Loft - it's ... loft style in the interior

modern furniture, as well as innovative treatment of a variety of known materials, such as brick, glass and steel - is the fundamental principles of the interior, created in the loft.Last ideal for turning a warehouse into apartments with free planning.Although the correct approach loft - this is the style that can take root even in a small suburban house.

History of

in America a long time ago in the central streets of big cities sky smoked factories, workers toiled in factories, warehouses filled with a variety of goods, also located right in the heart of the city.It lasted long, and immediately stopped as soon as the prices for rent.Plants quickly packed their belongings and moved to the suburbs, and in vacant buildings stopped writers, artists, designers and poets - in general, those who did not go to the factories.

developing for itself a loft project, they held there a cozy home, which hosts poetry meetings, exhibitions.Here they whiled away the lonely cold nights of the fifties of the last

century, his back against the cold concrete wall.

For this style, so its fame property of creative individuals.Rather, it is in our days inciting hipsters make their home something resembling a loft (photos of buildings presented in this article).

Century lonely stay creative individuals over large areas ended too quickly that enterprising people have realized that even a factory for the production of shoes can be a good idea to inhabit.Thus, the initial zaselentsev drove these territories, raising the cost of the lease, and then moved here, bankers, businessmen, lawyers and other wealthy citizens.

To date, the design of the loft-style intended to demonstrate the viability of creative flair and owner of the premises.

Loft Russian

in our country to find a house in this style - a huge success, because the principal amount of people live in simple homes.But in this article we will still give you some tips on how to bring into consideration the style of the nest.Features


main expensive items home repairs in a loft-style redevelopment premises.According to the concept assumes no separate rooms (as in the factory shop).Open space and emptiness - it is the characteristics of the style, so it is so difficult to implement in small apartments.If you have less than 80 m², with ceiling lower than 3 meters, it will not turn a full embodiment of style, only its imitation.

Loft - a style in which all areas of the available space allocated provisionally.Valid exception is a bathroom, and the doors it is necessary to mask.The rest of the room should be a common space created by the principle of functionality by using different finishing materials.

If such an option seems a little uncomfortable Studio, you can separate the kitchen or bedroom with a mobile furniture, using racks on wheels, glass sliding partitions or screens.


Loft - a personal style.Some selected coloristic blocks bold bright colors, while others prefer to use "sullen" colors and graphics to focus the urban experience.Creating a design loft, decide exactly what you want from your property: industrial design, expression or a mixture of these styles.

open flowers focus attention on himself in the open and large spaces, but better to spend them "sparingly" - about twenty-five percent of the surface of the walls in the room.One wall of indigo or red shades will make a theatrical effect in the "brick" or white interior, as well as provide a specific zone.For example, you can paint the dead of the far wall, and it is perfectly designate a certain area.Also, add a variety of accessories of the same color, for example, a vase and a pillow that will give a sense of the integrity of the space.

remember all the time that the consistency of the interior does not match the ideas of loft-style (photos are shown in this article) about harmony and mixing.If bright, open color you absolutely do not like, then muted smoky shades are likely to enjoy.For example, a deep blue-green water and eggplant dim - they are softer to the eye, and for a more sophisticated urban style.Next advantage smoky shades - that in one interior can use a larger number of different colors, while creating esthetic and harmonious atmosphere.

loft in an industrial building

use this style in what was once a commercial environment involves creating maximum comfort in cold concrete box.

Basically the amount of industrial buildings of yesteryear, brick, concrete, wood beams were visible.They simply did not have to hide, because the factories for comfort is not particularly chase.Creating a design in a loft-style, keep in mind that often the premises are left unchanged huge stained-glass windows that largely occupy the entire wall.Homeowners often repainted and the floors are laid parquet, because of the wood provides comfort and warmth.The interior also add soft furnishings, fabrics.

must be correctly set accents colorful photo illustrations on the walls and colorful cushions.A huge number of options - we must not forget that originally belonged lofts creative people.

