Strawberry - growing and care

Strawberry Garden - one of the most popular berries.It is tasty, fragrant and beautiful.We have it often called strawberry, although they are different plants.There are berries in early summer, and the season of ripe strawberries lasts for one month, during which you need to have time to replenish the body with vitamins, which are particularly rich in the fruits of this plant.It is believed that it is necessary to eat at least four kilograms of fragrant berries.In recent decades, the efforts of breeders received many remontant varieties, fruiting throughout the summer.

Each summer visitor in the first place trying to grow on the site is this berry.What are the features of its cultivation, which requires care strawberry?

breeding and planting

To grow this plant to choose a sunny plot of land with fertile soil.Strawberry reproduces individual outlets, so you need to prepare for the landing of a sufficient number of seedlings.The seedlings can be planted in early spring or in August-September.The soil

chosen site must be prepared before planting: carefully remove all the weeds, dig to a depth of 20 centimeters, to make fertilizer - superphosphate and humus.After this training is necessary to make the hole for the seedlings at a distance of 30 centimeters from each other.Seedlings before planting dipped in a mash consisting of a clay solution with the addition of IAA.Planted plants watered carefully from the watering can to seal the land in the area of ​​the roots and the top lightly covered with earth or sand.

After planting of the seedlings need care that is daily watering.The soil should be kept moderately moist.After 2-3 weeks, the young plants strawberry root, as evidenced by the emergence of new leaves in the centers sockets.Strawberry for the next year after planting and bloom gives the first crop of berries.Good fruiting is for three, maximum of five years, after which the plants should be replaced with new ones.

Care strawberry

to strawberries are always happy with a good crop, it requires special care.Early in the spring after the snow melts, the site should be cleared of dry leaves, loosen the ground to feed the plants with chemical fertilizers.Soon strawberry starts to grow vigorously - there is a lot of new leaves, and after another two or three weeks at the center of each rosette flower buds appear.At this time, make a second fertilizing with organic fertilizers.During the period of active growth in spring strawberries should be at least once a good weed.

Flowering begins in mid-May, shortly after the berries begin to sing.Harvest should be regularly to prevent any perespevshih berries.During the fruiting to increase crop recommend regular watering.

After the harvest, some growers are advised to mow strawberries.This stimulates the subsequent plant growth.Strawberries razmozhaetsya vegetatively by growing a mustache with new outlets.If you mow it considered unnecessary, then remove the mustache must always be, as it increases productivity.In the dry summer sale with strawberries should be watered regularly, once every week, good results drip.

In late September - early October to start with site preparation for winter strawberries.To do this, remove weeds, loosen the ground, and with the onset of cold weather the bushes close fallen leaves that protect them from freezing.Fallen snow covers the leaves and warms even better strawberry that contributes to its good winter.