Sock Knitting Crochet

I still remember the warmth of my grandmother's socks.She spun yarn made of natural wool, made from her sewing, knitting needles and then warmest socks in the world.I wore them our whole family.What can warm the feet so as not to wear associated with love.Today, the same time is quite another, if we put on knitted socks, but only in the most severe frosts.Yes, and who are now their knits, unless all of the same grandmother and crafts lovers.I do not think that any fashionista will want to wear this trend davniny.And only those who respond to his feet, even a slight cooling, if not bind, then buy in the store a couple of warm knitted socks.

Older people remember how difficult it was to buy a warm leather shoes.As a rule, it replaced the boots and socks knitted from wool.Rural women are still pre-spun yarn, so that later, when it's the first winter cold, to bind threads of socks.Of course, they did not differ convenience: constantly pricked wool.But people were once familiar to all, and the cold (winter

and then were harsher our) was not allowed to relax.The most important material for knitting needles are, but sock knitting hook was less common.The technique was not very difficult, and those who have successfully mastered it, knit very quickly.I remember how the needles in the hands of my grandmother, which overnight could knit a pair of socks.So that it was not difficult to impose such warm products all close relatives.Looking at all of its masterpieces, I also very much like to learn to knit, but then one little sock thing I did not go.

After a while, I was fascinated by crochet, and realized that the spokes are not for me.Then I did not know that knitting socks hook can bear fruit.More I somehow liked to knit cloth.In general, the technique of crochet is very interesting and simple.It turns out that with a single hook can be made such that subsequently lead to shock of all others.Over time, my occupation was abandoned, and only after years of interest flared again, just to light a son, for whom really wanted to associate warm socks.I think that's learn to knit and will please the kid.But instead of learning to knit, I came across on the Internet at knitting socks hook, and, frankly, was surprised.I had never thought that the hook can be attributed such a warm and welcoming thing.In general, I have everything worked out, and I tied the first socks in my life.True, they were not the son, but for myself (the scheme of knitting was an adult foot).

I want to share that scheme, which I named as "socks crochet for beginners."Nothing complicated, but such beauty turns out!

We need: about 120 grams, hook N3.

All work will consist of the following loops: air loop column without nakida and the connecting bar.


1. Hook provyazyvaem 9 stitches and combine them into a chain.

2. tied with chain on both sides without nakida columns: on each side of the loop 9, Total - 18 loops.

3. The second row of knit as follows: 1 VPlift, 2 column without nakida of 1 loop, 8 st.b.n., 2 column without nakida of 1petli., 8 st.b.n., 20 loops.

4. Third row: 1 v.p.podema, 2 column without nakida of 1H., 9 st.b.n. 2 st.b.n.of 1H., 9 st.b.n., = 22 loops.

5. Fourth row: 1 v.p.podema, 2 column without nakida of 1H., 10 st.b.n. 2 st.b.n.of 1H., 10 st.b.n., 24 loops.

6. Thus we add another for 9 rows, until we get 42 loops.

7. Starting with number 14, just knit columns without nakida.There is nothing to add.

8. When the binding will have a height of about 18 cm, knitting divide into two parts.

9. Knit heel: first row - 21 bar without nakida;2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 15 - at the beginning and end of each row on the pillar without provyazyvaem nakida which close together;3rd row - 19 bars without nakida;Row 5 - 17 st.b.n .;7 series - 15 st.b.n .;Row 9 - 13 st.b.n .;11ryad - 11 st.b.n .;13th row - 9 st.b.n.

10. To make bootleg, continue knitting toe loop and tied the heel (54 loops).Provyazyvaem 10 rows and 11 begin to diminish uniformly in each row 2 times 5 to 6 loops (42 loops should remain), and then 23 cm.

11. After we finish knitting socks hook is folded and sew the top of the shaft.

12. moistens the finished product, and wait until it dries.

Now you know how to knit socks hook.It remains to get started!Good luck!