torn at the folds.Typically, modular origami paper needs a lot of the same color, and sets it in such a little, but it is possible to find black or brown leaves, which are difficult to somewhere else to get it.You can also use a glossy magazine paper.When assembled, the product can be obtained quite spectacular combination, which will be difficult to replicate with monochromatic paper.Such a thing you can not only enter into your interior, but also to present it as a gift to someone from relatives.

Try it, it really is an exciting activity.