Knitted coats relevant than ever

Fashion for homemade things from year to year is gaining popularity, and the undisputed leader here - knitting.Knitwear beautiful, comfortable, unique, since, depending on the yarn and knitting manners, the same model in different individuals can be prepared in different ways.Yes, and the process of knitting a very fascinating and beneficial effect on the emotional state and emotional balance, fine motor skills and the involvement ensures an excellent memory - it is rightly loved not only the ladies of all ages, but many men are proud of his ability to knit.

One of the trends of recent years has been knitted coat.This beautiful and practical thing is always present in many collections the most famous fashion houses.As a rule, thin coat, in fact, elongated cardigans, but there are also warm clothes and rough mating.Knitted coat goes well with almost any clothing and footwear, but the stylists recommend wearing thin with thick tights thing, light dresses and boots, warm coats and thick knit perfectly su

ited to the jeans style.In principle, the correct service knitted coat fit even for a business suit.

There are two ways to link such a thing - with the help of a hook and spokes.If crocheted coats are more decorative or the load is intended to visually correct shape, which, incidentally, excellent work, then coat knitting - it is not only very beautiful, but warm thing that can warm up and protect from the wind.These knitted coats are just the favorites of the season.Most recent - subtle pastel shades, but there are models ultranasyschennyh bright shades.They are relevant for the spring or autumn period, when the temperature is around 18-20 degrees, that is not cold and not hot, and pick up something really difficult.

same warm knitted coat - a universal thing.They practically replace the usual coat, just have a great variety of shapes, textures, colors and decorations possible.If an ordinary coat involves mainly classical style, less romantic, or Military, the knit has tremendous freedom of choice.Especially significant that in self-knitting can choose the shade that is required can not be said about a classic coat, which usually becomes the thing which formed the basis of the rest of the wardrobe.

So, with knitted coats for adults we have understood, but that's not all: such a thing would be superfluous and little fashionistas wardrobe.Knitted coats for girls is no less urgent than for her mother.Particularly interesting sets of his coat and beret, made in a single technology: a set of very cool looks and can create a harmonious ensemble with any children's clothing.Coats for girls, unlike adults, can bind fast enough, and the choice of colors and decorative elements for children's clothing is huge, so it's still a fascinating creative work.

course, is now the most fashionable coat of fine knitwear rarely able to master the manual, rather it is a job for the knitting machine, but the children or a coat of thick yarn knitted easy and interesting.An experienced expert will link coat is fast enough, but beginners need to prepare for the season ahead and choose a simpler model.On the other hand knitted coat - is virtually guaranteed a unique thing, because not every dare to do such large-scale work, but because the result is worth it!You get a very practical, comfortable and unique fabulous thing that immediately becomes a general object of envy, and so exactly stand out from the crowd.