Bed linen: Euro-sizes and types

for everything bedrooms almost all used bedding.To ensure a healthy sleep is necessary to have only quality items - blankets, pillows, blankets.Currently, a huge selection of different sets of bed that misleads many buyers, they are not always clear category laundry, and before you buy something, you need to look into the matter.Most in demand bed linen "euro", the size of it is very convenient, so he received great recognition among consumers.

What to choose?

When choosing bedding you need to pay attention to the quality of the material, its design, the colors to match the general interior of the sleeping room.Choosing any kit, including a set of underwear "euro", the size of must-know in advance.And it is desirable to give preference to natural fabrics, they just do not cause allergic reactions, and sleep will be healthy and comfortable.Such kits will last a long time and after many washings wonderful retain their original appearance.

comfort during sleep

the correct size of the selected set a

re important, it depends on the quality of our rest at night.The exact size will depend on the parameters of the mattress, pillows and blankets, so you need to take a tape measure and fathom all bedding.If you take the bed linen "euro", the size of its often make:

  • duvet cover - 200h220 cm;
  • sheet - 220h250 cm;
  • pillowcase - 50x70 or 70x70 cm.

After buying the correct and healthy deep sleep in a comfortable bed will be guaranteed.

Euro sizes and types

modern textile manufacturers offer customers a wide range of packages of different sizes, which are always listed on the label sets that can greatly simplify the selection of the right bedding.The most common are several types of kits - Bastard, double, European standard and family.Currently, in addition to domestic producers appeared on our market for many foreign companies that produce the kits, which differ in size from home.An example is the set of bed linen "euro".Its size can vary, as the bedding configuration is often different from each other and depend on the country of origin.Parameters can be specified in centimeters and inches, you should always specify - in which units are listed on the package.

Some differences sets in bed

bedding sets such as "European standard" is thoroughly planned, foreign manufacturers to consider the size bed, and also features orthopedic mattresses.The size of bedding "Euro-Standard" is the most popular and sold.It includes a variety of options pillowcases for pillows in different sizes and shapes in the range of 2 to 5 units, which is very convenient.Such diversity can satisfy the tastes of different buyers.All dimensions can be seen in the labels.

Special sizes and equipment

Options sets different number of pillowcases for pillows, their size, as well as the parameters sheets and duvet covers.There is also the option of the type of bedding "euro-maxi" dimensions of which meet the needs of people who prefer to sleep on a very large bed.Sets of "Euro-maxi" is considered to be the largest since the duvet cover and sheets are much different from other sets and pillowcases for pillows like in other sets.The size of the laundry differ from the default settings."Euro-maxi" is intended not only for the broader and custom bedding, but also ,.respectively, for the huge blankets.All dimensions are dependent on the manufacturer and brand of the country where were produced linen.

must say that the bed sets "Euro-Standard" have different markings on the package, so be sure to inspect it carefully before buying.They are designated differently depending on the country of the manufacturer - "euro", "euro 1" and "euro 2".Proceeding from this marking their equipment has some differences."Euro", "1 euro" and "euro 2" - the size of bedding the most versatile and is always a great consumer demand.It can be used for a double bed, and a queen.Unified system among manufacturers of these kits do not exist, sheets and duvet covers are often different in size, and pillowcases can be in the number 2 or 4, as different parameters.Duvet cover in such kits are always at least 2 meters wide and it is attached to the corresponding sheet (220h240sm).

choose and sleep quietly

To dream become a truly comfortable, all set to be high quality.Experts recommend the use of bed linen "euro", the size of his always perfectly fit the bed.Proper bedding includes not only the exact dimensions that match the bedding, bed, comfortable mattress, it should be of natural material, harmless to health.The most common linen sewn from calico, satin, bamboo, linen and other fabrics, as well as more expensive raw silk, and are combined sets.Defined the financial possibilities and knowing exactly all the necessary dimensions, you can safely go for shopping at a specialty store.