Basket plant - Home and Garden

ampelnye called plants grown in hanging pots, plant pots.Ampelio word in the German language is used in the sense of "hanging flower vase."This way you can grow almost any plant, but it all looked beautiful in hanging pots for garden and indoor plants with curly or flowing shoots.

ample plants may be flowering and dekorativnolistnyh.Sometimes hanging pots and planted succulents (disocactus flagelliformis, stonecrop and others).As ampelnye can be grown as potted plants, and those that are designed to open ground.In the latter case, vases or pots hung or put on the site in accordance with conditions that are like this or that basket plant, occasionally obscuring their closing from the wind or shifting from place to place (for example, change in the weather).

Traditionally, in pots or hanging pots grow different varieties of petunias, especially the kind of long stems - surfiniyu.Very popular and kalibrahiya (Calibrachoa), petunia hybrid, derived not so long ago.Externally it is very similar to its co

usin, but its leaves are smaller and stalks, in contrast, is much more powerful.They're stronger branching and form long shoots that can hang from a pot 1.5 meters. The small diameter up to 3 cm, Calibrachoa flowers as similar to the flowers of petunias.Bred varieties with purple, pink, red and white flowers.Calibrachoa blooming richly and abundantly and looks at this very picturesque: its stems flowering period dotted with dozens of small "bells."Propagated this plant cuttings.Kalibrahiya light and thermophilic, can not tolerate drafts and strong winds.

Another hybrid, derived from a petunia - Fortuna.On the beds of its varieties are grown as a groundcover and in hanging pots - as a basket plant.Strong branching Fortuna shoots can grow to a length of one meter.Its flowers - larger than those of petunias: their diameter can reach 10 cm. The color scheme of their varied from violet to pale pink.FORTUNA - rather undemanding plant, and it is perfectly withstand the cold, wind and heat.Propagated vegetatively Fortuna.

Indoors ampelnye as possible to grow Flowering Zigokaktus ("Decembrists") kampanulu, clerodendrum Thomson certain varieties of begonias.From dekorativnolistnyh suitable, for example, dwarf Ficus, spiderwort, philodendron, Chlorophytum, asparagus, ivy.Ampelnye houseplants can be hung in the window or door openings, used for zoning premises.Very nice hang-downing Hoya, bloom, depending on the species, on the second or third year.If you have the proper conditions: a sufficient amount of light, temperature not lower than + 16 degrees, regular watering with warm water defended the absence of drafts - it will delight their flowering for several months, and in some cases throughout the year.Keep in mind that this plant is poisonous: Hoya juice can cause allergies and contact dermatitis, and a strong smell of its flowers - a headache.Therefore Hoya may not be placed in the bedrooms and children's rooms.

ampelnye beautiful flowers in pots is extremely beautiful, they enliven the appearance of the area, and take place at the same time quite a bit.In conclusion, it should be noted that not all plants with long stems suitable for growing as ampelnye.So, for example, green peas very brittle stems, so it can only grow on a bed or a trellis.It is not necessary to grow as a basket plant in hanging pots without support and scansorial vines: they definitely need to send.Otherwise the plant will be weakened and will not grow, and they bloom in this case, you can hardly wait.