Wallpaper design for living.

A kind soul or the heart of each apartment or house is considered to be a living, because this is where the bulk of the spend leisure time all the guests and family members.

There are friendly gatherings and family feasts, therefore, it is at the same time must be beautiful, comfortable and convenient.In order to achieve this, it is necessary to organize the design of the living room.Wallpapers in this matter play an important role.

Their choice is wide enough, therefore, need to understand how to pick up, not to make mistakes, as we discuss in this article.

wallpaper in the living room

updated or making out a room from scratch, you need to calculate in advance what should be allocated elements of the interior, and which create the background for them.

necessary to consider developing interior design living room: Wallpaper may or background, or one of the striking elements of the room.Thus it is necessary to perceive the space as a whole.

When you need to be determined with the decor of the wa

lls, above all, should be to identify the characteristics of the room:

  • area;
  • degree of illumination;
  • need zoning;
  • unusual layout (width, length of the walls, the presence of arches, columns or niches).

From these parameters will directly depend on the choice of the type of material and textures of wallpaper, their colors.

It is imperative to take into account the wishes of family members.For example, children prefer bright colors, and elderly people like softer, more muted colors.

to impress guests, it is possible to use stylish original wallpaper bright colors, but be constantly in these walls will be very difficult.It is advisable to think yet about his personal comfort, not the impression you make on others.

Types wallpaper

planning design of the walls in the living room, the wallpaper can choose any kinds.This is not the room that will be permanently contaminated, or all the time due to the high humidity.However, all materials there are always certain advantages and disadvantages, which we'll talk further.

Paper wallpaper

They are considered the most simple kind of wallpaper, though able to give the room a special charm.

their benefits are considered to be a variety of colors, ease of installation and low cost.As a disadvantage can distinguish their small durability: Wallpaper deteriorate from moisture and burn under the sun.


to external influences are more stable.Texture and color as they are diverse, and the technology is very simple gluing.


wallpaper design for living this kind of adds to the room luxury and pomp that is valuable in rooms with a classic interior design.There are various methods of wall design.The disadvantage is considered that each spot, or damage to them will be to repair and renovation of the walls.

Vinyl wallpaper

to light and moisture, they are stable, although the thickness of the added problems when glueing.These wallpapers are rarely used in the living room, because they were created for registration of hallways, bathrooms, kitchens and premises that require daily cleaning.


on a simple photo paper in the living room, they are widely used for the design part of one wall.They are similar in their characteristics and Non-woven paper wallpaper.

Liquid wallpaper

These include in its membership textile fibers, the walls are able to create seamless coverage.The structure itself wallpaper does not allow them to assume they are bred paint with a roller and deposited on the surface.

wallpaper from other materials

choosing a wallpaper design for the living room, it should be noted that they may also be made of foil, bamboo, cork, seaweed, rice paper, jute, straw and so forth. They are suitable for roomscreated in ecological style.These materials emphasize the unity with nature, but for them it is necessary to constantly monitor.

Choose your option

must be remembered that, choosing wallpaper design for living in a shop or in the catalog, you can easily make a mistake, not taking into account the characteristics of the space of the apartment.The same materials in different interiors may look completely different.

better clarity, try to estimate, to see how they will look in the living room, which used fragments or examples.

Selecting color

All shades are divided into:

  • warm (beige, yellow, brown, orange, red, peach, etc.);
  • achromatic (white, black, gray);
  • cold (purple, blue, pink, blue, purple, etc.).

This separation makes it possible to select the desired wallpaper for the living room, the design of which is dependent on the level of illumination.

necessary to avoid cold dark colors in a room with poor lighting.They are suitable for those rooms, which are located on the sunny side.To make better use of the premises of the northern warm tones - there they will be able to compensate for the lack of sunlight and heat.

In addition, we must remember that the walls of dark shades visually conceal the space and light - it expanded, it can be used, choosing wallpaper design for living small.

Colors also affect the state of mind of the owner of the apartment, therefore, it is desirable to avoid the darkest shades and apply gentle pastel tones.If the walls are decorated with dark or, conversely, bright wallpaper and all the other decoration and furniture must be chosen in such a way that they balanced the interior.

Select by drawing

Keep in mind when choosing wallpaper for the living room: the design of the pattern can also be divided into several large groups:

  • wallpaper with stripes (bands with slightly blurred edges and crisp clean lines of different widths).If they are selected, be aware that vertical stripes can visually raise the ceiling, and the "eat" part of the space, while the horizontal - to lower the ceiling, but to push the wall.
  • Solid Wallpaper (this option is neutral, which is more suitable for the living room with lots of different decorative details: numerous paintings and photographs on the walls, original furniture, all kinds of statues and candlesticks and so forth.).
  • Wallpapers with "flowers" (this is not just a floral print, it's all sorts distinct items - bells, fish, apples, etc.).Here you need to pay attention to the frequency and size of the pattern (large and densely arranged patterns are able to visually reduce the space, hence it is better to use only bright, spacious living rooms);
  • Wallpapers to a point or small spot suitable for each interior (looks from a distance like a plain), in addition, to hide defects in the walls.
  • Large patches are also suitable for the decoration of a spacious living room only, or are depressing.

selection in texture

It may also be different, some wallpapers are paintable, allowing to implement almost any idea the designer.

They can be absolutely smooth and even applied at the same time on a completely smooth walls, or textured, ornament them in the process may be different: small, randomly repeating elements or mathematically precise, clear lines, abstract spots or floral print, animal print or imitationold plaster.

Selecting a specific texture and pattern must depend on the style of the room and the rest of the interior.

wallpaper design for the living room: Wallpaper combined

planning decorated living room, a man rarely stops at a certain color or wallpaper material.Today, it is fashionable and convenient to use a combination of the reception, it is desirable to use it consciously, and not just to highlight a certain area, a wall or hide some flaws planning.

common way to design of this room is the allocation of one wall, while the three remaining are made the same way, for example, solid neutral wallpaper and 4th or Wallpapers from a different material or a different texture, bright colors or other ornaments.

Drawing on a wall photo images of flowers, still life and landscape is also considered one of the ways of combining.

creating a design lounge, two types of wallpaper used for visual extension.In this case, a short wall pasted a bright paintings, and the long - dark.

to room seem bright, very poorly illuminated wall can be wallpapered light shade.

If you selected a combination of horizontal wallpaper, please note that in this case the upper part of the walls is necessary to arrange in bright colors, while the bottom - in the dark.