Primula is quite common and very beautiful plant with small flowers of different colors.Most housewives just loves this kind.However, it should properly treat it properly growing and taking care of her.Primula, care in the home for which does not require too much effort to turn into a beautiful plant, the main thing - properly carry out all the required procedures.

must remember that primrose greatly loves the light, but it can not tolerate heat and contact with her sunlight.The most favorable place to put it is usually considered to windows and window sills, facing the western and eastern sides.A hot and the summer primrose is recommended to move to the balcony or outside to maintain his usual temperature.

Home environment

Primula at home feels good at a certain temperature.Usually it is about 10 degrees Celsius (the plant blooms well).With increasing climate by 5 - 10 degrees, a slight falling off the flowers, so it is best to keep primrose in a poorly heated rooms with plenty of sunlight, and

in the summer stand outside in the shade.So if you want to significantly extend the flowering period - the right to observe the plant temperature.Also properly be attributed to the process of watering, which is significantly different in the daylight saving time (summer is usually sprinkled with plenty of water, than in winter).Primula, care in the home at the process of flowering and budding, it requires proper saturation of the soil with water to maintain a constant humidity.However, we must make sure that the soil does not become waterlogged later (this is a very negative impact in the future on the primrose root system), but also dried the soil, t. To. The dry soil in any case lead to the death of the stem.Before the process itself requires little irrigation water and defend the discretion to fertilize, just do not overdo it.Watering should be careful that the water does not impinge on the leaves, especially the newly emerging.At the moment the lack of flowering watering in 2 - 3 times reduced.

It should be warned beforehand about the specific humidity, especially in the warm indoor humidity should be increased.Primula, care in the home for which requires an additional placement of plants on the site with a wet expanded clay or gravel, it would be better to humidity without TARP when it sprayed the leaves and especially wet with water.For fertilizers usually choose a weak solution of liquid formulation for this type of plant.During flowering and budding feeding occurs at a frequency of about once every two weeks.

Primula.Planting and caring for plants

basic amount of primroses is considered annually, but there are long-term, ever-growing and blooming every year.It is for these types of transplant and produced.Primula, care at home, transplanted to another soil and the correct reproduction of which play an important role in the development of the plants, be sure to thank his master lush flowering.Mnogoletok usually transplanted every year in a different soil around the end of September.Initially, the soil mixed with equal parts of turf and leaf soil, and add a little sand mass.In principle, you can buy a ready-made substance for growing the usual geraniums, only then to be added a fifth of the sand.For transplant used a shallow pot, it is best suitable larger size.Reproduction primrose may be accomplished using seeds or dividing the bush apart.

Proper care ensures excellent flowering plant.