Roses in pots.

Rosa Westerland Vesterlend or belongs to the family of modern large-pletistyh varieties of roses common.From her sisters, ordinary roses, it features bright cheerful pale apricot, sunny, warm orange or salmon-pink, coral petals tinged with a very nice, strong enough flavor.The size of the flower can be quite large and be twelve centimeters.The shape of a flower - srednemahrovoy, cup-shaped, gathered in a small inflorescence that immediately catches the eye, highlighting the flower from the crowd, if there grow roses in pots ordinary.

Caring for a rose means itself that it can bloom profusely in the period from early summer until the end of autumn.At this time, you can watch its strong growth of the bush, which will consist of dark green leaves.The height of shrubs can reach one and a half meters.Drafts room rose categorically not tolerate, so do everything possible to avoid them.

Rose vesterlend well can be grown in the apartment (home) environment, of course, in this case, it will feature a much s

maller size.Before you begin to cultivate miniature roses in pots, make sure that you are able to create for her comfort.To begin quite some time to transplant the rose you bought from the pot in which you bought it.

A very important point is the correct transplant roses in the new pot.Its size must not be large.After the transplant, you must provide a shady place for the flower.To do this, put the pot with a rose on the sill of the window, which faces north.

After two weeks, when there was adaptation of roses in pots, care it should be.First, you need to make fertilizer plants, it is usually done using two methods:

- method of feeding roots,

- spraying.

When growing roses in pots at home, caring for it will provide a permanent and high-quality irrigation.Pruning roses is recommended to produce twice a year.The first pruning should be carried out with the arrival of February, and the second - at the beginning of flowering plants.

Growing roses room is considered successful if it does not stop blooming.From spring to the end of the summer to care for her should be the same as for roses growing in the open field.It is necessary to ensure maximum light and moisture, as well as fresh air.Regularly remove the dried flowers and languid, to the flowering process took as long as possible.

When breeding roses in pots, care it means that at the end of spring green cuttings need to instill in the clean sand and cover with a glass cover.In this state, they have to stay for three - four weeks.Then they need to plant in pots nebolshihe.The soil should be turf with small amounts of sand.As long as Rose did not take root, it must be pritenit.Once the roots are firmly formed, strengthened in earthen coma, the plant can be transplanted into a pot larger.

If you do cultivation room roses in pots, care must be underpinned by a good fertile soil, preferably if it contains humus, peat, sand and charcoal.Also be sure to use drainage.

basic condition for successful growth of the roses will Vesterlend presence of intense sunlight and clean fresh air.The preferred temperature for the rose is considered to be no more than twenty-five degrees, but in any case, roses should not overheat.To do this, regular airing of the premises and it is desirable that a pot with a rose stood at a window facing east or west.