What is the Portulaca plant.

Most cultivated plants that live in our beds, have come to the gardens from the wild.This applies to the vegetable garden and purslane.The favorite habitat of wild purslane is any vacant lot or pasture.

Purslane is a plant with fleshy greenish inclined to the ground stems tridtsatisantimetrovym.From a wide variance lopatopodobnye leaves, blunt at the apex.

Purslane.Cultivation of seeds.Technology landing

Every year a growing number of fans of this plant as purslane.

Growing from seed - a standard technology disembarkation of many cultures.Is no exception and sowing purslane.Typically, its seeds are sown in April purslane.The depth of the burial of seeds about one centimeter.The plant is best planted on a site that gets enough sunlight.For good yields suitable organic fertilized soil, where once grew potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes and so on. The first shoots of this useful plant make their way to the surface after four to six days after landing.

If you are pre-planned to plant in their area pursl

ane, cultivation of seeds should be done in the spring.In the summer, make the first crop of buds that are slightly hanging over the ground.Therefore, when cutting in principle can not be faulted.Then, closer to the fall of the plant once again shows the bud.To increase the use of fresh plant food, usually the seeds sown into the ground repeatedly at intervals of three weeks.From time to time, loosen the aisle, vypalyvaya weeds.In the absence of rain watering needs.

For seeds do not need to cut off the top.In due time (at the time of yellowing) are cut only bolls from the stalks.Home - not to miss the moment when they begin to burst.After collecting the seeds, they are dried in the newspapers or film material.

What do you know about the wonderful properties of the plant Portulaca?Growing from seed this herb helps to use this wonderful healing properties for the treatment of certain diseases.


common purslane plant can be eaten and are treated the same.Fresh stems and leaves are used to prepare salads, mashed potatoes, seasoning with meat and soups.In winter purslane can be salting and pickling.When pickling plants added vinegar, sliced ​​carrots and allspice.

As for the treatment, in most cases, purslane relate to medicinal herbs.The most common of it as a remedy, is mentioned in folk medicine.Herbal decoction purslane treat kidney, bladder, liver, struggling with symptoms of dysentery.This is confirmed by laboratory tests of biological sciences professor Boris Zaveruhi.

sap is rubbed into the damaged areas on kozhnyhpokrovah.If you have an insect bite or sting like mosquitoes, bees, wasps or hornets, rub into the bite of fresh juice.He pulls the wound well.The connection of certain herbs to cure impotence purslane.

Equally useful seeds and plants used for cleaning the body.Some of the substances contained in purslane helps diabetics as lower blood sugar.

storage and processing

The flowering period begins collecting medicinal herbs.Stem plants are trimmed so as not to lose leaves.Then dried by a valuable raw material in a dry room with enough fresh air.Either used industrial machines for drying.The maximum heating temperature - 50 degrees Celsius.The raw material is stored in a dark, dry place for up to one year.

Purslane - a useful garden plants, grown from seed.Collection of medicinal raw materials can be done several times per season.The main thing that is not overripe seed pods.Garden purslane cooked food and they are treated the same as medicinal herbs.It is especially popular in folk medicine.The raw material is cut from the plant leaves, dried and stored in a dry, dark place.Shelf life of dried plant is one year.