Corner fireplace in the interior of the living room: photos

corner fireplace in the interior of the living room - it's a great way to make the room more comfortable and save a lot of space.This item is not only stylish decoration of premises, but also become an additional source of heat.And it is not so important, whether you live in a private home or apartment - in any case be appropriate corner fireplace in the interior of the living room.Photo its varieties, as well as short installation instructions are provided later in this article.

work independently

As a rule, standard fireplaces fueled by wood.It means that smoke, which is obtained as a result of combustion must go somewhere.The private home system easier to install pipes, and in the apartment - a little more complicated.In order to properly perform this stage of the work, it is advisable to hire a professional.Himself facade of the fireplace in the room to make a very simple, and for this we need the following materials: metal corners, bolts and natural stone.If you build a false fireplaces or elec

tric model is conceived to install, you can use drywall.Before starting to build a corner fireplace in the living room interior with their own hands, decide the size.The design should not take up much space, but at the same time its parameters must be sufficient to ensure that heating could fire the entire room.

couple of tips on the location

If you want to perform a fireplace in the house is heated by function or place it on the outside of the wall or at the junction where one of the walls out into the street.In this case, it will heat the outer part of the house, not the inside.Yes, no doubt about it: it looks pretty interesting corner fireplace in the interior of the living room between the windows.Photos of decisions which, by the way, are full of pages of many magazines, - another proof.However, this is just beautiful, but totally impractical.Another thing - if you mount a false fire or electrical design will be, and its main function - the decor, rather than heating.We also recommend that the wall, which is perpendicular to the one under which is our "focus", hang the TV.So you have formed a cozy corner, which will be set aside specifically for the holiday.It can be surrounded by sofas, armchairs and rocking.

dignity, which boasts a fireplace corner

living room with corner fireplace - a decision not only very stylish, but also very convenient.Firstly, we are establishing such a massive structure in the corner to save space.Secondly, a fireplace, which is located directly under the two walls (if none of them foreign. See above) warms more rooms.His warmth reaches the rooms in which he is not.And thirdly, this option provides a wide scope for the most daring design decisions.Cozy Corner can be decorated in a classical style, and in the spirit of modernity.Living room with corner fireplace, which will simulate the interior of a spaceship or a Japanese apartment (options can be much more), would look very unusual and attractive.

brick fireplaces

This material is an indisputable classic.If a corner fireplace in the living room interior is made out of it, the comfort, the huge heat and with nothing comparable to a fantastic atmosphere in the house are provided.Using bricks offers tremendous scope for creative designers.There is possible variant of the standard classics (massive furniture, parquet flooring and wool carpets).If you complete your facade fire "under a rock", you get the perfect rural house.The living room can be complemented by rattan furniture, wooden beams, rough, folk ornaments and embroidered towels.Brick corner fireplace in the interior of the living room can also serve as additional storage for accessories and books.Above it can be arranged shelves or drawers.Another original version - is a brick fireplace, which will be "lost" in the background such as brick walls, painted in the same color.Non-standard solution is ideal for loft.

Metal furnace

heat center, built of metal, many people think is not the best design solution for your home.But, as practice shows, it is in vain!In fact, stylish, unusual and very original look is a metallic corner fireplace in the interior of the living room.Photography as we demonstrate that such structures are very compact, therefore suitable for apartments where square meters, unfortunately, not enough.Stove, made of iron, offers tremendous scope for creativity.It is possible to "wall up" into the wall, leaving only mean the furnace where the flame will burn.This option is ideal for interior in the style minimalism and high-tech.The metal frame can be finished with decorative stone, recreating with the previous "brick" project.Fireplaces made of metal may take any shape - triangle, square, circle, ellipse, and so on. E., They can be suspended or would like to be in a niche between the deep walls.

Raised design to create comfort

order to make housing more stylish and warm, not necessarily, as it turned out, equipped with a real stone fireplace in the living room corner.Photos of many projects that we see in magazines and on websites relevant topics, show us that it is possible to mount an electric or gas fireplace that looks like a real, and maybe even better.The fact that such fireplaces much easier to install, they work by gas or electricity, and not upon the wood do not require too complicated extraction system and do not occupy much space.The only permanent structure gas must be connected to the gas supply system.This may be an additional tube or a balloon.Constantly filling it, you will be eternally flaming fire in their home.

The beauty electrics

Electric corner fireplace in the interior of the living room - a real godsend for the apartments.It will take such a construction is not more than 30 cm of free space at the same time you will have a great cozy place that will look realistic and create an illusion of being in a faraway quiet village.Today, these products offer a common hardware store.The basis of the fireplace, his furnace and all other connecting elements can be easily found at one of the stalls or to order a catalog.These fireplaces can be decorated with decorative stone, chrome-plated steel, or simply be painted in any color you want.Thanks to this versatility electric fireplace fits easily into any interior.With the help of a designer can create a cozy cottage like a fairytale, and noisy living in high-tech style, which is full of interesting and unusual furniture accessories.

Another brilliant solution for apartment

known that the installation of exhaust systems, additional pipes, as well as of the stone fireplace in the apartment of a modern type will give the owner a lot of hassle.Because modern masters have created a unique creation - Bio-fireplace that does not require the whole exhaust system.A flame is maintained in the furnace as follows: the combustion product is ethanol.He burned, no harmful volatile substances, does not produce smoke or soot or even creates around him smoke.Also, this eco-friendly heating system takes very little space.Even if you mount the Bio Fireplace just under one of the walls, it will take no more than 30 centimeters of room space.Well, if you select an angular model that is much more profitable and economically, it does not notice that the room was a bit smaller.

Types bio fireplaces

ecologically clean corner fireplace in the living room can be made in any style.In fact, it can be considered analogous to the electric, they differ from each other only by the principle of work.Because you can order Bio Fireplace, trimmed with artificial stone, and thus equip a room in a classic style or antique.If the fireplace is made of thermo, it will fit perfectly in a modern interior.These designs are a great part of the decor in the rooms, made in Japanese style, in a minimalist style and a good harmony with the other varieties of modern designer fantasies.Bio-fireplace would look great in the interior of the loft.While in the corner, a small center-fire will create an aura of comfort among the rough brick walls, old furniture and pipes hanging from the ceiling.


Corner fireplaces today are a real boon for designers and owners are not very large living space.They can be made in any style, from baroque and classicism and finishing glass designs in the style of hi-tech loft and others. The most important thing is that a corner fireplace, whatever it may be, takes very little space.This allows you to place it in apartments (even in the Khrushchev), in small country houses, country houses, in general, wherever you want.