Costumes hands - cheap and cheerful!

Few believe that create costumes for children with their own hands at home is not only possible, but quite simple.But, in fact, today it is possible to make spectacular costumes with their hands, without putting a lot of effort for this and not spending hardly any money.

The first thing we should not forget is the fact that in order for the character "alive" and became convincing costumes are created with their own hands should be selected taking into account the nature and natural abilities of the person who will wear these costumes.A very important point is the ability to enter into the role of a man, that is. E. The ability to feel like the character he portrays.It is necessary to take into account the age characteristics, for example, costumes of animals and birds, and flowers are not too appropriate to look at the children, and the more middle school age.Among other things, costumes should be given bright, colorful and expressive form.Before you start to make their New Year's costume hands need t

o accurately imagine the image of a character who has to get a result.In other words, you need to identify the most characteristic features and to try to strengthen even exaggerate them.For example, the nose witch needs to be done much more than a natural and a scarf to be pulled over his eyes, etc., etc. - a fantasy, if you want to make the costumes with their hands, perhaps the best helper.

To facilitate the task of inventing a suit you can use reproductions of paintings, illustrations, drawings and cartoons.Making costume begins with harvesting patterns.In the case where there are patterns of drawings to be increased - the help mesh or graph paper.If the pattern is not a pattern, but there is only the image of the finished product, you must find a style suitable for the pattern, and make the base, and fit the size of the produce already at fitting.In order to transfer the pattern to the material used copy paper, which is applied to the material, go to the top pattern, then the pattern is produced by a stroke a hard pencil.For the manufacture of suits with their hands fit a wide variety of materials that exist in every home.It is only necessary that the materials used in the work, character, t. E. The density or, conversely, lightness, color and pattern, as well as consistent with what was intended.Also needed materials, simulating natural well - for example, animal hair, flower petals, etc.Use can be anything: clothes, ski suits, as well as patches of matter and more.

to manufacture bulk and planar forms is very well suited cardboard.From cardboard manufactured individual parts of the pattern, which is then subject to gluing.To compound was practical and durable glued on one of the parts cut barbs or strip at the junction, which is then folded.Do not forget that performing bonding individual parts of the costume, the teeth should be placed inside the manufactured parts.

To decorate costumes made with their own hands, apply a lot of seemingly useless materials presented, for example, colored tape, strands of wool, ribbons and pieces of cloth, corrugated paper, Christmas gold thread, braid, glass beads and buttons, pieces of tinfoiletc.With these materials can achieve different effects.For example, the color embroidery perfectly mimic braid or wool, sewn pattern;frills bows, ruffles and flowers easily made from corrugated paper and stones can be easily replaced with glass beads and buttons.