flower of Cleomenes

unusual, delicate, exquisite flower of Cleomenes looker many people.This flower is a beautiful decoration for gardens, terraces, balconies and verandas.He can easily move the cold weather.A bloom is to fall.

Today there are about 70 species of plants in our country Kleomenes barbed grown as an annual crop.As for color of inflorescences, they are white, yellow, purple, violet, ruby.One of the most popular varieties of plants can be called Rose Queen - Cleomenes pink queen.

Stem Cleomenes reached 1.5 meters.Despite the fact that the plant is high, it is resistant to wind, because of the fact that the woody stem downwards.The root system is well developed, strong, fibrous.The leaves are light green, at the top of the plants are small to mid-size are larger.

Home flowering occurs in June and lasts until autumn.First blooming flowers, which are located at the bottom.With the dissolution of flowers, inflorescence gradually stretched.

period flower planting in open ground is in November and December, an

d by the spring there will be small hatched petals.If the flower of Cleomenes grown seedling method, the seeds should be sown in early March in the ground, consisting of a mixture of 2 parts of garden, 2 parts humus and one part sand.The seeds will sprout in the 10-19 days after sowing.Before sowing the seeds soak recommend "Agatha" or "Appin", according to the manual, which is attached to these drugs.In this case, the germs must be strong and healthy.As soon as the shoots, the boxes they should be moved to a brighter location or set the backlight.And then we need only follow the ground that she was not dry.After the appearance of one or two leaves, each carried transplanting growth separate cup with peat humus substrate.You should be careful, because the flower does not like transplants and may die.After the flower of Cleomenes transplanted into individual cups, after 10 days, you can begin to feed.It can be used complex mineral fertilizer.And the next feeding carried out no more than once every two weeks.

flower of Cleomenes will be grateful if, after the transplant it will be watered abundantly, but not too often.It should withstand such a regime: dry - wet.

This type of flower, like many others, is subject to various diseases.To prevent them, for the prevention of plant should be watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

If the color is not provided good care after the transplant, when they will be planted in open ground, can rarely be formed side shoots and blossoms will not be as abundant and beautiful, as it is laid at the genetic level of the flower.

landing in open ground in late May, when the ground is sufficiently warm.Make sure that the flowers were planted in the fertile soil in a place where there is no stagnant water.Sunlight should be plenty.Before you plant flowers to the place where they are to grow, the flower should be made granular fertilizer.Too densely planted kleomu not necessary, as the bushes and blossoms will be less.The optimal size of the landing - 40x50 cm.

remind you that Cleomenes tall plant, and it is better to plant in the background.It looks spectacular live fence Cleomenes.Excellent flower looks among lower plants.It all depends on your design ideas.

I will tell you a little secret - if kleomu cut at the beginning of flowering, it will be able to stand in a vase for about two weeks, and the buds will blossom at a time.

far as we had to make a flower of Cleomenes - beautiful plants.Naturally, to achieve a magnificent bloom will have some work to do, and well before the beginning of the summer to work, but how nice when the whole summer we are pleased with this beauty!