A wooden wall paneling in the interior: interesting ideas

tree - a great building material.Due to the different characteristics and useful properties it is suitable for a variety of furniture, finishing materials and flooring.Lining the interior took a long time already strong position, it is actively used for decoration of the ceiling, walls, doorways ladders, etc..

use lining

Wooden siding is a durable material that can be for many years to maintain its performance and features.Due to its structure of wood in the room is able to distribute the moisture level, eliminating the condensation material and output pairs.

Among other things, finishing lining in the interior design creates an interesting space, creates a special atmosphere of peace, as well as pleasing to the eye.Material - excellent insulation, which keeps well in the room warm.

Because the tree has a huge number of positive qualities and hardly have any flaws, it has gained a lot of popularity and is actively used in construction.Rooms, decorated with them, a good rest and form the overa

ll pleasant atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

very often used in the interior lining of a country house.This design of the ceiling or walls in the apartments is much rarer.So basically can be decorated hall, loggia, kitchen periodically.

This interior is mostly warm, but only if the tree has been left its natural color.But lining beautifully painted, retaining only the natural texture of wood.

choosing finishing material for the loggia or a balcony, giving preference to wood.Lining weighs much less than tile or other facing materials, and the additional load on the construction of the balcony creates.In addition, the lining in the interior loggia make a cozy and warm, there is always a pleasure to relax with a cup of delicious tea.

Benefits lining

This finish gives the opportunity to achieve protection from all kinds of external walls of the adverse effects.The interior of a room becomes more beautiful, moreover, hygienically clean.

Wooden panel does not accumulate dust and dirt, convenient in many ways, and are easy to clean.If the room in which you need to make repairs, characterized by very high humidity, while no other decoration material with this problem can not cope better than lining.

It absorbs moisture not.If the surface of the panels treated with protective means, it does not appear on the mold, the dirt and fungi.In addition, the price of the material is very pleasant, and it does not hit the pocket.

Wood has a curative effect.In the air it emits useful flavors and oils, which have a positive effect on the respiratory tract, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and much more.

Regardless of the type of wood from which the lining is made, care must be taken that the material is able to get the proper care and protection.This wooden panels will last for a long time and not lose their qualities.

Design solutions

Features linings use of wood in different rooms cause the application pattern lining, a combination with other components interior.

The decisive factor is the architectural solution.It sets the tone for the use of natural wood, as well as its interaction with other materials.

Molded interior can participate in the creation of a variety of stylistic solutions.Among them may be a combination of various related materials, which are based on the harmony of the lines of: leather, pottery, basketry designs and coarse cloth.The decision of finishing the interior lining can also be found in combination with plastic, metal, glass.

Approaches to finish

Molded in the interior of the apartment shows a variety of approaches to furnish all kinds of premises of apartment:

  • use of natural wood siding in bedrooms, living rooms and the rest of the living room;
  • customary and traditional interior lining of balconies;
  • wall paneling in the hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and halls, solutions for baths and saunas.

finishing balconies lining

wooden wall paneling in the interior has recently become very common.The decoration of the balconies, it is explained by a combination of kinship structures of old wood windows and high performance.This symbiosis is very well suited to the most extreme conditions of exploitation of space.Various modern solutions finishing balconies need of matching between the natural wood lining and common plastic windows.

protection lining

In order to protect the battens from various influences, it is necessary to perform several stages of its processing.

  1. First you need to clean the surface of the panels of various contaminants.Panels conveniently cleaned with a steel brush or hair.If there was mold on the surface, it must be treated with a special bleach designed for wood.
  2. Next you need to apply a thin coat of primer.Wherein the agent is selected specifically for each type of wood.The primer should be on panels to fill the pores, while in the process of drying it does not sag.
  3. After the primer dries, the surface must be sanded in order to make it perfectly smooth.This is done manually using nazhdachki or special machine.
  4. Wall paneling covered or impregnated with an antiseptic impregnated her, which creates a protective film.The construction market offers a huge selection of all kinds of antiseptics for wood.Choose the means needed depending on the destination premises, as well as on what functions should bear linings.
  5. Following is necessary to cover the board with paint or apply a coat of varnish.By the way, it should be noted that the painted paneling in the interior of the house and looks great, as we'll discuss below.

varnishing or painting lining

design rooms of this material can be anything.It is possible to arrange one wall panels, thus leaving them in a natural color, top coat them with varnish or decorate the ceiling and wall paneling and paint them on top of the paint.

Painted wall paneling in the interior, a photo which you can see in this article allows you to make the room very warm.Its reddish hue is able to strengthen the appetite and create a very pleasant atmosphere.Bunk bedroom is better to cover a thin layer of bright colors, in this case, the room will be more calm.

for coating of this material are suitable variety of paints:

  • alkyd;
  • acrylic polyurethane;
  • water based paints;
  • acrylic water;
  • polyurethane.

Lucky are a variety of shades and colorless.

for lining of paints are suitable:

  • water based paints;
  • oily;
  • acrylic.

should be noted that depending on the room to be finish lining, necessary to select the paint and coatings on their chemical composition.It is necessary to allow for the occupants lining unused varnish or paint with a variety of harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere.


wooden wall paneling in the interior (photo similar premises you can see in this article, above) allows any room to create a comfortable environment.The panels fit perfectly in almost any design - they play a role shumoizolyatora, give useful and pleasant aroma oil, protect against drafts.In addition, the painted paneling creates a unique pattern on the walls, and even the most ordinary room makes it very interesting.Do not hesitate to implement the most fresh and unexpected solutions, surrounding himself with interesting things, creating warmth and comfort!