How to prepare your own wardrobe to leave.

With the approach of summer, many are thinking about updating your wardrobe.The anticipation of the summer heat, vacations, sea makes people dream about light, flowing, cool clothes, almost weightless and imperceptible on the skin.However, they have one problem: a really nice body dresses made of natural materials are usually very expensive, and cheap synthetic stick to the body, do not allow the skin to breathe, soaked with sweat, and they have to be washed every day, in the summer do not have time -such beauty around.There is only one way out - make your own dress, the benefit pattern dresses in large quantities are freely available on the Internet.Sewing dress with their own hands and gives such an invaluable advantage as your dress is unique: even if someone decides to make a dress for the pattern identical, then the probability of selecting the same tissue is almost zero.The choice of materials in stores is huge, and you can afford to any tissue is quite inexpensive and luxurious silk - it is stil

l much cheaper than to buy a dress in the store.

the way to leave, you can not just make a summer dress, but also a unique swimsuit: the Internet, there are patterns of underwear, including bathing.Here you can express your creative inclinations and imagination to the full - swimsuit sewn quickly and decor options can be set, and you can at least every day to surprise the neighbors on the beach exclusive new tricks.Very interesting and models knitted swimsuits, recently very popular.The kit can be made to swimsuit pareo or light beach dress.

to exit for dinner may be required evening dress, and then can come to the aid of a pattern of evening dresses.You can create any toilet - it all depends on your perseverance and imagination, but the main thing - it is unique.Incidentally, do not think that make the evening dress is very difficult - there are patterns of dresses, in which they are sewn easy even for beginners craftswomen and looks brilliant.This is usually indicated in the description of the model, so finding such problems should not make.Choosing dresses pattern is huge, and the choice of fabrics - even more, you can decorate it than the fit, and can additionally make a light transparent scarf or cloak the same complementing or contrasting color.You can even go ahead and make your own decorations appropriate, but that's another story.

So, in addition to the pattern and fabric dresses, we will need more and thread.With a choice of yarn, too, no problem: Now in stores a lot of threads of different thickness and hundreds of shades.In this case, the preference is to give a strong and thin synthetic, for example, number 40 or even thinner - it all depends on the chosen fabric.Synthetics is more suitable because it does not fade, does not shrink and has high strength, that for the active summer holiday is important.Color thread choose a semitone-tone darker than the main color of the fabric, and if the colors are equal - then in its sole discretion, although more likely to choose dark, the main thing - not to bright.Building on the paper pattern on an appropriate scale, and then transfer it to the fabric, pinned her with pins, carefully cut, leaving a centimeter on allowances - for the dress is no longer necessary, treat zigzag edge - this is important because the summer fabrics are often showered, baste and sew.Dress ready.More in detail all the steps described in the specialized manuals, which can also be found on the network.

Thus, even without a large sewing experience during the day, you can sew a new dress, even though the home, though the evening.Only if the experience is not enough, it is better to give preference to slip fabrics and simple models, and then everything will turn out well.