The interior of the cabinet: photo.

Nowadays more and more people prefer working at home.It is more convenient, more economical in terms of time and money spent (plug, gasoline, and so on. D.).However, if you start your business in an apartment or a country house, it is first necessary to take care of properly equipped workplace that will be comfortable and will set you on the most productive work.For now, we look at how to create the interior of the cabinet, and that it should be considered.

Where is the workplace

earlier to organize the home office, it was enough to put a table in the corner by the window, and the space around it to protect the screen or a thin partition.Modern technologies offer us much more choice, because the presence of a window or even a standard table here is not necessary.Bright light can replace a large number of lamps and desk lamp does not need, as in this century has long been working on the computer.Of course the location of the premises in the home is also important.Experts recommend to equip the office

in the northern part of the house.But if you live in an apartment, the dimensions of which do not allow such a wide choice, to equip the workplace can be on a balcony or in one of the smallest rooms of your apartment.

rely on standard foundations

Before you create the most unrealistic design projects, pay attention to the old classics and good work.For example, consider a standard interior of the cabinet head of any enterprise.First of all, pay attention to the restraint in colors and shapes.Beige, pastel, cold light colors - ideal for walls.The floor can be set off the dark laminate flooring or parquet.The furniture should be the most functional and simple, preferably dark colors, without unnecessary patterns, accessories and so on.If you arrange the interior of the cabinet, photos of friends and relatives, hanging on the walls and placed on a table included in the draft is not recommended - they will distract from work.You can replace them with pictures that are structurally simple, light and unobtrusive.

per square meter of apartments

Still, these days most of the people live in high-rise buildings, as we now offer options on how to design the interior of the cabinet in the apartment.The main style of this room is to overlap with the style in which equipped rest rooms.The easiest would be if you originally chose classicism - in the tradition of such office will arrange just with all the basic requirements.If a single style in the house not, you can give free rein to imagination and make the interior of the cabinet in the sea spirit, to apply the technology of high-tech minimalism.Or even bring old traditions of the Empire.

color scheme for the room workplace

read on square meters, which are reserved for citizens of urban housing should be very careful to select the tone for the creation of a work area.The interior of the cabinet in the apartment must be in warm and bright colors, which, in terms of Feng Shui, are "Jansky".The best choice would be yellow, beige or cream.The walls of this tone brown tones complement the furniture, upholstered in leather or brocade.Shade floor depends on the size of the room.If it is small, choose light colors, if a lot of places, you can choose the finishes and darker colors.Curtains on the windows always matched with light colors.They can be replaced in the blinds or Roman shades on.

accessories apartment cabinet

Shaping the interior of the working cabinet, do not forget about the little ornaments that will make the room more vibrant and unique.Essential items in this case - a clock, a picture, perhaps, small sculptures, figurines and candlesticks.Such accessories must repeat the style of the interior, to be with them in a single color.Making room in the classical spirit, you can decorate it with hourglass, metronome, antique coasters and candlesticks.If you have room in minimalist style, the Japanese are relevant accessories.This artificial cherry branches, vases, painted with hieroglyphics, paintings on the theme of Japanese folklore.It is only important to consider that the pictorial decorations, in whatever style they are, must be in the sun bright colors, especially if little room illuminated.

What need furniture

If we consider as an example the offices of office workers, we can see that, except for a table and chairs, where there are still plenty of other furniture.It sofas, case cabinets and bookshelves, chests of drawers, cabinets, and so on.When we Furnishing Your interior of the cabinet in your home, this can be omitted, since the rest can go to another room, and in the territory of working area you have nothing to distract and relax should not.If the room has a window, place it under the table.On the side of the table put a bookcase or hang a shelf.In the specialized resources you can find many examples of how to arrange the interior of the cabinet.Photos show us projects with television, libraries, places for negotiation and so on. D. If your job requires of all this, the Cabinet will have to take a very large room.If all you need - a computer, that clutter the space with unnecessary details is not necessary.They would only detract from the work.

far beyond the city limits

little differently Cabinet interior is made in a country house.There room for imagination much more, since we have more extensive footage.The easiest way to stay on the wooden wall decoration.In conjunction with this material will look great "yang" of color that can be used in upholstery furniture and other textiles.This office will be relevant small fireplace, near which you can place two chairs and a table that will be an excellent venue for the talks.Another great idea for the office in a country house - sea style.The color scheme (white and turquoise) allows you to concentrate on work.Accessories that will be relevant here - all sorts of shells, dried star ship paraphernalia.These things look unobtrusive, but at the same time very stylish.


Create interior of the cabinet in his home, does not matter, this apartment or a country cottage, it is always interesting and exciting.The main thing - to understand that most adjusts to your work.And that is to surround yourself with these things there.All those things that distract you from your work, should be eliminated.This room should be functional, but restrained, laconic and even a bit austere.Do not forget about lighting, which should be plenty.