When to carry out planting tomato seedlings under?

Tomatoes are considered one of the most valuable vegetable crop.This vegetable has high nutritional value, high content of vitamins and trace elements.But sooner or later, but any gardener, beginner or not, asks a legitimate question: "And when to sow tomato?".Moreover, if people have already experienced enough in this case, he is trying to bring a kind of formula, which is aimed at the calculation date of sowing tomato.The truth is the majority, it does not work, because that date is difficult to predict.Although the time of planting tomatoes, if properly selected, strongly affects the yield.

There are "the only ones" who try to plant the seedlings almost immediately after the New Year, that is,in January.Moreover, it begins to seem that the earlier plant the seeds for seedlings, the better the yield.In fact, some truth in this is available, although in this case will have to take care that the seedlings will have to highlight the powerful lamps or plant seeds in well-heated greenhouse.If these condi

tions are not complied with, then about 2 months later the seedlings even tomato varieties can easily abyss.

Therefore, other tomato gardeners planting is carried out in February.However, this time of year is also not the best for planting tomato.The whole reason that up to the moment when the tomatoes are planted in open ground, they not only grow well enough, but even have time to "buy" various diseases.Moreover, all this is still before the seedling will be planted in soil.But if you take care of the normal and high-quality lighting for the plants and sufficient heat in the greenhouse in February can be planted tomato seeds.However, only early varieties.

Whatever it was, but the best time of planting tomatoes still is in March.More specifically, this time planting a tomato is the period from 15 March to early April.If the seed is to attempt a landing in March, you can get those tomatoes, which will be quite prolific, resistant to various diseases and pests.And all this is due to the fact that in this period the first shoots of spring are getting more sunlight and grow in the most favorable conditions.

In some cases, the tomato crop may be carried out in mid-April.However, planting seed in this period is associated with a greater risk for the plants themselves.Although you can try to plant the seeds of early maturing varieties of tomatoes.But here the guarantee for a good harvest there.So planting a tomato is best carried out in mid-March - early April.However, depending on the climatic conditions, the landing tomato seeds have to move a little bit.

important that almost all of tomato varieties and hybrids were grown as seedlings for more than 2 months.But during that time the seedlings have time "vymahal" to such an extent that on the window sill to keep it becomes uncomfortable, so they have to be planted in the ground.Even if the time for that has not yet come.The best period for growing seedlings is considered to be 40-50 days.

Before starting sow the seeds, it is desirable to prepare a nutrient mixture.It can either be purchased in stores or prepare yourself.What would have to take a 60% peat, humus 30% and 10% of river sand and all this stir well.A bucket of this mixture is recommended to add 20% sawdust and 80% of lowland peat.

Correct to sow the seeds in rows, with their depth should be 1 cm. Although, in principle, be sufficient and that the seeds were simply covered with earth.When growing seedlings in the room temperature should not fall below 18... + 25 degrees.