Living room: classic interior (ideas and photos)

name itself speaks about living its mission.Each house is a room where visitors meet, spend holidays and family dinners.This representative function of the room - not the only one.Here guests can spend the night lingering, often sleep and the owners themselves, and in a small apartment can be a computer desk, a library and even a winter garden.

What should be living

Perhaps you've heard that some people call the living room - a grand name is not always appropriate for a small room in a typical apartment.It only speaks about the important role played by this premise.

If the bedroom or child can be hidden from visitors, tightly closing the door, the living room with this option does not work - it's a real great hall of any home or apartment.How to choose the right interior design of this room, so that it harmoniously functionality with comfort and beauty?How to create something truly original and at the same time to equip several zones for households?

Choose a classic style

Pastel colors, restra

ined decor, natural materials and certainly distinct geometric forms - so before us a classic living room, the interior of which is more suitable for spacious rooms with high ceilings.

At first it was only a palace style, the main features of which were (and still are today) solemnity of luxury combined with rigor, elegance, sophistication and tranquility.

agree that many would dream to just such was their living room.Classic interior should be made only from natural materials.One of the main features of this style - handmade furniture with elegant carved legs and trim "under the gold".

Classic interior room, photos of which can often be seen in glossy magazines, differs from other lots of mirrors, which add luster room and expand it.

wall coverings to be unusual - note the fabric or reed wallpaper looks good in the interior and decorative plaster, and wall paintings.

Now let's talk about accessories.There should be little.This can be porcelain, books, mirrors.On the walls of a better place symmetrically prints and paintings that help to keep the main features of this style.

maximum should be lit living room.Classic interior requires an abundance of light.In the center of the room to be an expensive chandelier made of glass or crystal.This may seem strange, but also spotlights accentuate the virtues of classicism in the interior.Do not forget about key details of style.It fireplace, hand-made carpet, as well as the massive floor vases, stylized antique.

Choosing furniture

Classic design interior of living does not stand a typical, standard furniture.Fortunately, today is not a problem.These days you can buy classical style furniture, which looks like an old (modern masters of the old wood with the help of new technologies).

furniture should be hitting its luxury, smooth and soft lines, exquisite inlays, fine leather trim, rich fabrics and metals.It is something without which no cost living.Classic interior allows the use of furniture both dark and light colors.Very often, but used furniture with shades of green or blue, but on condition that it fits perfectly into the living finish.


If your goal - a classic living room, its interior will not do without expensive fabrics.Typically, for decorating the windows, walls, furniture used to decorate brocade, velvet, satin and silk.In the daytime, heavy curtains open to the room penetrated the sunlight, and in the evening - closing.Curtains should be voluminous with many folds, lush brushes.


In the daytime, in the classic living room should have plenty of natural light, and at night without artificial lighting is necessary.Designers recommend using mnogolampovuyu crystal chandeliers.It will give the living room a special charm and elegance.

classic interior living room (see photo in the article) allows the use of a massive bronze chandeliers, ceiling which can be made of frosted glass in the form of candles.However, a single chandelier in classic interior you can not do.It is necessary to choose the harmony style wall lamps.There will also be appropriate candles of different sizes that can be placed anywhere in the room.

classic interior little living

Although the classic style more suited to the spacious rooms, the owners of small living room should not be upset.Smartly furnished room and well located home furnishings can visually expand the space so that even the tiniest space becomes "royal" in chorus.

So our goal - a classic living room, the interior of which is necessary to create a rather modest-sized room.


In this case, the main thing - to consider the place where the guests.In small apartments, this problem is solved by connecting the space, such as a living room with a kitchen.

Useful tips

If the size of the living room is large enough, then you need to follow certain rules:

  • One wall of the room is better to close the mirror.The mirror effect will increase the floor space.
  • furniture selected only light wood.So small living will "breathe."
  • elongated elements, for example, high mirrored closets, or sculpture, and expand the room.
  • Classic interior can be supplemented with glass cases, seasoned in this style, decorated with carved or inlaid.

classic interior living room with fireplace

hearth in the house - it is a symbol of comfort.Today, once again I returned to our homes fireplace.He is able to become a real highlight of the interior in a classical style, the decoration of your home.Fireplace has an amazing feature to attract the views of people coming into the room.That he decided to celebrate family occasions, to meet with friends.

Often the installation of this fire is only possible in a private home.This should be a spacious living room with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 20 square meters.It must be durable floor that will withstand such a heavy structure.Installation of the fireplace - a very complex process, which can be entrusted only to experienced professionals.

Do not be upset, and residents of city apartments - now they can set in their living room at least beautiful electric fireplaces.Nowadays, shopping online offers a huge number of different models that have not only a decorative function, but are also heaters.They are absolutely safe, aesthetic, easy to handle.Very popular different fireplaces decorated with natural stone, metal, marble.Most importantly, they do not fall out of the general style of the room.

classic interior of living in an apartment, complete with a fireplace, reminiscent of an old house with light walls, wooden furniture and varnished, with stucco.Fireplaces fit perfectly in the living room.Before him will be appropriate upholstered furniture, coffee tables.TV is better to remove more, because it can be distracting.On the fireplace will look great watches, porcelain figurines, photos of your loved ones.

Whichever fire you would not have chosen, it will fill your living room comfort and warmth.It can be nice to relax, calm down and relax from everyday worries.

Living Kitchen Design

living room with kitchen, appeared in Europe, where women do not like to do too much cooking at home - they only heat the semis.Their interiors emphasize the recreation area.

classic interior kitchen-living room can be created in any apartment.However, in a studio it is appropriate only if it resides in the 1 or 2 people.

for two-bedroom apartments just find - such a living.Classic interior in the room can create a joint, without attracting specialists and without investing large sums of money to redevelop.Suffice it to have artistic taste and a minimum knowledge in the field of design.

If you look at the photo living room to the kitchen, you will see that the winning looks just the interior, which was well-made zoning premises.

Undoubtedly, an interesting solution - this lounge.Classic interior in this case should have both premises.Agree, it would be absurd to look kitchen area, made in the style of hi-tech, next to the luxury and splendor of a classic living room.

kitchen furniture must be made of natural wood floors make the best of granite, the walls are papered and kitchen apron made of ceramic tiles.