Laminated doors: reviews.

Reviews door laminate generally receive positive, due to their unusual design.In the production of these models use a combination of materials, so that they are of high quality and reliability.A wide variety of models - a guarantee that every customer will find a design appropriate to its requirements.

Why lamination?

This technology allows the wood processing to extend its service life.Its essence lies in the fact that the wood surface is coated with a special film of the machine, which is then fixed under the influence of the heating apparatus.Due available as part of the resin film, it is perfectly fastened to the surface of the wood, whereby the doors have a presentable appearance.Laminating the film itself can be matte, glossy, with a variety of decorative effects, allowing you to find a solution for any interior.The feature film is that it is securely envelops even the corners of the door leaf, which is the result looks solid and harmonious.Laminated doors can be supplemented by notches and ins

erts made of other materials, glass, metal or stained glass.

Design features

Laminated doors are reliable and durable, and they attract the attention of buyers affordable price.That is why the reviews doors laminated get good.Unique performance and affordability reached a minimum amount of natural materials and modern polymers simultaneously.In terms of design these doors are composed of several parts:

  1. wooden frame. He created mostly of pine, thus achieving its high quality and reliability.Laminated MDF doors are made from laminated veneer lumber in the form of scraps, interconnected by a special technology that makes the final material is resistant to moisture, temperature extremes.Many models are equipped with additional strips of MDF, connects the "cells".This allows to achieve higher strength while maintaining the light weight of the door structure.
  2. Filler .Its mission - to contribute to the additional heat and sound insulation.In most cases, used as a filler of mineral wool, polyurethane foam, corrugated cardboard.
  3. Linings MDF. They are of molded dust bonded by means of a single sheet of adhesive and then pressing under heat.Pad can be made of any shape and structure, it is glued to the frame.
  4. protective and decorative layer. veneered doors are covered or laminated decorative film the special intricacies, sometimes combined with a protective layer of the laminate.Application of the film is carried out temperature-vacuum method.


combination of materials results in the fact that laminated doors are durable and resistant to mechanical stress.These characteristics often noted, and reviews.

Laminated interior doors are distinguished by the following advantages:

  • affordable cost;
  • original appearance;
  • monotonous pattern, which is applied uniformly;
  • lightweight design;
  • a wide variety of models;
  • resistant to temperature changes;
  • environmental safety: no coincidence that such models are placed in hospitals.


negative reviews doors laminated received due to several factors.For example, customer reviews there is an opinion that good doors are expensive, and cheaper analogues will serve on the strength of 5-6 years.And here it turns out, not so much in the material bases of the door, much as laminate - a truly high-quality film is not cheap.The second unpleasant moment - the inability to restore the laminated cover if it got badly damaged.And the weakest link of laminated structures - door frame, which differs too thin and easily deformed.Especially clearly this lack of noticeable when installing such structures in the bathroom when exposed to moisture box with time is curved, and the door is no longer closed.

veneer or laminate?

any doors - veneered or laminated - attracted the attention of well thought out every detail.At the same time in terms of the appearance and design of the structure, they are not much different, but the cost is much higher veneered models.

If we compare these kinds of design, we can draw the following conclusions:

  1. quality laminated doors are resistant to high temperatures and humidity, as well as the protective layer acts whole film is based on a polymer liquid impermeable.Veneered doors such properties can not boast that many reviews mention.
  2. laminated doors are characterized by resistance to damage, although in fact it turns out that everything depends on the responsibility of the manufacturer and the quality of its products.In order not to miscalculate, to trust trusted manufacturers.
  3. Simple care.For coated laminated film structures to care much easier, because their surface is smooth and resistant to all abrasives.

veneer or laminate: comparative characteristics

laminated or veneered doors better?This question is asked by many buyers.They have certain similarities.For example, the internal construction in both cases is made of a wooden frame filled with "honeycomb" or wooden slats.Veneered models attract the attention of buyers of the unique structure of wood is retained even grain pattern.However, the surface of these models with time darkens, and if the room is damp, the door can crack and completely.Laminate flooring - is artificial material is durable, resistant to mechanical damage and moisture.Caring for these doors is easy and simple, but if you suddenly on the surface to be chipped or scratched, they can not be removed.All the features of both materials can be presented in tabular form:




veneered doors

  1. It creates an array of all the tree.
  2. In case the surface of the material may be restored.
  3. production technology allows you to create models decorated with complex geometry.
  1. mechanical properties of wood as the operation change.
  2. Curved parts difficult to cover the veneer.
  3. Over time, the surface of the door fades and darkens.
  4. Mount doors can be in a room with low humidity.
  5. high cost products.

laminated doors

  1. Permanent color and texture.
  2. high resistance to moisture.
  3. Simple care.
  4. Abrasion resistance and mechanical strength.
  1. smooth surface.
  2. With strong damaged it can not be restored.
  3. High-quality laminate flooring is not cheap.
  4. All models of the same type in terms of design.

