Types of lighting fixtures.

By such a process, as the choice of appropriate lighting, requires an approach, of course, with great care, as a particular device may have a different impact on the design of the room.Typically, a standard specimen is equipped so as to protect the lamp.Furthermore, such equipment can be operated from the mains or independently.

should be a closer look at what are the different types of fixtures, as well as what is different from each other, each of them.

Types of lighting

purchasing a lamp, it is important to take into account not only personal preferences with respect to its design and type, but also the distinctive features of the interior room layout.

in accordance with design features to distinguish between illumination applied from the outside, that is, on the street, as well as devices used indoors.Fixtures for the room in turn, are also divided into three types: ceiling, wall and floor unit.

According to the site of application there are several categories of household items.It can be l

ights in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom, the hallway and in rooms with high humidity such as baths or saunas.

In addition, in recent years have obviously shown the separation of electrical properties.All rarer today acquired all the usual incandescent lamps, which are gradually replaced by more modern instruments such as daylight lamps, energy-saving and LED devices.In the latter characteristics is required to stop in more detail, since they differ with considerable efficiency as compared to other lamps.It is therefore necessary to consider what are the types of LED lights and where such devices are used more often.

Variety of LED lamps

modern market offers a variety of types of LED lamps on the basis of which there are several of the most common:

  • Embedded.Used for mounting on the ceiling surface, for ease of installation are equipped with concealed fastening.
  • Linear.Is used to illuminate large proportional longest objects.
  • Wall.Their installation is carried out strictly on vertical surfaces, and themselves lamps of categories cover a wide range of applications.
  • Office.Despite its name, are used in a variety of public premises (offices, shopping centers, office and medical facilities, etc..).
  • industry.The use of these LED lamps is common in the shops of industrial plants and other similar facilities.A huge role here is also played by high energy-saving devices.

power LED lamps

no secret that one of the main factors influencing the choice of the type of LED lamps is an indicator of their capacity.As is known, in comparison to conventional incandescent lamps, these devices consume much less power and under one and the same light flux.

Despite the seemingly low power 3-5 watt LED light is quite able to provide normal lighting a small area of ​​the room.There are instances, and with higher rates, which, respectively, are suitable for the bulk of floor space.

Features of functioning of fluorescent lighting

Considering the types of lamps, not to mention the type of luminescent devices, which also have today is quite a lot of popularity.

Their operating principle is based on the use of phosphor - a special gas, through which ultraviolet radiation begins to glow under the influence of electricity.It is worth noting the extreme degree of efficiency of these lamps, since the energy required for their operation is about 10 times less than the standard equipment of the same capacity.Also worth noting is that during operation of this type hardly heat up, which only improves their functionality.

should be a closer look at what are the different types of fluorescent lamps, as well as what are the technical properties they possess.

Options lighting devices based on fluorescent

most popular varieties of these lamps are the following:

  • fluorescent lights gated;
  • overhead lamp;
  • pendant devices.

most popular among designers are recessed fluorescent lights closed sample.The spectrum of colors is truly rich, so it is possible to realize any, even the most daring design decisions.These models are perfect for today common designs of suspended ceilings, because they do not overheat and do not spoil the surface of the web.The power of these lamps varies from 11 to 36 watts, so the electricity overruns will not have to worry.

mentioning types of fluorescent lamps on the basis of, be sure to pay attention to the overhead model.They are fixed to the base of the wall or ceiling with the help of anchors.Its most widespread of these lighting devices have received in public premises such as shopping centers, offices or industrial enterprises.

latter type of instances of coverage in this category - suspended model.These samples are the most popular of all of the above.From the title you can see that their attachment to the ceiling is carried out by means of a cable.There are two types of connection of fluorescent lamps - transit (one wire can be equipped with a dozen lamps) and a dead-end (not install a single device).

lighting devices by type "Armstrong"

It is not a mystery that the fixtures type "Armstrong" are used exclusively for the extremely popular today, such as a suspended ceiling with a similar name.These devices are used in public buildings character ceiling height which ranges from 3 to 5 meters.

the convenient mounting system to fix these lights do not solischkom difficult.They are based exclusively eco-friendly materials and the strength derived during installation design allows for a long time to forget about the need to carry out repair work.

Thus, we can conclude that the diversity of contemporary lighting is really great, and each user can easily choose for themselves exactly the light that will fit his personal preferences and perfectly fit into the interior of each particular room.