We make interior: entrance to a private home.

entrance hall is the calling card of each house.Therefore it is so important to carefully consider the interior.The design of the hall in a private home can be an ascetic or a luxury, dark or light, subdued or bright.It depends on the location and size of the corridor.

Apartment houses we can not please a large area, therefore the interior hallway in them means only the necessary furniture mirrors, wardrobes for clothes, a table for your phone, shoe cabinet, coat rack.

Interior hallway in the house: make out the entrance to the house right

If we talk about the design of the corridor in the house, cottage or suburban villa, it is worth noting that here is where to turn.The owner of the entrance to the house settles at its discretion.And, if necessary, can also finish the corridor in which to arrange the desired interior.

Hallway in a private home provides an opportunity to its owners to dream of the soul.Consider the different situation and layout of the premises.


hallway entrance to the

private home can be long and narrow, square and broad, irregular or regular shape.For all cases, you should pick up your interior corridor in a private home.Examples of beautiful design, we will give in this article.But the following tips will help you in this.

long hallway

This room can be easily divided into two: the lobby and entrance area.You can put in between the door and just visually separate different floor or walls.For example, at the entrance, you can lay on the floor linoleum or tile put it, while in the hall with parquet or carpeted floors.Looks great steps going up and the door separating the hall from the entrance area.In general, the interior hallway with a staircase in a private home can be a very original issue.

can put in the entrance room cabinets with huge mirrored facades, while in the lobby to place the shelf with neat retractable ottoman.In the event that allows the width of the hall, put a small table, a chair, a large vase or a statuette.This zoning hall will already be inside of the house, therefore it is recommended to register in one design style.

wide hallway

In the design of the mouth areas usually follow the same rules as for other cases: it is necessary that the floor was durable (thick linoleum or tiles), wall - well laundered, is suitable washable decorative plaster or paint.To select a hallway, also used a variety of materials and finishes, colors, multi-level ceilings or floors.

To illuminate the hall sufficiently, you should not set a bright lamp above the door, creating a successful interior.Hallway in a private house can have several sources that will give a muted warm light: 2-3 point or small lamp, chandelier or sconces compact at the mirror on the wall.

Since you have plenty of free space, you can also arrange a spacious and comfortable furniture:

  • dresser - it is possible to put a bronze statue and one of the lamps;
  • closet - here easily fits outerwear, cape, bags and umbrellas;
  • tables for sitting with a soft top.

often large and wide hallway, you can see the grandfather clock.Cozy pulsing of the pendulum creates an amazing aura in the room serene tranquility, which has a trust and a pleasant conversation.

small hallway hallway

area can be very small.In the house there are two ways to increase it.You can finish up to the required size of the input space.You can also donate the piece adjacent room, thus increasing the hallway.Creating an interior hallway in a private house, also need to choose the right furniture.The door in the second case, you can leave, and also to make an arched open doorway.

open hallway

Fans of space can tear down all the walls and only visually highlight the input area.This can be done using the multi-level ceilings, floors, lighting, different design of floors and walls.In this case, all the interior space is like the palm - the front door opens, and you immediately find yourself in the house.Although there are a number of interesting options on how to make an interesting interior.

Hallway in a private house in a mostly laid out in a way that is a separate area that unites all other rooms together.Due to this situation it should overlap with the various elements of the decor dining room and living room, bathroom and bedroom.How

interior hallway gives a unique and personality traits?Use our tips below.


Floors must comply purpose room: room to be a connecting link between the pure interior spaces and dirty streets.Creating an interior hallway in a private home, you need to take into account that the main cover for such purposes can be ceramic tile or linoleum.Before the threshold would be appropriate to put an unobtrusive pattern or plain mats and desirable - woven mats.A distance from the door, for example, by a hanger or near a mirror can be placed a small pad of rectangular or circular shape.

Wall Decorating this room, like the others, starts from the walls.This is an impact on the wall to be enormous.We often leans to her shoes.Wall coating suffers greatly from the spray, which fly in the rain with umbrellas and jackets.Too sensitive material may also suffer from the buckle on the bag.If you promise yourself to be careful, that the conduct in question can not guarantee the guests.

But not only aesthetic, yet practical requirements must match the interior.Hallway in a private house on the wall suggests a lack of simple paper wallpaper or textile.It is necessary that the material was durable and stable.


For guests coming to the house, found themselves in a bright room, be sure to provide quality lighting.Therefore it is better to take care of the presence of spotlights.At the present time is especially important application of LED strips - in the interior it is a win-win.Using the backlight on the mirrors will be a powerful weapon to achieve the optical zoom area.In addition, the lower part of the decorative lighting walls, shelves and niches give a spectacular view of the room.


to the hall not to obstruct the passage area, use the furniture with mirrored sliding doors.Choosing hanger - the main character of each hallway, - preference is given to a small open vertically, as well as one, with a roomy horizontal rack.If the size of the room allows, you can purchase the locker for shoes, ottoman and rack for the mirror.In the design of the corridor, avoid glass and bulky furniture.

Decorative elements

Each element must be very carefully thought through to the interior does not create the effect of clutter and confusion.The basic design moves can stand under the hats and umbrellas, small housekeeper, clothes brushes and decorative boxes.An interesting method of registration will be posting some porcelain or bronze sculptures.Harmoniously fit into the interior hallway wicker basket for your pet, in addition, look good and wall pictures.


beauty of residence in the country lies in the fact that you can arrange as you want an interior hallway in a private home.Design Corridor (with your hands it can be done without any problems) should be in harmony with the rest of the dwelling environment.Can the walls from floor to ceiling drape fabric or finished in wood.Put all the elements, which are combined with the overall interior design of the house.For example, a carved chair, a grandfather clock, antique chest of drawers or a table, a bronze statuette.

also pay close attention to the combination of terraces and hallway.Glazed first, the hall can be closed to turn into a cozy and bright room.This removable glazing terrace turn into a summer terrace, so let in fresh air into the house.In this room will look great openwork table and chairs, a small sofa and a rocking chair.

Properly organized a corridor in a private home creates a different impression of the dwelling and its owner.