Loft apartment

task of this style in residential apartments - bring the atmosphere of the interior industry uninhabitable.To do this, the walls of the cozy flats stripped wallpaper, available communication output for show.Highlights of relevant industrial equipment in the bathroom and the kitchen: bronze, chrome and stainless steel.Choose plumbing of these metals for your kitchen: worktop, sink, range hood, oven, chandeliers and the remaining accessories with great success will continue the theme begun industrial-style loft.

apartment as a whole must be maintained in this design.In the bathroom you need to use the same materials, adhering to the principles of openness technical stuffing to create a unified atmosphere.

Ideas bedrooms

One of the most important tasks in industrial premises, which converted to the living - to feel it as comfortable as possible.It is most concerned bedrooms, because often there is no division into the room, and the house seems to be room.Often using sliding-bed, bed-transformers, bunk beds.

In addition, many designers use zoning techniques, creating a loft style.Bedrooms in this case is separated using various flooring, glass partitions, lighting, as well as a warm and soft shades.

City life over the years has come a long way as, indeed, and the idea of ​​beauty.At the present moment there is a certain industrial aesthetics - it can be recreated in each apartment.

Ideas Kitchen

Although life in the big city, with a meal on the go and away from home, we were captivated by the magic of professional chic culinary cuisines from various television shows.Shine steel utensils and appliances are one team with wooden or tiled floors and frosted doors beech.The same style is different and loft apartment.

separate placement of furniture in a certain corner keeps the idea of ​​an open-plan style.All cabinets and drawers in this case mounted on one wall, with a working mobile table on wheels to easily move the territory.Bellied refrigerators - cobalt, pale blue, red and pastel pink - are also very popular.This standard size tiles are totally out of place, your selection is better to stop on the monochrome mosaic tiles from which you can put an apron between hanging lockers and bench.

Materials for kitchen

Do not forget that the loft - an industrial style.This means that there will be appropriate to look unbreakable greenish glass and stainless steel sheets that make the spirit of the factory of ethics - as dramatic and very common for us to replace the usual tiles over the sink.Also, do not forget about the things that are in the public domain.For example, this kitchen will suit wide open shelves, as if floating on the walls.It will also be interesting and appropriate to look here bar with various metallic elements.

loft in the living room

in this loft apartment living area is separated from the rest of the territory only with the help of competent placement of furniture.However, even if your room has a wall, you can draw inspiration from modern materials and forms.

can create a loft in the living room of the proportionate number of seats with cream or frankly bold upholstery: shades of cobalt blue, wine red or terracotta.In this case, between the leather armchair and couch definitely encounter strong feelings.You will need to add here only a minimalist glass or wooden coffee table, preferably on wheels.Although you can put a table and the Indian Thakat if you would like to declare that you are not alien to the world culture.Also, there will be appropriate geometric expressive carpet on the floor or a large shaggy flokati.In an open layout carpet is able to play the role of a powerful optical unit, which is a protected area, created in the loft.

Living suggests that the whole home audio-visual equipment will be on display with respect to logos and brands.Music supercenter and a huge flat screen TV for a declaration of style loft mean nothing less than the rest of the interior equipment.

Design loft bathroom

Cleanliness even surgical sterility - this is the main feature of the bathroom, created in this style.In this bath, standing in it can be anything, "paws", made antique, with "historical" cranes, as well as ergonomic fascia.

It was in the bathroom modern style reaches its climax.Mosaic tiles are covered walls and floors, creating a feeling of a swimming pool, with glass, steel and matt ceramics will "make up" for all other surfaces.Only unusual bath towels will be able to break the general smoothness of the textures.Spotlights built into the ceiling, poured a clear pure light, while exposing any fingerprint trace of water that were left owners.

Loft - is a style in which it is desirable to install the shower with an old-fashioned large chrome "watering" high in the wall or in the ceiling, which allows maximum use of available space.But this design is suitable only for singles or childless and very neat lone pairs.For large families tiled surface unsafe.