Ergonomics cuisine.

Homework, namely washing dishes and preparing food, the hostess takes a lot of time and effort.In order to provide basic family dinner, it is necessary to do dozens of different movements - squats and bent transition from sink to the refrigerator.

And if you plan kitchen has been organized correctly, the physical costs of such work may be significant.How to avoid it?

Ergonomics kitchen: basic principles

first stage of the creation of an ergonomic kitchen - a layout.No need to buy a headset just because of the fact that the colors you like lockers.First we need to pay close attention to the functionality of the premises, which must take into account all the details - the characteristics of the people who will enjoy this kitchen to the area of ​​the room.

very important parameters such as the color of the floor and walls, lighting, as well as the materials from which they are created.


order that during a long stay in the kitchen to avoid eye fatigue, designers are advised to give up ex

cessively bright light.Better equipped in different parts of the kitchen several devices, you can use only the center.

evenly and brightly lit to be a working kitchen area (photos can be seen in this article), you can also create a separate light source.An excellent solution in the dining area is a lamp or lamps with variable luminous flux of light to create a cozy atmosphere while drinking tea or dinner.


When planned ergonomics kitchen, special attention should be paid to its color scheme.It is mainly dictated by its general style.Thus it is necessary to take into account the location of the light and the whole layout of the apartment.So, in the southern rooms of permissible use of cold tones, while the northern is better to choose warm - yellow, beige, terracotta.

make out the kitchen in a very bright colors is not necessary.For example, orange or red walls will start in due course on the psyche act annoyingly.The best solution would be the color of surfaces in calm tones - white, beige, cream.


Ergonomics cuisine presupposes floors of stone or ceramic tiles.Of course, such coverage as linoleum and laminate flooring, do not hand over their positions, the first is very easy to damage the various sharp objects and the other is afraid of water.But tile is very durable, it is not afraid to shed water, terrible dampness and mechanical damage.

can also create a combined surface of the tile and laminate.In this case, the main part of the floor to put the laminate, and near the washing and the work area - tile.This makes it possible to zone the room and at the same time solve the problem of practicality.At the present moment PVC tile is often used as a coating for the floor, because it has advantages over the tiles and ceramics.


Ergonomics cuisine from the walls need comfort and ease in cleaning.If you prefer wallpaper, then choose washable, since they can easily remove all the contaminants that occur when cooking.

walls in the work area should be securely protected with the help of the kitchen "apron."This option is the most popular material from the tiles, although recently there are increasingly installed glass "aprons" that are decorated with drawings or photographs.

Choosing furniture kitchen furniture, pay attention to the dimensions of the room, as well as the ability to install the headset for the benefit landlady.Necklace, custom, greatly simplifies the problem of selection, because it gives the opportunity to take into account the characteristics of the premises, as well as the ergonomic design the space.

Materials Materials can be very different.The most beautiful, durable and is considered to be expensive wood array.It is resistant to a variety of injuries, almost is not afraid to moisture, non-toxic, environmentally friendly.Usually produced from an array of elite cuisine.

MDF is often used in the manufacture of kitchen furniture.The material is environmentally friendly and fairly durable.It is often combined with chipboard.

Multiplex is the material of glued together layers of wood of various breeds.It is cheaper than the array, while convenient to use and quite practical.

Kitchen chipboard less durable and the cheapest.Flooring Laminated chipboard quite easily damaged and afraid of dampness.


Ergonomics cuisine requires a convenient and high-quality cabinets.They store all utensils.From the manner in which their internal space will be organized, at which height they will be depends on the amount of energy expended.

Manufacturers have recently been trying all sorts of devices fitted wardrobes: sections, containers, baskets, cupboards and drawer dividers.It's all arranged so as to provide easy and quick access to each of the items.

doors from the cabinets to save space made sliding, folding or collapsible, not swinging.The canisters and floor pedestals are placed on rollers section, drawers and shelves comfortable.To increase the working surface of the tables, and the tables are often equipped with special sliding board.

You can also create a different kitchen design.Loft style, for example, would be very advantageous to look in the room of any size.If you want to get a bright design, you'll like the Scandinavian or rustic style.


This is part of the kitchen headset that is most exposed to various unfavorable factors - dirt, moisture, and shock.Therefore, choosing a countertop for ergonomic kitchen should approach the process very seriously.

most popular material for them are: ceramic tiles, chipboard, stone and wood.Sometimes there and tabletops made of metal.The best choice - it is a stone or ceramic.These countertops are easy to care for, durable, does not absorb moisture, not afraid of damage and contamination.

Basic Principles

you create your creative project?Planning the kitchen can not be without a few basic principles of arrangement of furniture.

  1. work triangle, which includes a stove, sink and refrigerator.From their location depends on the amount of time and effort that is spent on household chores.
  2. social factors that take into account the number of people using the bathroom.
  3. functional areas, as their right selection has also impact on ergonomics.

Storage details

From planning the kitchen, it is important not to err in size, therefore, before buying furniture need to make careful measurements.Also initially need to determine what will be needed, and that without which you can do.

Ergonomics cuisine: the size of furniture

designing the ergonomic kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the size of the room.For example, a small kitchen in the "Khrushchev" is unlikely to be able to accommodate different set of items with a separate dining area.Of course, between the stove and the refrigerator away there will be small and the owner does not need to do a lot of steps to overcome it.This is unlikely in the kitchen for dinner fit a family of four.

In this case, the output can be combined living room and kitchen, enabling interesting design solutions and additional space.

Types optimal plan

In modern life is very important ergonomic kitchen.Basic principles of planning discussed below.

Linear kitchen

Basically, this method is used in small rooms (9 m²).The entire household appliances and furniture are installed along one wall.On the contrary can be located dining area.

U-shaped kitchen

corner This is an option plan, which involves the placement of all furniture in the shape of the letter "n."This requires a large space, as U-shaped kitchen is mainly engaged in a lot of places.

Corner kitchen

This layout is suitable for areas of more than 9 meters.In this case, a work area, which includes a refrigerator and a stove, and dining are located along two walls, thus forming an angle.Sometimes, a dining area can be positioned near the opposite wall.

American kitchen

zone with a layout of the dining separated using household appliances or some object of kitchen units.For example, as partitions are often performs a cutting table or plate.

Island kitchen

This is one of the most interesting methods of planning the kitchen, dining area when brought to the middle of the room.So it is possible to organize a kitchen-living room with a huge area.

Even in a small room if you want, you can create a comfortable and convenient environment kitchen style that accentuate the taste of its owners, as well as facilitate domestic work, while saving time mistress.