chrysanthemum plant looks like a shrub with a fairly branched stems, which grow small twin leaves.The structure of chrysanthemum flowers distinguishes it while referring to the Grandiflora and melkotsvetnym species.When it comes to room chrysanthemum, it will melkotsvetnoe plant.With a variety of colors, it is a yellow, white, and even rosy red flowers.Chrysanthemum has more than two hundred varieties.It belongs to the Asteraceae family, and she won the greatest popularity among residents of Asian countries.Although this heat-loving plant was born in India, some of his views is quite hardy and can bloom even until late autumn.

How to grow chrysanthemums Chrysanthemums considered

flowers growing in the open field, but the works of professionals, with special solutions that slow down the growth of the flower, now it can be grown in pots.Thus, today we can have at home compact, long and profusely blooming chrysanthemums.Growing garden chrysanthemums implies a possibility to get a plant, reaching a heig

ht of twenty to seventy centimeters.

The breeding chrysanthemums in pot and balcony conditions usually are satisfied with undersized melkotsvetnymi varieties.These include the Gold Gloria (flowers have yellow color), Gustav Grunwald and views of the Old Gold (we have colors red and bronze).

If you want to have your house decorated with chrysanthemums, growing them in a residential environment will require the premises with cool and fresh air.As a rule, such a place can be either a balcony or a loggia.Here seedlings can grow before frost.If the chrysanthemum is in the process of flowering, it can be placed on the windowsill - near a sunny window, in a well-ventilated, cool room with a temperature mode from thirteen to fifteen degrees.At temperatures above twenty-five degrees, the process of growth of chrysanthemums will be bad enough, but the buds bloom quickly and soon fade.

Growing chrysanthemums from seeds does not require much effort.Sow seeds should be in May, deepening of the groundwater wells, three - four seed with a distance of twenty-five centimeters apart.Flowering occurs since the beginning of August.If you wait until August do not want to sow must be in March, when flowering will take place in June.For this you need a heated room.Dive into pots of seedlings occurs when the growth check.Then, in early June, they can be planted in the soil.

If you do not, but you want to have a chrysanthemum, cultivation of land will require cooked with impurities turf and humus (taken in equal parts), and you must add twenty percent sand with rotted manure.A good agent will be to land bird droppings.

If you want your chrysanthemums bloom in late autumn, they need plenty of water and sprinkle the leaves with water.This should be done at least twice a week.If Chrysanthemum is lack of moisture may occur defoliation.For more branching can pinch the top of the plant.In this case, the growth of side shoots will be significantly better.

If you think that you need to transplant chrysanthemum, cultivation and it involves them.As soon as you notice that the size of the pot, which increases your chrysanthemum, no longer correspond to its size, you can transplant a plant in a pot a little more.Thereafter, ten - fifteen days, it is necessary to produce chrysanthemum foliar with liquid fertilizers.

If you want to get large flowers, it is necessary to form your chrysanthemums.Growing in order to increase the size of the color allows the following method.First, you need to pull out the first bud, and after a while you will see the appearance of several side shoots.Depending on how many colors you want to have the same number of shoots and need to be left.Of course, this should be done as far as how to grow your hive.