Mosaic eggshells - it is fashionable, stylish, practical and economical!

Eggshell, despite the apparent fragility, quite durable material, which is difficult to scratch with a sharp object.As it is close to the hardness of marble chips.This natural material is perfectly polished.In the east have long noticed these properties of the shell.That is what this material is available, costs virtually nothing, Doda easy handling and painting, is easy - it is often used in lacquer painting.

in eastern lacquer painting mosaic of eggshell is very common.Small pieces of shells stuck where it was necessary to portray the old covered wall cracks.Mosaic of eggshell white to imitate wall panels - blooming spring gardens and snow-capped mountain peaks buried in snow-white clouds.

Mosaic of the eggshell is called - "Krále."Its attractive feature and originality is krakalyurah - so-called cracks that form whimsical drawing.

If you try to straighten the material immediately formed a lot of cracks and pieces of different sizes, but they do not fall apart due to an internal film.Many cracks

are almost invisible, but if you apply the dye, the mesh pattern becomes visible, and the usual shells becomes unique in decorative materials.

If you try to make a mosaic out of the shell with their own hands, then immediately the question arises: "How to put the puzzle?".It makes sense to start with a simple, unpretentious compositions.

to create mosaic panels will need clean, dried egg shells.To do this, it must be lowered to three minutes in a weak solution of baking soda, then rinse thoroughly under running water.Dried and used only in the dry material.

to continue working on the panel of the egg shells required:

  • sheet of cardboard;
  • children coloring;
  • simple pencil;
  • PVA glue;
  • tetrad or sheets of newspaper;
  • rolling pin or glass bottle.

process of creating a mosaic of egg shells or mosaic laid

eggshell has not crushed it is necessary to put between sheets of notebook or paper.Gently, repeatedly rolled over the surface of the sheet rolling pin to crush the brittle material.We must remember that too small pieces make it difficult to work, and too large will look rough and not give panels of sophistication and accuracy.

Further, it is necessary to prepare a sheet of cardboard.It must be clean and fit to size, prepared to put the necessary cardboard pencil drawing.If it will cause hardship, you can use a stencil or cut from a children's coloring desired contour drawing and paste it on the sheet of cardboard.Once the workpiece is ready, you can begin to work on the mosaic.

small area of ​​the picture should be covered with a layer of PVA glue, and then pinch gently sprinkle evenly over the surface of the shell, covered with glue.It is important to keep clear boundaries of the image.You can use a knife or a stack.Try to stack the material evenly.

are finished as soon as the glue is dry, it is necessary to paint the picture, can be applied to food dyes.This will give the finished look.If you want to bring the work to perfection, it can be lacquered panels and allow it to dry.

Some artists use in their work but not painted shell, skillfully playing the natural shades of this material.And in this case, to show the beauty of this unique material is used as the final stage - grinding to matte gloss sandpaper "nulevkoy."As a result, a mosaic of eggshell does not look like a panel from the shells, but as inlaid in white marble or ivory.The similarity of the extraordinary!