Making windows in the living room.

Each room window is of great importance, because it is the main and often the only source of natural light in the apartment.That is why his design must be taken very seriously.

Making a living is always associated with a variety of issues - how to arrange the furniture, choose any wallpaper, what should be the floor.And only about a window, we remember at the last turn, when finished all the "dirty" work.And that's not entirely true, because it is from it depends largely on the atmosphere in your living room.It will require you to special attention, because in this room you meet the dear guests, going with the people you love.The interior of this room all should be in harmony both in terms of aesthetics, and in terms of comfort.

Choose your style

you selected curtains - their design, color, texture - will always create a certain atmosphere of the room, and even its mood.

Most importantly, the curtains are not distracting from the overall style of the room.It is important to all - their compositi

on, shape, color, texture of the fabric, etc.Those models that will integrate harmoniously with the high-tech style will look absolutely ridiculous in a classic living room and vice versa.

Decoration of windows in the living room (photo you can see in this article) depends on the floor area, the size and shape of windows, as well as that on which floor your apartment is located.Do not be surprised - apartments, which are located on the first floor, with windows on the north side, are suffering because of poor natural light.The same can be said about the living room with windows obscured by some street objects - shrubs, trees, houses built close together and so on. In this case, you must renounce forever the massive and heavy curtains.They only exacerbate the problem with lighting.Therefore, in this case the fit model, the least darkening windows.

window decorations in the living room will be competent if you clearly understand the functions to be performed by curtains.Features original design of the windows are as follows:

  • Curtains should not disrupt the harmony of the living room, they must comply with the basic color scheme of the room.
  • well-chosen model should enhance the festive atmosphere of the room.Decoration of windows in the living room (photo interesting options can be seen in design magazines) should strictly match the style of the room.

Curtains in accordance with the style

curtains in the living room should be beautiful and more colorful than the bedroom or kitchen.They are the finishing touch of the interior created.Often in modern living room you can see how they were originally located on the window.

If you make your living room ceiling gypsum board, make some hole in it, and there Construct mount for curtains and drapes.It is a versatile option as the stylish design, you can in the living room windows.This option is suitable for any interior.

If your room is decorated in the Chinese style, is hidden from the eaves should be abandoned.In this case, more appropriate, any wooden structure or string, which is often used in Soviet times.Oriental style - is the embodiment of austerity and minimalism, and therefore better to make curtains out of this Chinese silk (cloth rather expensive, heavy and dense), or they can be made of plain linen.

curtains Decoration of windows in the living room, if it is sustained in the style of the country, allows for layering.Better to choose fabric with floral print.Today we present you the most common and popular types of curtains for the living room.


Today it is the most popular design of the windows in the living room as a classic fit many styles of interior.They can be curly or traditional, strict, quilted, arched, straight, decorated with ribbons or flowers.

Curtains on its hinges

For these models it is necessary to buy a decorative cornice.On it hang curtains.Loops can be done from the base fabric or finishing.

Curtains with ties

Ideas window decoration in the living room can be quite diverse.This version has a fancy curtains woven ties.They are made from a base fabric or contrast, the finishing.

curtains with lambrequins

These curtains hang right in front of lace curtains.They are equal to the width of the eaves - this helps to hide the top part.Below are decorated with braid or fringe.

Japanese curtains

This model has a width of about one meter and is rectangular and narrow fabrics, which are set to guide the eaves.They can easily be moved, and thereby change the design.Japanese curtains reminiscent of the screen or the screen.Most often they are used when you want to design a window in the living room in a minimalist style or high-tech.

French curtains

This original model is a whole web of cloth (very different texture), gathered in the horizontal and vertical folds.They appear due to vertical festoons, while the fold is distributed along the entire length.Curtains always bomber is in a lowered and a raised position.They look very elegant and solemn, and can decorate any living room.

Austrian curtains

modern design of windows in the living room welcomes the use of this model.It is a flat fabric is very easy to fold in the undulating folds.If the curtains are lowered, they will be perfectly straight, like a curtain.The lower part is decorated with curtains and ornate lush ruffles ruffles.Raised such curtains through the mechanism of the cornice, but first they put on a loop or ring, located on the wrong side.

London curtains

Making windows in the living room so the curtains make it very elegant.They have folds, made of a strip of fabric.They are raised and lowered by a cord.

Roman blinds

These models are now widespread, thanks to what are suitable for almost any style.This bilateral textile fabric corresponding to the window size.Inside it are placed tough cross, which are interconnected.Roman blinds drape when picked up, forming beautiful pleats.

can show imagination and "mix" various types of curtains, thereby creating an entirely new model.