How to crochet dress

Every year we are looking forward to what we will appreciate the new fashion season.Each year, major fashion designers arrange screenings of their collections.The current 2011 has found a new trend, which was not observed in the last spring-summer season.If in the past year were popular boy's clothes, now in vogue again returned femininity.In this regard, of particular relevance are knitted dresses.And that's why a new life can find those outfits that you were connected a few years ago, but lain in the closet for one reason only, it was not fashionable.Models of various knitted dresses will hang in stores.But what if you try to bind a beautiful knitted dress with their own hands?You think hard?Let's see.

Personally, I really like all products, crochet.Maybe because this "unit" know better, and it can be nice to tie some things.For this reason, I propose to crochet dress.Typing on the Internet "crochet dress scheme," I'm just surprised how much you can make beautiful hands.Models are different, as well

as the technique of their execution.In this article, I will reveal a little secret on how fast and easy to crochet dress.

Crochet able to even our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.At the same time they all so good at what they look in their clothes better than today's fashionistas.Today, of course, use a hook, not all, I would say that these skilled craftsmen can be counted on the fingers.Although, in fact, crochet dress will not be difficult, if for yourself to learn such elementary things as the hook, types of patterns and schemes.Knit dress crochet scheme can always be found on the Internet, by the way, there are many invormatsii on how to learn to knit.So, if you want to master all the techniques can be very fast.Knitting crochet dress is not too difficult.And I will prove it.

Knitting most simple dress

Material: hook, thread (have to choose yourself), desire and aspiration.


1. I hope you have an idea of ​​what a hook, and you know what nakida, without nakida column, a column with nakida etc.If not, then you will find information about crochet and get acquainted with the basic elements that will be useful to you crochet dresses.

2. We will not knit complex patterns, and confine ourselves to the most primitive.But believe me, it will look no less elegant.The main thing is your desire to do something sort of.

3. Now the main thing: our dress will be made of separate parts, which act as a round crocheted piece.Pattern parts you can choose the one that is most like, as long as he was dense.Knit round parts should be not too small and not too large.

4. You need to contact a large number of round parts, how - will depend on your figure.

5. Further, these items must interconnect the same way that you have turned back and front, which are then also connected.If you want the dress with sleeves, and have to work hard on their shape.

6. Note: you have to tie a few more details that will be able to close the gaps between the parts are already connected.

7. Ready to Wear necessary to tie the threads.You can peep patterns in the same web.

8. As you can see, nothing complicated.Anyone who knows the techniques of knitting, I understand.All you have to do - is to link beautiful details, and already one of trial and error to create a dress that will sit perfectly on your figure.

In general, the essence of the work is clear.Now it's time to get down to business.By the way, in the same way you can sew beautiful vest and skirt.A little imagination and your crochet dress turns into an exquisite outfit that can hit all around.