The interior in the Russian style.

As a rule, the majority of people in the interior Russian style is associated directly with the objects of folk art.It may be clay decorations, ceramics Gzhel, an abundance of wood, and other khokhloma.In fact it is, but we decided to expand the traditional boundaries and have made several design options premises in traditional Russian style.About how can the interior Russian style, photos, examples and look for valuable advice below.

What should adhere to when creating the project

Our ancestors built their huts exclusively from natural materials, and it is from the same raw material to manufacture all household items and decorations that were placed in homes.Therefore, even today, creating an interior in the Russian style, it should stick to this restraint and simplicity.Maybe the result will be given to asceticism, but considered this style and character.

All of this is relevant to the case if you create a design in a rustic spirit.If your project - simulation chambers of boyars, or the king's

bedroom, which had been in the Winter Palace, the focus is entirely on making luxury pomp and expensive materials.Well, each of these options below, we take a closer look.

Hut on Chicken Legs

The easiest and most economical option - it is an imitation of the huts in which our ancestors lived.Typically, they consist of one room, rarely to be found a two- or three-room (as a rule, such spalenki were very small).Because nowadays to create a rustic interior in the Russian style is simple, you do not need to worry about that you do not have enough free space.Take into account here is the four major nuance:

  • Oven - primordially Russian element that is present in every peasant's house.It should be located in the center of the main room, its walls daubed with white clay and painted Khokhloma or other beautiful ornaments.Note that the oven can be a separator between the living room and kitchen, and it is extremely user-friendly reception during zoning space.
  • Bed-bench.Unfortunately, almost none of our contemporaries no longer heats up in the loft.If you create an interior in Russian folk style, it is possible to correct this oversight.This bed is very wide, because it is used, and as a bed for guests and how comfortable and warm place where you can relax at any time.
  • Do not forget about the chests.This handy item that also serves as an ergonomic storage and decoration of the room.
  • interior Russian style will be incomplete if you do not dekoriruete stove tiles.Patterns can be used for them all, as long as they liked you.

chic and cozy attics

Of course, the modern family is inconvenient to live in square meters read in the same room where all huddle around the stove.Because now consider how to create a style of Russian manor.In the interior, we are creating, you can afford to combine simplicity and easy chic.

So, the basic material is still natural wood.It is used both in the structure of the walls, ceiling and floor finishing, and in furniture.But now we complement it with carved elements, which can be simply mounted on the wall, used as decoration of windows, doorways, railings and furniture.

Textiles, which will complement the interior of a Russian-style - is linen curtains, mainly light, pastel colors.Also important will look embroidered towels, napkins, tablecloths and knitted capes.

The area around the house

now turn to what should be the style of Russian manor.The interior of the main elements have been natural fabrics, wood and clay.Immediately mainly found stone, bricks, less metal.When the design of the courtyard of a private house is to give preference to simple shapes and straight lines.Tracks paved in brick, must be surrounded by bushes, herbs and flowers that are characteristic for our latitude.If a large manor house, in the yard, you can build a gazebo, which, by its exterior will be in harmony with the house.If the yard is small, limit a large terrace on which great wooden rise (not woven) furniture.

unique situation

When we create a rustic interior in the Russian style, we get the opportunity to put in their home furniture, analogues nowhere to be.The interior design is based on a tree, and out of it with his hands can do everything from stools and ending with sofa bed and a wardrobe.

initially recommended to choose the frame lighter shade to the interior was more transparent and easy.Putting homemade furniture, do not try to make it complicated and pretentious.The simple shapes and minimalism are much more relevant.It is also recommended in addition to sofas and armchairs to build a bench that will emphasize the traditional design.

How to equip the kitchen in the cabin?

Many people are most worried about is what should be the interior of the kitchen in the Russian style, because our ancestors like the room itself did not have.All that content to the then peasant - the desktop, a couple of shelves and a stove.The modern woman in such circumstances would not be prepared because we have decided to resolve this issue.Cabinet furniture must be made exclusively of wood.The same applies to the facade of the refrigerator so it does not stand out.This material should be handled and protected from moisture, fat, temperature and so on. D. To finish the walls, use a white or beige ceramic.Dilute it with tiles or independently shall describe folk patterns.

analogues in Western homes

If you compare Russian style in the interior of the fact that in recent years we have offered to European and American magazines, is a clear link can be seen from the country.When making a room in this style also uses only natural elements - wood, stone, brick, less metal.All items, accessories and jewelry do not differ pomp and glitz, they, on the contrary, it is extremely simple and modest.Also, the similarities lie in the use of textiles.Only if the country-western analogues can meet any texture and color, to create the effect of the hut in the house, we can only select white or cream fabrics that adorn the folk embroidery and ornaments.

Noble chambers

Quite otherwise becomes Russian style in the interior of the house, if you look at it through the prism of the rich landlords, who equip their homes with all the most luxurious and expensive.In such a house wall should not be trimmed tree and a symmetrical pattern wallpaper or textile.Furniture shows deep and soft sofas, armchairs, padded stools.Their skeletons are made of solid wood and upholstery made of brocade, velvet or leather.

characteristic feature is the parquet floor, which waxed so that it reflects all.Also on the ground need to be expensive wool carpets that match in color wallpaper.

decor elegant estate

add such an interior can be the following accessories.Firstly, it lampshades covered with light fabric.Lamps can be table, wall, or be under the ceiling.Ideal fit into the interior wrought iron candle holders, coasters, table clocks and inkwells.It is also important to decorate a room with paintings, photographs, prisoners in a carved wooden frame.

This style is also characterized by a mixture of traditions of East and West.Wealthy people of the time could decorate their homes things brought from Europe.It was the flower boxes, couches, ornate coasters and candlesticks.Along with them were Eastern decorative elements - silk, carpets, water pipes and so on.

far more sophisticated solution

If such a luxury, downright spills over the edge, do not like, but at the same time and in the ascetic hut you live do not want the offer to consider the Russian style in the interior, which appeared in the Boyars era.It developed until the end of the 19th century.This Russian Empire.This situation is characterized by pomp, glamor, glitter, but at the same time it is inherent restraint, unity and harmony.This style was formed on the basis of the notorious rococo, and has since evolved in different countries, including in the Russian Empire.

How to recognize the Russian Empire?

Let's start with the color scale.Basically, there are combined white or beige with a pink or reddish-pink.The main part of the walls a bright, they selected flooring.Bright accents are doorways, columns, textiles and small accessories.

furniture made from dark wood or, on the contrary, is painted in white.It is noteworthy that all the legs and other forms at the chairs, armchairs and sofas curved, frilly.It is important to bear in mind that the creation of the interior in the style of Russian Empire is not without biblical and antique motifs.You can use Greek or Roman vases, coasters, paintings, which tell us about some sacred events.It is also considered the style characterized by the presence of sculptures and moldings.These accessories should be pompous, but not too bright.

Conclusion As you can see, Russian style in the interior can be quite varied.Some hearing a phrase, are a cozy tiny hut with a stove, the other mentally transferred to the royal palace, decorated with gold and stucco.Note that the design of a modern home in a similar spirit depends on its type.For example, in the apartment it is best to opt for the Empire style.