How to sew a dress with their own hands, without having special expertise

How to sew a dress itself?Frankly, this is not an easy task.It is about setting the task to those who do not often taken as a thread with a needle, but has certain skills.That is, who likes to talk about tinkering clothes with their hands on the clothes patterns relatively simple, but appropriate to the process with fantasy.

However, sew a dress - not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. main thing - the desire, which is able to largely replace experience.And you need patience to complete the task correctly and in stages.

If you decide to sew a dress with their own hands, as far as you can guess, your goal - to get something unusual, something that is not in the store.The choice in stores today, of course, endless, but there are times when you need to get a style that's right for you, but at the moment it is not a trend.Or, maybe, you want to dress it ultramarine color with black designs.Well, where is a buy right this minute?So we have to do on their own.

most important in a dress is

, oddly enough, not a style, not the size or material. The dress, which we want to sew on their own, the main thing - pattern. How to sew a dress without a pattern?Nothing.It's impossible.Pattern has to be perfect, professionally designed and easy to understand.It must be found, come what may.In magazines, on the Internet or friends - it does not matter.Without a pattern does not even begin to try to attempt to carve out a tissue - only spoil.

this season in vogue transformers.They are an original look, allow you to make your own in the face of constant change and it is quite comfortable to wear.In addition, of all possible models, they - the most simple technology of tailoring.Especially for non-professionals.

How to sew a dress -transformer?

This dress is really pretty simple stitch itself.The main difficulty in this process is not to manufacture patterns, cutting and sewing the material itself.The main point here - the correct drape.

fabric for this dress should be carefully chosen.It should not be just beautiful.She should be able to serve the purposes of functionality.That is, as already mentioned, the fabric must be able to give all soft waves and transform into beautiful draperies.On

dress need about 3 meters of fabric.A good option would be a two-way very elastic knitwear.Patterns can be found in any fashion magazine, are quite well can tell you how to sew a dress, and are equipped with the accompanying drawings.

important in the process of "construction" dress to pay attention the seams.It is necessary to try to perform as gently as possible.Because even with all the refinement and originality of the resulting model, untidy seams can give artisanal origins of our "exclusive".Best of all joints overlochit professionally.

sew a dress easy.But before proceeding, please consider a similar model, which surely exists in the wardrobe sister or neighbor.

work must begin with the removal of measures.Basic several yardsticks.Merck A - chest, B is the height of the belt, Merck - the distance from the bottom edge of the waist to the knee and from the knee to the clavicle.

Dress-transformer is assembled from three main parts: the main body, a belt and laces.

Ties are made of the basic fabric of the dress.The width of the ties should be about 1.5 cm in length - 3 meters.

Belt in length must be equal to the circumference of the chest and grind into the ring.

To manufacture the main part of a rectangle of fabric needed for the pattern, fold it in half and make an incision along the fold to stitch the belt.

Then just have to choose the length of the dress.

need to try to sew a dress in the mirror and start training in aesthetic trends upholstery.