Chandeliers made of wood.

More recently, wooden chandeliers were whim of wealthy gentlemen.The ability to acquire them had only the nobles, owners of castles, noblemen.Today, these ceiling lights are accessible to everyone.Beautiful chandeliers made of wood perfectly complement the interior of the main room, bring a certain color, underline the warm atmosphere of home.

little history

idea of ​​lighting appeared in the XVI century.Then, the chandeliers were the bulk structure of the major branches of the trees, which were placed at the edges of the candle.Most often, they are placed in the church for lighting, as well as castles and houses of wealthy officials.

earliest chandeliers were formed from two pieces of wood in the shape of a cross, which is attached to the candle.They are then made from the remnants of fat of animal origin.Served such devices is not so much the subject of the interior, as the light source.On the design and beauty of did not even thought of.

size of old chandeliers really impressive.They were la

rge, the spreading.The frame was attached a large number of candles as the main task at that time was the chandeliers lighting the impressive size of the space.People who have little income and living in ordinary houses, too, enjoyed the ceiling lights, but more modest in appearance.And they light them only when necessary.In those

century chandeliers made of wood they were not available the common man because of its high price.Over time, they began to mutate and turn into beautiful works of art.Today the market offers a large selection of all kinds of lighting products, from product design to antique unusual instruments.Consider all the options in detail.

Chandeliers antique wood

Well convey the atmosphere of the old French ceiling lights.They are made of quality wood, have a massive base, decorated with carvings.Furthermore, these chandeliers made of wood equipped with several holes, in which candles are placed.This design looks meaningful, recalling his appearance about the times of old Europe.

One of the unique kinds of wooden chandeliers - is an antique fixtures.They make us turn to the pages of the past.Most of these elements of the interior are made of deer antlers, deer, elk, or from different types of wood, but in the form of horns.And they mounted a small light bulb, sometimes - candles.They are available as single and multistage.These chandeliers, made antique, considered classics antiques.

Chandeliers in the form of horns, made in France, Germany, Denmark.They are made from trees such as oak, pine, Scotch mahogany.Sometimes the model lamp consists not only of wood but also of the chains, lanterns, rings, various elements of the forged iron, copper, brass.Chandeliers made of wood look great in a situation of a country or a lodge, mountain huts, as well as in the rooms, furnished in a rustic style.

designer lamps

Beautiful and unusual chandelier can serve not only the main source of light, but also perfectly complement any room.It is able to emphasize the solemnity of the meeting or a more relaxed environment.Which option would you light choose, without the original fixture you can not do.

chandeliers made of wood with their hands often make eminent masters.For example, the device pictured above, created by renowned designer Mikko Paakkanen.At the ends of this unusual chandeliers can accommodate LED lamps and pattern on the wooden elements opposed to glow, creating a feeling of comfort.No matter where you decide to place a lamp on the porch or in the living room, he filled the room with soft light and remind you of the spiritual summer evenings.

Unusual lamps

Speaking of informal and non-traditional piece of furniture, decorative works recall the lines Bobo (Bobo Intriguing Objects), certainly is of interest to all the seen.At one time the acquaintance of two European antique dealers led to the creation of a company engaged in mysterious decorative objects and designs.Among them, the theme of light is not the last.Chandeliers line Bobo executed in the style of "bourgeois bohemians."They are produced in France, Belgium, Poland.This explains the style - it is a simple, cool, earth, combining French elegance and purity of the Belgian.Particularly interesting driftwood chandeliers.See the original and unusual.

Chandeliers own hands

Ceiling lights in interior and exterior design - always an interesting topic.They are in a special room or illuminate the lawn near the house.Best of all such devices are obtained, if they come up with and implement their own.Homemade wooden chandelier will be interesting to watch when you take as a basis, such as an old apple tree in your garden.It is possible to make pendant lights.

Attractive chandelier made of wood, you can create by taking a few light bulbs and a rather narrow planks.Knock together in their geometric design or as tell a fantasy, you get an amazing piece of furniture.

Another interesting option can result from a wooden pallet and stemware martini.Get creative and a little ingenuity, you can create an original chandelier with glass shades.It will be bold and creative.

create chandeliers with their hands from a tree is a snap.After all, human enthusiasm, intelligence and hard-working hands can implement the boldest and most incredible ideas.

chandeliers made of wood: photos, ideas, options

In conclusion, we offer you to get acquainted with interesting options for downlights made from different kinds of wood.Perhaps one of the ideas will attract to you.

1. Wooden chandelier in the form of a disco ball.

2. Ceiling lamp made of wooden slats.

3. Chandelier from Thai wood.

4. Wooden chandeliers from Italy.Budget option.

5. chandelier made of wood with brushes.

6. The lamp of the branches.

Creative you success!