Select the latest varieties of cucumbers

latest varieties of cucumbers are always so varied ... Every year there are many new varieties and hybrids.Just look at first.And it's probably almost all of them are pretty good, generally correspond to the stated on the package properties.Always one wants to seeds of selected varieties yielded an abundant harvest.To cucumbers out delicious, juicy and delicious.

Of course, everyone wants to the newest varieties of cucumbers have been possible more versatile: suitable for adding to salads, for preservation and for fresh consumption.But it almost did not happen.After all, variety is suitable for pickling, it is ill-suited for fresh consumption.Conversely, if the cucumber is ideal for salads, something bad for conservation - can not be obtained from them delicious, crunchy cucumbers.

So we have to take every year new varieties to experiment with them to understand what is it that should be grown.And it is often worth a lot of money and nerves.Besides the time - this is not one season.And often I feel

so sorry for the time spent when you see what has grown is not what he wanted ...

briefly list the new varieties of cucumbers.2012 - the year of occurrence of such varieties as:

Gherkin "pickle F1".Hybrid, which is specially designed for canning.Different yield and precocity.The form of fruits is quite beautiful, and they are dark green, beloshipye and small tubercles.

Hybrid F1 "Brownie".Excellent taste, is also best suited for pickling.Small fruits (7 -10 cm), no bitterness.Late-ripening varieties for closed and open ground, fruiting period lasts until late spring.Good confronts various diseases.

Hybrid F1 "Emerald Stream".This grade is designed for salads because it has excellent taste.Fruits are very long, between 36 and 45 centimeters.On the plot is enough 3-4 cucumber bushes of this sort, then to the fruit enough for the summer.Best fruit when grown in a greenhouse.Quite a long period of fruiting.

Grade cucumbers "Sectional".Designed for outdoor cultivation, very precocious - only 46 - 47dney last growing season.The plant bush form with short length lashes.Cucumbers come out very tasty, large and with black spines.It is said that the best varieties are suitable for pickling cucumbers is with such thorns.Then just this sort of set up for conservation.

latest varieties of cucumbers are also presented a hybrid F1 "Gazelle".The rare case when the variety is versatile - suitable for salads and for pickling.The mid-pchёloopylyaemy hybrid forming fruits length from 8 to 10 centimeters.Good taste.

Hybrid "Russian snack".Well, the name has become clear that for canning.It is ultra-fast variety - only about a month from germination to fruiting.It forms the fruits of approximately 15 - 17 centimeters, without bitterness.Pchёloopylyaemy (means for open ground).

Hybrid "Ermoshka" F1.It is universal in the sense of the ground (that is suitable for cultivation, and the beds and greenhouses. Middle-of fruiting - during the growing season about 50 days. Cucumbers are obtained length of 10 - 11 centimeters, and very tasty, without bitterness.

As you can see, the newest varieties of cucumbersvery numerous, and as long you can continue to lead the list.

yielding varieties of cucumbers are represented by such varieties as "Othello," "Natasha", "Libella" and others.

And finally - a delicious recipe for pickling cucumbers. 1 liter of water,50 grams of salt, much as you like - cucumbers, the taste of spices. Cucumbers are washed and placed in glass jars, pereslaivaya spices. Then pour boiling 5% salt solution (ie, 50 grams of salt per liter of oxen). Banks are covered with lids and left about a weekbefore fermentation. And only then topped up with brine and cucumbers are rolled caps. pickles, cooked this recipe can be stored even at room temperature.