Interior beautiful kitchens: examples.

planning a renovation in the kitchen, we all dream of creating a new, extraordinarily beautiful and cozy atmosphere.I must say that a truly beautiful interior design of the kitchen in an apartment - a rarity.This is because to create a desirable beauty must take into account a lot of details, and have certain knowledge and skills.

Interior beautiful kitchens must be more than just aesthetically harmonious, but also functional.Moreover, if this is the kitchen-dining room, then it should be applied to a variety of design solutions that will help improve appetite.

Remember that the kitchen, for that matter, any room in the house is a reflection of the character and tastes of owners.

timeless classic

Classic style kitchen universal - it never goes out of fashion, do not bother.It harmoniously combines carefully thought-through functionality with proven rational organization of space.

Interior beautiful kitchen in the style of classics forever young - is the embodiment of comfort and family traditio


If the area of ​​your room is large enough, then the style will add respectability to the kitchen.In such areas, you can create beautiful interiors kitchen-dining room where you can receive guests and arrange a small family celebration.

L-shaped arrangement of furniture makes it possible to mount a handy additional storage space for kitchen utensils or products and arrange a place for a quick breakfast.

advantage of the modern classics of light is that the elements of this style is easy to "get along" with the newest appliances.As a result of this combination are born the most beautiful interior of the kitchen.

For example, you can use some elements of style of Provence, turning them into some kind of accent.

original design

Interior beautiful kitchen in a modern style and is suitable for energetic business people who appreciate the aesthetics of high-tech and minimalist, preferring decorative practicality.

This design is functional, each element has a certain load.All equipment, simple lines of the situation, the facades and glossy chrome metal parts are original decorative elements that adorn the kitchen no doubt.

In contrast to the more restrained classical, modern style embodies dynamics.It allows you to experiment with bright colors and light.

If you combine the kitchen with living room, using the method of zoning, the color accents help make it the most harmonious.

to the room looked spacious, replace bulky dining table for light bar.In this case, the perimeter of the kitchen area there is a place for the necessary equipment.So you get the beautiful interior of the kitchen-living room.

original and interesting design of the kitchen can be arranged, adding some elements of the classics in modern interior.

, for example, looks very impressive combination of brick and dark wood textured.Thus it is better to use olive, pale pistachio colors in the design of the kitchen apron.

minimalist kitchen

Despite the complexity of the task, the beautiful interiors of kitchens can be designed and implemented in a person's life, far removed from the design of the case.

minimalist design suggests a lack of superfluous elements.It is appropriate to stainless steel, the volume chandelier with chrome accents.This kitchen should have plenty of natural light, cloudy days will require the use of chandeliers, which distributes and gently pushes the light from the metal parts.It is not necessary to clutter up the walls of a kitchen pictures or television - instead better place convenient shelves (open or with glass doors).

kitchen in high-tech style

Interior beautiful kitchens can be created in any style.If you close the high-tech, in this case it does not even need to hide cables and pipes.They can even become a kind of decoration of the room.In such an interior everything must shine.Welcome chrome surface detail glossy facades, glass shelves and countertops.This excludes the interior lush folds in the curtains and crystal pendants on a chandelier.Furthermore, it excludes the use of natural wood.

Country style

Interior beautiful kitchen in this style will suit all those who prefer cheap, but natural materials.It is appropriate utensils hanging from hooks or standing on the open shelves.Such interior decorated textiles.For example, the cushions on the kitchen corner and short curtains on the windows.

Modern small kitchen

Beautiful modern kitchen interior - is, above all, built-in appliances, mobile and functional furniture and a variety of technical innovations.

small kitchen requires a special approach to the design.Create the interior of the premises is difficult even for a professional.Still today there are specialists who can draw very beautiful, even a tiny kitchen in "Khrushchev".We are pleased to introduce you to their secrets.

Useful tips

First of all you must carefully calculate the space, as the old houses have a huge number of pipes, ventilation hoods, which for technical reasons can not be removed.This should be considered in the placement of furniture.

In a small kitchen, all free surfaces should be involved.It is not necessary to be afraid that something out of the necessary furniture and appliances you will not do.It is now possible to pick up all of the size, color, shape and price.

Before the start of the reconstruction is necessary to create a project.It must be drafted according to the principle of minimalism.Unnecessary items limited space, making room will seem even smaller.Furniture is better to choose light colors, with glossy or glass facades.

need to carefully study the details.For example, attaching the balcony, you get extra space.


Beautiful interior small kitchen is impossible to imagine without a proper finish.The walls in the kitchen is better to decorate using mosaic tiles.It will look beautiful and very original.

Floors can be made of different materials - waterproof laminate flooring, linoleum.But the most suitable for this purpose floor tiles.


Kitchen small modular furniture is needed.It is better if it is made to order.This will allow the characteristics of the premises.Experts advise to small kitchens to reduce the size of the furniture.This allows you to save space.

interior looks especially good when using small kitchen furniture with a glossy or mirror surfaces.

Ideal for small kitchen - a bar.If she does not like you, then buy a small rectangular table.It is perfectly fit into the interior of a small room.


best to use a small kitchen built-in appliances.This significantly saves space.Fortunately, now you can choose equipment of various sizes.Many manufacturers now make models for small apartments.

To create a beautiful kitchen interior there are no set rules.It is an eternal experiment that has only one goal - to satisfy the needs of the owners of the apartment.