New ideas - that's what feeds creativity.

As surprising sounds, decoration and building materials also are subject to the influence of fashion, as well as a variety of home furnishings.This year, once again in vogue classic style, therefore, be required to furnish rooms fine quality material with a touch of nobility and wealth.In this article we look at the most interesting modern design ideas - a combination of different tools and use interesting objects in the interior.

Furnishings Antique

What is it?It should be noted that in the design of the apartments in this style of design ideas suggest a variety of decorations, among them an antique painting.This design will have to taste even aesthetes.

frescoes - is the perfect decoration for a room.They look like the old, and the applied like conventional wallpaper.Scenic chips, cracks, especially created for them, given the form of the fresco antique coverage.

glass panels

glazing originally used only for registration offices.Modern ideas for home interiors - is the use of panels of glass

.Basically, they now adorn the bathrooms and kitchens.And copies are available for sale, a great variety of colors and image, including holographic.

They are quite safe, therefore they can be safely used in the interiors of apartments.If you suddenly hit the glass, then it will go cracks, not crumbles into small pieces.

Imitation metal

With this decorative novelty anyone can feel yourself a real Rockefeller.Because your home can be decorated with "golden" statues or "silver" vases and delicate, indescribably beautiful tables of the "bronze".New ideas develop?You can also refer to the use of the products that mimic the metal surface."Cold" balls on the Christmas tree, contrasting with the blue or red decorations, homemade Christmas tree, woven wire, - all this will create an unrivaled style in your apartment.

wooden floor

said that new ideas - is the forgotten old!All right.Again in fashion wooden floors.And, in addition to a long time favorite, familiar and well-known domestic wood now, designers offer plank floors from exotic material - very popular is the use of interior wenge.

Pottery, simulating cloth

The producers of ceramic tiles, new original ideas - is the production of ceramic tiles, imitating the fabric.Finishing many materials in the bathroom and kitchen will be very impractical - the humidity in these rooms is high, there are a variety of odors, and they are absorbed.In this case, just come in handy such tiles.It can be used in these areas because of its appearance, it resembles the texture of the fabric, and on operational and functional qualities - it's a great ceramic tiles that moisture and odors are not terrible.

Leather floor

If you are a connoisseur truly luxurious interior, want to show the prosperity and wealth, then you absolutely need unusual ideas.This, for example, would be to create in his apartment leather floors.Although the designers claim that in the interior of the living room and bedroom such coverage is not quite appropriate.

In this office to issue so it would be fine.Leather-covered floor indicates the solvency of its owner, as looks luxurious.But you must know that the skin perfectly absorbs various odors, so you have to give up some of his habits, including smoking.


In case you do not have a huge mansion and there are only small apartment, stained glass can be used in the interior.In any room look great interior interior doors with large windows.And if we consider the idea of ​​the New Year, the stained-glass windows can also be interesting to complement the interior - in the glass will reflect the lights of the garlands, at the same time they can be pasted sparkling snowflakes of different forms.Parquet


Remember parquet, lined classic "herringbone", goes back in time gradually.Modern ideas for home suggest that the floor will be decorated with paintings hardwood collected from the board.Of course, such masterpieces appropriate to look in the living room in a traditional style with a large area, though small room can be decorated with ornaments and uncomplicated beautiful patterns.

Japanese plaster

Such finishing material like Japanese plaster, can bring very interesting design ideas.The hands it is very easy to apply, as we'll discuss below.This finishing material appeared on the market recently, but was able to win the trust of designers and the popularity of consumers, as has incorporated the best features and characteristics of the goods from Japan.


  • Japanese plaster has unsurpassed aesthetics, elegant, beautiful views, it can be used in the design of any room.
  • It has a fine quality as for its production uses only eco-friendly high-quality components.


Japanese plaster today is presented in a calm, classic colors, mainly in pastel shades.Therefore, it can be used in almost any style.For example, such as Provence, classical, country and so on.

One of the main advantages of Japanese plaster on volcanic rock - is that it eliminates pet odors and tobacco smoke.In addition, it absorbs and reduces the amount of harmful airborne toxic substances - formaldehyde and phenol, which allows designers to create with it using a variety of interesting ideas - a design billiard room, kitchen, bathroom in a new, modern style.

In this article, we looked at various new items of decorative and finishing materials that have emerged recently in this market segment.Look for them in stores, and to embody the most daring ideas!