Modern design fireplaces (pictured).

Burning fire fascinates, it is possible to watch the clock.And partly because of that people in ancient times created the fireplaces.Of course, their main function was to heating homes.

Modern man came up with other, more efficient ways of heating.But fireplaces have not disappeared from our lives, on the contrary, every day they become more and more popular.Central heating quite successfully warms our bodies, and a fireplace to warm the soul.This incomparable dancing tongues of flame plunges us into the atmosphere of mystery.

modern fireplace - what is it?

Today, a host of fireplaces that have a modern design.Before you make a choice in favor of one of them, define for itself its function he will have to carry out in-house.

If you need a fireplace to heat the room, then you no longer fit the present modern pattern that is heated with wood and ignited manually, as did our ancestors.Such a modern fireplace design looks natural, very natural.

Those who do not want to mess around with wood, more su

itable modern electric fireplaces.They are easy to control, eliminate the excess garbage, but they look different.

If the fireplace is required as an element of decor, you can safely choose artificial model simulation.In this case, the emphasis is on the design of fireplaces and the overall style of the room.

When choosing modern devices need to consider its combination with the interior premises.Typically, these models are a central element of the interior, but because they miraculously create around themselves a special atmosphere.Therefore, it is first necessary for them to choose the right place, and then to create the interior.

comfortable armchairs and sofas are best suited under the "chimney" situation.This is a favorite vacation spot in your family.Here you can meet friends and family and spend a nice evening.

creating the design of the room with a fireplace should not forget about security.Before purchasing this exquisite element of the interior thoroughly examine the selected model, consult with experts.Fireplace must be economical, have an adjustable combustion mode (if you choose an electric model).

material for fireplace

Fireplace portals should be made of high-quality, durable and, most importantly, keeping with the surrounding interior materials.The most popular of them:

  • granite;
  • concrete;
  • ceramics;
  • sandstone;
  • marble;
  • onyx.

Sometimes design just paint, it's much easier and weight of the model is more suitable for not too much space for those who prefer the minimalist decor.

Types of fireplaces

Existing models fall within a given distance into four types:

  1. Island.
  2. corner.
  3. Built.
  4. Pristennye.

addition they differ stylistic design.

Art Nouveau

This device is most suitable for stone houses.Design Fireplaces of this type requires the use of different Surface: smooth, rough, polished.

country style

This fireplace is suitable for home made of logs or lumber.Design fireplaces in the house (especially the country) fills the atmosphere of an ancient and mysterious.For this element of the interior is fully consistent with the style, choose as a material for finishing natural stone.Although a good idea to look and decorative tiles.

English style

Design fireplaces in this style is more like a small furnace.It has a simple yet elegant look.He exquisitely complement the interior of the living room, library or office.

Greek style

more appropriate to install a fireplace in a private home.Design it for us not usual - it is open on all sides.At the same time, it can become not only exquisite element of the interior, but also a good warm room.Facing such a structure can be any, but do not get carried away - piling finish reduces the heat of the fireplace.


Design room with a fireplace, decorated in this style, to be unusual.For such design uses glass, steel, special types of plastic.

I must say that today fireplaces gained such popularity that many install them even in the bathrooms (of course if space allows).

Despite the large variety of different models of modern fireplaces, everyone can choose for themselves the most appropriate option that will delight its charming warmth.

fireplace in the apartment

course, better the classic fireplace, which is heated with wood is still nothing came up.But can it be set in the apartment?It turns out that it is very difficult, but possible.This requires that the house had a valid air duct and chimney.Then it is necessary to obtain permission from the relevant authorities.One should know that the bearing walls of the apartment fire can not be installed, but you can only partition.

then raises the question of the construction of the fireplace.I doubt very much that you will be allowed to build a furnace of stone, brick or cast iron.The problem is the weight of this design - it is much higher than the current rate for floors of apartment buildings.

In addition, smoke from wood not only pollute the environment, but the apartment - pungent odor quickly appreciate your household.But where to store firewood?We'll have to organize another apartment and a wood store.

It is possible that if you pay attention to the gas fireplace for apartments, then you will choose it.It turns out, and here you will face a lot of problems with documents.Get them to a gas fireplace a little bit easier, but it is unlikely employees gorgaza experience boundless joy from your idea.But without their knowledge can not be put into service any gas appliances.

can be considered an ideal option Bio Fireplace.But, unfortunately, it is not so simple as it seems.Of course, it is easy to install, unpretentious care, but to use it rather expensive, or rather the fuel that it takes a lot.

Thus, we come to a variant that is most suitable for an apartment - it lzhekaminy.

imitation fireplace in the apartment

This option has several advantages - no need for reconciliation and redevelopment apartment.Do not forget that today the fireplace often only decorative element of the interior, I doubt that someone from the owners of apartments set it to heat.In addition, such fireplaces are quite affordable and easy to maintain.

Design fireplaces in the apartment implies the maximum approximation analog to the original.In this sense, the ideal option would be an electric fireplace.By and large, it gives us all that is needed - it is an imitation flame, more sophisticated models simulate the smoldering coals and even their crackling.These fireplaces produce sometimes built into the furniture.For example, at the top there are shelves for books, and below the crackling fire.

easiest option - it is false fireplace.It is available to everyone.This fireplace portal performs a purely decorative function.Today you can buy a ready-made model, but you can show imagination and make it his own hands.Most often used for its manufacture of plasterboard.Stoned a fireplace can be any material, but is the most popular decorative tiles or mosaics.Do not forget to put into focus a large candle.

fire in a private house

Undoubtedly, living in a private house has great advantages compared to the same premises in the typical, standard city apartment.First of all, it is certainly more impressive dimensions that enable this setting, a full fireplace.

Design room with fireplace is very harmonious with any furniture.At the same time, there are certain design rules that must be followed to ensure that fire did not become superfluous element of the interior.

When we think over what should be the design of the room with a fireplace, then head immediately comes to a classic English style.It is most suitable for such facilities.Soft (possibly leather) furniture, or upholstered in expensive textiles soft, noble tones, low tables on the bent legs, fine tapestries, the bronze (or copper) candlesticks and chandeliers, stylized antique - it is a great combination with marble or faced with other natural stonefireplace.

can be placed on the fireplace accessories - porcelain figurines, candlesticks.

As you can see, the design of fireplaces in modern home can be quite different.The main thing is that any chosen option fits into the overall style of the room.