Annual dahlia cultivation and maintenance

Today spectacular decoration section are annual dahlia.Growing they do not take too much hassle.These flowers are very popular among gardeners.And this is understandable.Plants are bright and vivid colors that are very similar to the perennial dahlias.In addition, all kinds of different long flowering period.

Dahlia - is a perennial or annual plant with tuberous root system, belonging to the family Asteraceae.Homeland of this wonderful flower is considered the country Mexico, Chile and Peru.In ancient times, the Indians often grow plants for edible tubers.In Europe, the dahlias appeared about 410 years ago.

Plant height is 25 to 65 centimeters.They are characterized by abundant branching, feathery leaves and large.Painting colors vary from pastels to vibrant colors.Flowering period lasting from early summer until frost.Dahlias will look beautiful in flowerbeds along the roads and on the lawns.Growing annuals and dahlias can be done at home, such as on the balcony or in special boxes.

Popular species and varieties of dahlias

most popular varieties of dahlia are considered:

  • "funny guys" - the plants are up to 90 centimeters, the flowers nemahrovye, large;
  • "mishung mignon" - the plants have a height of about 48 centimeters, nemahrovye inflorescences, medium-sized;
  • "Rigoletto" - the plants are up to 48 centimeters, semi-double florets, medium-sized.

autumn annual dahlia tubers form.

Annuals dahlias.Growing and planting

Annuals Dahlias should be planted in the ground after the spring frosts.Place them in a warm and bright place.Make sure that the soil was fertile and friable.After landing in the open ground, in the early days provide abundant watering a plant and then watered sparingly.

order for the flowering period has been extended, pinch out the main shoots and remove the flowers that have faded.

Annuals dahlias.Cultivation of seeds.

Growing from seed previously permitted only if required to bring new varieties.But now the multiplication of this plant can be seed method, and the quality of high-quality plants are not lost.However, these flowers share the tubers in the future will not succeed.

Growing dahlias from seed takes place by sowing in open ground.Seeds of large plants.Shoots may occur within 7 days after seeding.But remember that the seeds and seedlings may die if the temperature drops to minus one degree.Therefore, the seedlings need to be planted after the spring frosts.

plant seeds can be harvested shortly after the flowering period.At the stage of maturity the seeds will become a dark brown color.Cut flower baskets lay in a ventilated and dry place, then clean of debris and ssypte in a paper bag.In this way, the seeds can be stored until spring.

If you have already planted dahlias annuals, growing these flowers will be better with a regular change of the place of their landing.This should be done so that in its place the plants fall no earlier than 2.5 years.Also, do not be planted plants in places where previous plants were sick of fungal diseases.If the change occurs at landing is impossible, replace the soil and the soil in those wells, which will be planted dahlias.Make sure that the flower was not around weeds.Try to make weeding as needed.Once a week in the evening spray the plants, but avoid stagnation of water in the soil.

Many people appreciate and love dahlias annuals: growing them for sale could be one of the possibilities supplement the family budget.