Beautiful Interior 1-room apartment

Probably no one would argue that one-bedroom apartment - accommodation is not the most spacious, but at the same time like in its interior to accommodate everything you need and at the same time make the room beautiful and modern, leaving as much space.

Features small apartment

Designers say that there are two effective ways to diversify Interior 1-room apartment

, transforming it into a large, bright and welcoming home.

most crucial way - to rearrange, remove, move or add a wall.

You can use the design secrets of visual expansion space.By the way, most people prefer to do them.Therefore, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • If the interior design of the apartment you need to create one to reside in a single person or a family of two adults, it is better to combine the kitchen with a bathroom.Create a single space.It will be free and saturated air.So you begin to create the interior of 1-room studio apartments.This is a very good solution for a small area.If
  • created Interior 1-room apartment is needed for a small family with a child, you in this small area is necessary and children.Try it in this case to make it out of the kitchen.To do this, all communications are transported into the living room.
  • After preliminary agreement with BTI tear down a wall and combine the room with balcony, divide the resulting space by a partition into two parts.As a result, you get a full bright living room and a dark bedroom.

to design

We assume that all the most complex work is over, all the fundamental work carried out, all the walls are moved to the right places, you have only to come up with an original interior 1-room apartment, "Khrushchev" for instance.

First you need a sketch.Without it, the beautiful interior will not be able to create.You can seek help from an experienced designer to pay for the project, and a considerable amount, but if you feel the creativity, then the job can be done well and in the home.Of course, before that it is necessary to look through the necessary literature and "surf" on the sites design companies.

Select style

This is a very important question that you should not ride.Forget about high-tech and industrial.For them, they need large areas.It is also inappropriate Interior 1-room apartment in the Baroque and Rococo - they do not place on 40 (or maybe less) square meters.Most of all, in your case fit the classic modern.What do


cheapest, but not the best option - linoleum.But better to save up money and consider other options for flooring, so as not to turn the already not the best house in a faceless shelter.

Parquet for 1-room apartments - an expensive pleasure, so it makes no sense to treat.

The bedrooms and children's rooms are often used carpet.Unfortunately, in this case, there is neither the one nor the other room.In the small living room you get tired constantly vacuuming the coating.

advise to pay attention to the now fashionable and also environmentally friendly coating - floorboard.It can be to lay your entire apartment.

Finally, the best option - a laminate.

ceiling and lighting

If the height of the room is not too small, it is recommended that you multi-level, or ceiling mounted.The modern look and stretch the samples.Their selection is now huge.

There is a paradox at first glance, a secret design - the ceiling, dropped a few centimeters, it looks much higher due to the well-chosen lighting.

Interior 1-room apartment (photos can be seen in design magazines premises) requires a special approach to the coverage.Try to make it a multi-level.

If you are unable to razgorodit different zones, then you come to the aid coverage.

For example, the couch-transformer set the lamp above the chair can be hung sconces, shelves better illuminate LEDs.So you can create multiple independent zones.

Wall design

most popular finish today - free.In fairness it should be noted that the choice of this material in the stores is very large.

Do not be afraid to experiment - paste over a wall of photo wallpapers.They certainly should have an image with a prospect.This will expand the room.

Interior small apartments permits the use of liquid wallpaper.They are good if you want you can easily change the color scheme of the walls when you get bored of the old one.

Wallpapers better to choose plain or discreet small patterns.

Choosing furniture

Interior 1-room apartment, a photo which you can see in this article requires a compact and multi-functional furniture.

Today has become extremely popular furniture-transformer.It is able to perform several functions and maximum space saving.Desirably, the interior small apartments was a lot of glass elements or objects with a smooth surface.


The windows in a small apartment should not be blind to the volume drapery, curtains, better use of light fabrics laconic cut.You can use blinds or roman blinds calm, non-aggressive tone.

As you can see, to create a beautiful interior in a small apartment is not too difficult.The main thing - to approach this work creatively.