Patterns skirts

Older people remember the days when stores in the country were empty and spacious, and sellers silent and unapproachable.Buy this article of clothing, like a skirt, it was a daunting task.But while women looked lovely, we followed the fashion and dressed in most cases, beautiful and stylish.The fact that almost all the women in the Soviet Union knew how to sew.

in each house have had a sewing machine, a set of thread, needles and other sewing supplies.Moreover, the girl at the time, coming together, playing with dolls, but not acted out scenes of a happy wedding Barbie and Ken, and sewed clothes for toys.Kindergarten children learn to embroider, the lessons of working skillfully sewed buttons and it could hem a handkerchief hand stitches.

Nobody thought to buy baby clothes in the store.It just was not there.If necessary, the child's mother took out a pattern of skirts and pants and sat down to work.It was more difficult with fashionable things, because their manufacture required special pattern.For

example, a tulip skirt pattern that differs from the usual skirt, was the dream of many girls, but sew it could not every skilled worker.Things were not better in the treatment and in the studio.It could simply refuse to fashion clothing.

But Soviet ladies did not retreat.Patterns skirts any models developed independently.It was at that time was invented and developed the technology of tailoring, in particular, skirts, without using patterns.For this purpose the fabric fastened at the waist, and all unnecessary stabs pins.Later stitched by the product of the planned contours.So it was created many models of skirts, which are then worn by our success with women.Moreover, it was designed pattern skirts, which became the basis for mass production of textiles.

Fortunately, times of general deficit in the past.Today, having decided that they need a new dress, people rush to the store, and do not reach the mezzanine with the old pattern skirts and laid them on the fabric.Modern shops may offer any products.You can find clothes for every taste and any wealth, but it is possible that your colleague or neighbor on the porch buy the same dress or coat.Modern clothes devoid of personality.

If you want to be the one and only try, as well as a few decades ago, sew their own dresses and suits.It is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

most simple and accessible Pattern "skirt sun" will allow you not only feel like a dressmaker, but also a fashion designer.Try to make it on the product for his little daughter, and if successful, sew skirt and the same for themselves.First, measure the length of the expected future product and draw a circle with a radius equal to it.Then, measure the circumference of the waist and draw another one, a small circle with a radius equal to one-fifth of the length of the waist of the child.Pattern skirt sun ready.When cutting the fabric is more convenient to use it the fourth part.For small girl skirt can be made without joints, from one piece of fabric.If the size of the size of the product used for cutting fabric, without seams is necessary.To handle the product, you can use a sewing machine, but you can do the job by hand.

Usually skirt sun sits perfectly.It is suitable for any shape and its manufacture takes force couple of hours.In such a skirt you will feel a real beauty, and above all realize that is easy to sew clothes.It is enough to show a little imagination and ingenuity.

And one more tip: Keep the pattern of their work, they can be useful to you in the future.