LED strip in the interior: the use of features

LED Strip today widespread.They can be seen anywhere, even on a passing car, the headlights which they burn bright light.Motorists called the lighting "cilia".In the shops you are surrounded LEDs, by which illuminated showcases, various cabinets are finished with luminous stripes.Bright outdoor advertising, too, can not do without these components.

Application LEDs

Due to lack of security and the ability to heat up, LED ribbon in the interior of a child's room is simply irreplaceable.You do not have to worry about the fact that the child had dropped a floor lamp or table lamp.LED strip can be easily attached to a safe altitude for the child.

should be noted that these devices are of two types: suitable for damp rooms and those that can only be installed in dry rooms.This index is indicated on the packaging: it is marked by a degree of moisture protection.If this indicator is more than 65, we can safely use the tape for the bathroom.

consider the specific examples and decide for a room in your ho

me is most suitable LED ribbon.


Lighting LED strip in the interior easily and very harmoniously combined with other lighting fixtures so by spotlights and ceiling lamps should not refuse.Even if its brightness enough to illuminate a small room, just use the tape as an elegant bar.

Imagine this: you made the original hole in the ceiling, decorated with patterned wallpaper or his fresco, but included the chandelier it looks like a blur.All because of the uneven lighting.To avoid this, stick around the perimeter of the tape.

small living

LED strips in the interior of the apartment can be used in any room.In the small living room, they will help to create intimate atmosphere.Buying ribbon, buy once and dimmer - a device that adjusts the brightness of the light, sets mode or slow fading blackout, allows you to disable automatic lighting.This will help you to bring control of light in the apartment to a new level.Your place for rest can be converted into a shimmering disco hall at the touch of a button.

If your room has a hinged design, without LED strip you can not do.They are often used in non-standard layout, for example, to adjust excessively high ceilings.Spot lights, unlike the tape.energy-intensive, in addition, they will need a lot.

decorate furniture

LED strip is different from other fixtures low voltage (12 volts), besides, it does not emit heat.This makes it suitable for lighting cabinets and places with poor ventilation.

Using LED strip in the interior very impressive, if you stick it on a shelf or bookcase.You can highlight any accessory, on which you want to emphasize: the statue, photo, picture.Or fully select one of the shelves.

Many of our compatriots find it very easy installation LED strip inside the cabinets.There is no need to light every time the overhead light.We encourage you to take advantage of this little trick.

illumination in the kitchen

LED Strip (photo in the interior you can see in this article) is indispensable to illuminate the work surface in the kitchen.Every housewife knows how important it is that when the lamp is not blind and do not distort the color of the products.It should be noted that even continuous operation Ribbon products will not affect heat.Holders of ordinary lamps often complain that the heat from the powerful illumination of the working surface of the negative impact on the sweets, which are often stored in cabinets.

If the doors of your cabinets are in the finishing of colored glass, you can turn them into spectacular "mosaic" insert.Kitchen (especially at night) will be elegant and cozy.

Today is a very widely used LED ribbon in the interior.Ideas for its use at times amazing.For example, the fashion game with reality - trying to make the furniture as if hovering in the air.Achieving this is quite simple: it is enough to highlight the bottom.See these designs amazing.

Fresh solutions

LED strip in the interior of the museum or exhibition hall is now no surprise.Its use is explained by the ability to accurately emit a light, without changing the climate in the room.Consequently, you do not need to fear for the safety of your heart expensive paintings and other works of art, we can safely illuminate their LEDs.

to LED ribbon in the interior of the apartment looked harmoniously and not resemble Christmas decorations, you must connect the imagination.Do not forget that it is attached to almost any horizontal surface.Suppose that you are very happy with their new curtains, but in the evening they "lost."Organize them worthy of framing, gluing tape along the length of the eaves.

We make stairs

This is a very interesting idea, and besides, quite practical.Using the LED strip in the interior of a country house or maisonette involves mounting it as a highlight of stair steps.Ribbon is not just one color.The latest technology has created a set of RGB colors to decorate your interior.Advantages of LED

According to many users, the most important thing - that the LED ribbon in the interior does not require special skills for installation.With this job you can handle on their own.In addition, it can be installed and dismantled repeatedly, which allows at any time to change the interior of a room.