The chandelier in the interior of the living room.

wrong choice or incorrect accents can distort even the most sophisticated designs.In decorating the room, everything is important.But special attention should be given to the world.Later in the article analyze might look like chandeliers in a modern interior.


is very important to maintain harmony with the style of the design space.Of particular note is the chandelier in the interior.Her style should be combined with the overall design of the room.It is important to accurately guess the color, shape, size.Not very harmonious will, for example, look like "high-tech" -lyustra Baroque interior.Buying lighting fixture, you must consider many factors.

style rooms

design options a huge amount of property.The rooms can be decorated in antique style, trends over time, which not only did not lose, but on the contrary, gain popularity.A very common and modern design.They are distinguished by a certain lightness, a luxury unencumbered and bulky furniture.Before you choose a chandelier, you should l

earn more about the style, which carried out the room.If not observed any clear direction, but it is expected that the emphasis will be placed precisely on the lighting, the perfect solution would be the chandelier in a modern style or fusion.These models are original performance.It is seen a flight of fancy designer.So, it will look great chandelier with bronze, brass or copper frame, lamp, decorated with ornaments made antique.

Classic Design

to him perfect crystal chandelier.The interior is spacious premises, executed in classic style, it will look great.This subject will emphasize the luxury of the room, give it a finished look.However, be aware that not always is pertinent crystal chandelier in the interior.Much depends on the purpose of the premises.For example, will look gorgeous chandelier in the interior such rooms.But in the nursery, for example, it will not be so harmoniously fit into the design.Stacked crystal structure does not look very good in low areas.They take up a lot of space and switch on all the attention.An excellent yield in this situation will be small ceiling chandeliers.The interior of the room is better to use a small-sized model, firmly pressed to the slab, not hanging in tiers.If the landlord preferred volumetric lighting equipment, then the space for them should be enough.Only in this case they will really please the eye, emphasize the elegant taste perfect hosts.

Chandeliers in a modern interior

younger generation, tired of the routine and routine is committed to originality, unusual.Thus, in modern apartments often seen chandeliers, made in the avant-garde style of textiles, acrylic, leather, and various original elements.Fantasy designers are no limits.The chandelier in the interior in this case, is the embodiment of the most daring ideas.Instruments performed a variety of shapes and colors.Thus they can not emit as much light.Here, the main emphasis is on the design.So often in the presence of additional spaces sconces and floor lamps.

Recreation Area

very popular in recent years has become a monochrome line.In this style of performing many areas.No exception and bedroom.In this case the design of the room is a kind of manifestation of the looseness and good taste.In this regard, a black chandelier in the interior of a bedroom is not considered unusual.It should be remembered that the use of bright flashy colors only possible if the design of the room allows it.Improper placement of accents will be distorted the whole idea.


This style is also considered one of the most popular.Modern features a harmonious calm, comfortable usability, streamlined forms.Lighting in this style are often made of very unusual materials.Precisely because of this are often used in chandeliers living room interior in rooms done in calm tones.These items create the effect of lightness, exclude heap space.Designed in the Art Nouveau style, a chandelier in the interior of the office can be a real highlight of the room.


original look created in this style of chandelier in the interior of the living room studio apartments.These lighting fixtures have a very original performance.Typically, they are presented as an abstract geometric shapes.If their production uses a variety of materials.The most popular are wood, plastic, paper, chrome-plated metal, glass.Originally looks combination of different materials.Specialist shops offer a fairly wide range of chandeliers of various shapes: square, round, rectangular, improper polyhedron.These products are increasingly act as decorative elements.

Chandeliers in the kitchen interior

In this case, the lighting device can pick up not only in line with the style of the room, much to the taste of the owner.Chandeliers in the form of floral arrangements, honeycomb and other things can be completely combined in one kitchen, with no fear of "reload" it.Here you need to follow one simple rule - place the unit in the right places and away from each other.For example, one can hang a chandelier over the table, the other (or more) - over the bar.You can buy a model with interchangeable shades.In this case, registration of the lamps can be changed according to mood.


choice of a scale will depend on the preferences of the owner first.It is also important to take into account the general color interior.As a rule, chandeliers selected the second most important color.For example, if the design is made in pastel shades with bright splashes of green, and the light fixture should be green.So chandelier will be allocated on a light general background.Often landlords choose not flashy and bright, elegant colors and finishes.In this case the perfect chandelier light gentle colors or transparent.An example might be a product in a classic style.Usually, it is made of glass, crystal, transparent plastic.

Some practical advice

choose a chandelier is not only taking into account the style of the interior.Equally important is the appointment of the room.The biggest challenge is considered to be the selection of chandeliers in the nursery.The first step is to acquire a product, made of hypoallergenic material safely.In addition, the instrument must be resistant to mechanical stress.Chandelier should not be too long, so that children did not touch her, to her should not be brittle glass parts.When selecting lighting fixtures need to consider the size of the room.Equally important is the ceiling height.For low-premises suitable product which can be placed in direct abutment to overlap.In this case, it should be noted that many designers are now trying to focus precisely on such models.In this connection, stores such chandeliers are presented in a fairly wide range.In a small room long lighting will make the room visually less.It will give the impression that the ceiling "presses."To avoid this should be weighed against the size of the room and lighting.

light intensity

This indicator is important when choosing a chandelier, depending on the destination premises.For example, for the office, which is almost always lit table lamp, you can buy the device with frosted glass.But in the living room should be a lot of light.There will be a relevant model of transparent or mirror materials.They would be well to reflect and scatter the light around the room.However, it should have its own measure.We should not forget that the abundance of bright light quickly tiring man.In this dim lighting can act oppressively.It increases the intensity of light emission wall decoration.But in dark places must be brighter lighting.


Before you hang a large chandelier, determine the compositional center.It should be noted that it does not always coincide with the middle of the room.In this case, often better to listen to logic.For example, it is better to hang a chandelier over a coffee or dining table in some cases.In these places, the location of the lighting device is the most logical and relevant.This chandelier above the table is unlikely to hurt someone.There are many nuances of the location of lighting fixtures.For example, professional designers are often never used in the interior of two identical lamps.Choose the product in the same style, but different versions are not so simple, but the result will be worth it.