Knit sweaters as a way to show love and care

fashion is changing rapidly, and quite a bit of things is always relevant, and one of them - men's sweater.Men's Sweater - is indisputable classics: it is appropriate in almost any situation, combined both with jeans or a business suit, and that nothing can warm as Mighty sweater probably do not need to speak.Particularly relevant sweaters associated with their own hands.Assign men's sweater is not so simple: it requires a lot of time and patience, which makes it even more valuable.If you want to show people how you value him and care about him - a better option than knitting sweaters, you can imagine.

Men's sweaters are different.The most common option - woolen or semi-woolen sweater Irish pattern.It's quite hard work, but it is really worth it: the thing is exceptionally beautiful.No less common knitting sweaters with braids - they are also very impressive look.However, not always a sweater can be worn under a jacket - it is more appropriate to jeans.

Recently, the most fashionable men's sweaters

are associated viscous crude.They are present in many collections the leading producers of menswear.This sweater is certainly not going to wear a formal suit for work, but in any other place - it is easy, and knitting sweaters in this case did not take long.The only thing for him to take a lot of yarn.

very interesting sweaters with jacquard pattern, which is also a trend that's been going on for several seasons.However, in this case, knitting sweaters require specific skills: the process vyvyazyvaniya jacquard pattern is simple, but often it turns bumpy canvas, and you can fix it, just do it all over again.

rarer sweater related British gum, but make them much easier, and they look is also quite interesting, especially made of two colors of yarn.It is also possible and quite easy option - gum, or "noodles" - but he is not fit all: some convexity and circularity, this binding emphasizes very well, so it is - only the most slender.

sweaters can also be subdivided on the design variants of the neck.The most common - a sweater with a high neck: this makes it very warm and eliminates the need for a scarf.Usually this is done by double collar.If at the front of the sweater has a buckle likely to lightning, it is already known as a jumper.It allows you to put on a sweater as comfortable as possible.Initially jumper was part of sportswear, but now there are also classic models.

If the collar is not - this is called a pullover sweater.Typically, such a neck finished with a decorative strip.Jackets are also very common, but they require a warm scarf.Jackets are perfect for business attire.Also, it will approach the smooth thin sweater.

knitting men's sweaters are traditionally used yarn in dark colors - black, gray, blue, shades of green and marsh scale rarely burgundy or chocolate, but recently men are moving away from stereotypes and is increasingly used in the clothes bright colorsso all alone.Of course, if your man is not such - you should not try to force a cheerful canary sweater, or hours of work may not be spent in vain, moreover, the main thing - is to please a man, then you need to be guided by its taste.

When knitting a sweater is very important to calculate the number of loops, because it strongly depends on the manner of knitting and yarn quality and thickness, as well as the thickness of the spokes.It's easy to do: you just have to tie a small piece, for example, hinges 20-30, and see how much it would centimeters wide.Based on this figure, and the necessary width of the article calculate the required amount of loops is a snap.If you think a certain pattern - the number of loops must be greater, and that this pattern should be knit pattern, and the calculation is necessary to add another two edge loops on both sides.

Knit sweaters need to start from the back or in front, and then move on to the sleeves.Neck fit either alone or vyvyazyvayut circle when the product has already collected.Prior to assembly all parts have to wash and pat desirable that they took their final size.

Knitting sweaters for the man she loved - an interesting and exciting process and the best way to show you care.This sweater can become the object of his pride, not only because it is beautiful and comfortable, but because you have done with their own hands, having spent a lot of time and effort, but you will agree, it is very nice when you are proud of.