Based on this table, you can easily understand which option is right for you.

What about the bathroom?

This building - one of the most whimsical in our house, so choose the way you need to finish it properly.Pay particular attention must be taken to the choice of the door.It is clear that the usual interior model will not work here.Experts advise to pay attention to the laminated doors to the bathroom, which meet several requirements:

  1. They are resistant to moisture and temperature changes.
  2. not deform as exploitation.

veneered models that look more interesting and more reliable for the bathroom is not the best choice because they are made of wood.They can be installed only in areas where exposure to moisture at the door will be minimal.Moreover, an important role is played by the quality of paintwork.Cheaper and safer to buy laminated doors to the bathroom.

There are several varieties dverey- "laminate":

  1. Models from a paper base.Of course, they are in the bathroom to choose not worth it, because very quickly the paper soggy and deformed.
  2. Laminated doors with foil paper, impregnated with special structures, more resistant to moisture, so they can be used in the bathroom.Due to the coating products are protected from moisture, but also direct contact with water should be avoided.
  3. coated or laminate laminated doors to the bathroom received positive reviews as the most reliable option.Or laminate - a polymeric material of origin which is applied a layer of a certain thickness and has a excellent moisture resistance.

We make room

As is known, laminated doors - a cost-effective and, moreover, a reliable solution for any room.The framework of these models created on the basis of pine lumber, and used to fill the high-quality materials.All this makes the original so popular and reliable buyers laminated doors.Photo shows that all models feature an interesting look, so everything will be able to any interior.Select a model to design the interior space needed to competently:

  1. necessary to consider stylistic decision, which made a particular room.
  2. not worth saving, because the correct choice depends on the durability of high-quality products of its operation.
  3. necessary to devise a system of opening.Modern interior doors laminated, reviews of which most are good, carried out in various embodiments opener.Most often preferred hinged doors, made one or two paintings.If the room is small, it is possible to give preference to the door coupe which perfectly fit into any space.If the room is made, for example, in a country style, you can choose door-accordion.

Laminated interior doors got good reviews and because of different finishes.Lamination can be performed by different materials - wood, masonite, aluminum, plastic, paper-based or fiberglass.Each model is original in its own way, and the choice of material affects except that only the final cost of the model.

What to choose?

modern market offers a variety of laminated model.Laminated MDF doors got good reviews thanks to affordable and high quality models.The design of these models is simple and consists of a door frame, filled with "honeycomb" paneled MDF and laminate flooring.Use it for facing MDF reduces the cost models.

plastic laminated doors are popular thanks to high-quality finish.If their production is used dvuhhromny laminate or other durable material, which is further covered with imitation wood film.Such interior doors have received a lot of good reviews due to several factors:

  1. excellent sound insulation properties.
  2. strength.
  3. fireproof.
  4. ease of care.
  5. resistance to mechanical stress.
  6. durability of operation.

All these features make the popular plastic laminated doors.Photo shows that these models can be made with inlaid glass of different colors, which gives them the original appearance.These models will serve as long as retain their shape even when operating in conditions of high humidity.The color and texture of the plastic doors will remain for a long time, so after installation, you can forget the long term of a possible replacement of the door system.It is important that such models are inexpensive.

Features mounting

As already mentioned, interior doors MDF laminated reviews prepared essentially good as the model on the basis of plastic.As for their installation, you need to remember some of the nuances.Most importantly, what we should not forget about this fine door frame, which can be deformed, even under the influence of foam at not too much pressure.For this reason the door frame must necessarily be attached to the opening of special areas.They are installed in every 30 cm, to avoid deformation of the door.

When installing laminated door products in the bathroom need to protect the box from moisture.It is best to paste over its special waterproofing film.In all the other moments of the process of installing the door is clear and simple.And remember that even with a quality installation laminated doors can last not very long, especially if you choose cheaper models.Reviews door laminate had good, but choose the model should be wisely.