Knit Poncho: how and why

In the year there are times when during the day the weather changes dramatically, and leaving in the morning from home, it is very difficult to figure out what to wear, because at that time the temperature can be very low, but for dinner it will rise to almostyear mark.First and foremost, we are, of course, about the spring.In this treacherous weather will either have to carry around all day no longer need a jacket or freeze in the morning in a light windbreaker.Unfortunately, few people remember about a great option as a poncho.However, it came up with the South American Indians in connection with such features mountain climate.Of course, modern poncho differ from Native American - they are lighter, smaller, more convenient, and connects them to the prototype only the basic principle - no sleeves and a cutout for the head.Because of its shape they protect from the wind in cold weather and let you feel comfortable in the warm.But the poncho can be not only warm, but also delicate, have a purely decorat


There are several options on how to make the poncho.The most common is capable of knitting needles or crochet poncho.Knit Poncho easier.As a rule, it is selected, if you want to warm the product.It can be colored, with braids, knobs or filigree pattern.Typically, such a poncho adorned with tassels or fringe, is performed in an ethnic style, and most of all similar to the prototype.The most straightforward option - a poncho made of two rectangles, and it can overpower even the novice.It is also possible with the help of needles knitting a poncho as a whole, from the neck, with a gradual increase in the number of loops.It's a little more difficult, but also quite easy.Somewhat more complicated knitting crochet poncho, although someone it might seem easier because Crochet still faster.Typically, this delicate model for the summer or just decorative, even evening.Using the hook, you can create an incredibly beautiful products.

knitted poncho can be a long and warm - often, these products are supplied with a hood.It is, rather, a variant of the top clothing.There is also the option of short warm poncho - they are used as a cape or a scarf and often have a warm collar.Also crochet poncho may involve the creation of light flying silhouettes, soon to give the image of a romantic, rather than on the basis of some practical purpose - mainly, of course, knitting crochet poncho.Such a product may serve as a cape and top and dress, even if wearing it under your belt.This dress is very unusual and beautiful: it helps to hide figure flaws and emphasize the dignity and uneven edge hem visually make the legs longer.This option can be worn with trousers, jeans are usually preferred.In general, any poncho and jeans - it's the perfect combination.It refers to the era of the '60s - a classic style hippies, recently very topical.

knitted poncho - very exciting and usually a simple process.Many people who just want to learn to knit, can begin to master the skills it with a poncho.Why start with the scarf, which then may or may not be useful when you can link a stylish, relevant and practical thing, which definitely will not be later years gathering dust in the closet?For experienced masters will also find interesting and complex in execution model, knitting which can take a lot of evenings, but in the end the thing will turn out fabulous.The choice of models poncho is really huge.By the way, ponchos are not just women - it can be very appropriate for the child, because sometimes the weather is warm but windy, which is especially dangerous, and ponchos will be the perfect output: it does not give the baby to sweat, but protect from the wind.Recently, this element of the wardrobe and turned men's fashion: initially it was a men's clothing, and now the stronger sex is gradually returning to this.