Decorative brick in the interior of the apartment

Decorative brick in the interior used very often.Such finishing material to simulate brickwork.Furthermore, it is lighter in weight than the cladding, and it has less thickness.Due to this, you can dekorivat room completely, eliminating the heavy load on the foundation.The material has a long service life, resistant to damage and meet environmental standards.

white decorative brick

If used in the interior of white brick, it will attract attention.This shade makes the room visually larger, increasing the space.And it can be used in the bedroom, hallway, kitchen.Decorative white brick in the interior of any room will look advantageous.Furthermore, it is also practical.Simply wipe the decorated surface with a damp cloth to remove dirt.Therefore, this option is very like modern housewives, places high demands on the arrangement of his life.

Decorating hallway with decorative brick

There are many methods for finishing the hallway.Although most original is a decorative brick wall cladding.Such ma

terial may be natural or artificial.The last option is available for sale in various shades and shapes, as well as the structure of his very interesting.Harmonious look with any other material: drywall, wood or concrete.Therefore, decorative brick in the interior of the hall - is always a winning option.


bedroom you can do a lot more comfortable if it draw natural or artificial brick.It will be interesting to look like masonry near the head of the bed.And it can be left natural color and covered with paint.Here it is necessary to select it in the tone color of the walls or to create a winning contrast.In addition, the decorative brick in the interior of a bedroom will look original, if you add a touch in the form of traces of plaster.


To kitchen look warm and cozy, it requires an additional decor.If you choose a brick, it is not worth it to decorate the entire space, otherwise it will be very dark.If the decorative brick in the interior of the kitchen used as a finishing one wall, it will be original.For example, to make a kitchen apron or place territory near the table.Combined with modern furniture, has clean lines, this decor only give hospitality room.


Brick can be used in absolutely any room, and living room is no exception.The main thing - to use the option of decoration in a spacious room.This is because a small room with complete finish brick, looks bleak.If the decorative brick in the interior of the living room used wisely, the effect will be remarkable.For a large room, you can use the loft interior.It uses red bricks with a porous surface.

For very small rooms have the option of choosing the right proportions.It is important to furnish such materials occupy one-fourth of the total area of ​​the room.Therefore it is possible to lay a brick place near a soft sofa or arrange a beautiful song about the bookcase.


modern office today is not quite a cozy place.If you use a decorative brick in the interior, it is possible to create a calm and comfortable environment.

Advantages decorative bricks

The main advantage of this material is high strength and wear resistance.Therefore, it does not form a variety of scratches, dents, chips.

important point is the ability to decorate some parts of the interior or completely the room.Also, the material does not require special care, so it is easy to clean by conventional means.

Make yourself laying in the cellar.This brick is an environmentally friendly material.It does not emit harmful substances, has fire resistance, durability.

In addition, decorative brick in the interior of the apartment always looks chic.This material is easy to work, so you can perform any of the composition.Such material is equally suitable for large rooms and very small rooms.In any case, such a decor give the room originality.

Choosing decorative bricks

This material is now available in a wide range.Therefore, it can be used to carry out any masonry.This is a classic red brick, the color of platinum, white and other color palette.If you choose the grout in tone, the decor will look natural.There are some options:

  1. artificial slate is the actual view.Here, the coating is obtained without sutures.With it, you can trim the arch of the opening to create any song and make a masterpiece in the most difficult place in the room.
  2. If you use decorative brick in the interior such as sandstone, it can be a stone mosaic.This will create a unique picture.
  3. to create an element of antiquity is to use a variant of the decorative brick type of limestone.His rough appearance is suitable for this type of decoration.
  4. popular option is also considered decorative bricks under the marble and granite.This allows you to create elegant interiors, so the designers have given it priority.

stages of finishing decorative brick

very advantageous to look decorative brick in the interior.How to choose where to put it - that's the most important issues in order to achieve maximum benefit from this type of finish.To work needed tools:

  • Brush.
  • spatula.
  • Spatula for grouting.
  • leveler.

Preparing the substrate is cleansed from dirt.Also removed exfoliated plaster and finishing materials available.If the walls are deviations, then they need to be primed.

Then you need to mark up.To do this, in all corners of the Stamp via leveling.Then make a line for which is already running laying bricks.

This material falls horizontal rows butt or discontinuous.Begin laying bricks from the bottom is best.We use a mixture of glue that is applied to the underside of the brick wall.In the process the material is pressed against the surface and the excess adhesive immediately removed.

After gluing decorative bricks need a day to do grouting.Here it is necessary to use a structure that matches the color of the stone.Moreover, the work is performed with a syringe, and a spatula.

As a final step is applied topcoat.Used for this acrylic paint or varnish.This finish can be chipped, scrapes that are cleaned with special paint.It is worth noting that the color should be one tone darker shade of brick used.

In some cases deposited or gold bronze pigments.After that, everything is covered with varnish having a water-based.

Most preferably before laying the entire composition decorative bricks lay on the floor.In order to immediately understand, in what order should put pattern on the wall.Then the job will be much easier to perform.

Decorating the room with natural decorative brickwork of its value - very expensive.However, the effect of this type of decoration justify all costs.For any room - kitchen, living room or hall - will look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

For budget conscious people have the option of artificial ornamental stone.This type of decoration is quite affordable today.The material used plaster, imitating natural material.In appearance to distinguish between artificial decorative bricks from the natural type possible.And the main advantage here is a lightweight artificial brick.

This type of finish allows to translate into reality any ideas designer.You can use different options for installation, as well as complementary pattern in different shades and shapes of decorative bricks.

patterns derived from this type of decoration, combined with all styles of interior.This may be a classic, modern or even an imitation antique.In any case, your design will only benefit if the premises do finish with a decorative brick.