Sign-arch to the kitchen.

In today's design idea does not stand still, and we offer new and innovative solutions for interior decoration.One of the favorite elements of the decor, which not only serves an aesthetic function, but also a convenient tool for zoning space, became the entrance arch to the kitchen.Everyone understands that a person relaxes only at home, where he is comfortable and cozy.In order to create this atmosphere, people use every opportunity, applying for this all that the market offers.

arch structure is a semi-circle.It can be issued by applying a variety of building materials.Sign-arch to the kitchen is easily done by hand.But if there is the slightest doubt in yourself, you must instruct the event master of his craft.With the help of the arch can be easily done from the usual average apartment interesting studio.While this interior solution can be used for different purposes.

Why the kitchen arch

Kitchen with arch - is the embodiment of beauty and refinement in the house.These openings can be of a

ny shape: as a simple oval or rectangular, so a convoluted.

Arch - is the best option in order to visually enlarge the space facilities, to add light.It allows you to implement a daring design ideas.We list a few situations where the entrance arch to the kitchen will be very useful:

  1. Using this design, instead of the door.This option - just to increase the visual space in small apartments.
  2. division of space into zones: working - where just the process of cooking and dining room - a place where they eat.
  3. When the apartment has a kitchen-living room, the arch can be a very original element zoning.

These openings can be made of different materials.The most popular are:

  • tree.
  • MDF.
  • Plasterboard.

Arch Wood

Tree - a material that is characterized by its environmental friendliness and beauty.Elements of it always bring comfort to the house, and the interior makes elegant and unique.

Arches made of wood much stronger counterparts from MDF, plastic and drywall.The most important advantage is that the natural material can withstand shocks, and some small scratches will not be difficult to restore.

Wooden arch can be installed in various ways:

  1. from a single board.It's the easiest way, which does not guarantee a long service life of the finished product.Because whole board over time, cracks in the place where the arch bends.This is because a large load that the material can not withstand.
  2. Arch of the dice.They are subject to bonding so as to avoid possible bundle of wood.

  3. arch to the kitchen, made from wood fibers softened by boiling and steaming under strong pressure.

  4. Bent-adhesive design differs from the previous in that the steaming, bending and bonding occurs simultaneously in a prepared template.This method guarantees the longevity of the product.

Arch MDF

course, natural wood is preferred for the manufacture of any furniture and interior, but the price of these products is much higher than for a simple analogy.For example, the arched design of the MDF.This material, which mimics the natural beauty of wood.At the core is pressed MDF wood shavings.

Such arch to the kitchen, where you can see the photos in the catalogs of home improvement stores, will cost much cheaper.

But with its low cost of construction of the MDF are durable and moisture resistance.Moreover, such arch will never knots that can eventually develop into cracks usually occurring in wood products.

Arch drywall Drywall

considered one of the most popular materials for the manufacture of the arch to the kitchen.Photos of these designs are impressive.Drywall gives enormous scope for design ideas, they are happy to translate into reality, creating the masterpieces of the interior.Of course, the arch of the tree looks solidly, prestigious and original.But given the complexity of installation and price, people prefer plasterboard.

In addition, this arch can then be decorated, focusing on the interior of the premises.Options finishing drywall constructions much.As a material for this purpose, you can use wallpaper, decorative plaster, artificial or natural stone, paint and others.

Suitable whether Triomphe?

looks very profitable such a structure in the area where the distance between the floor and the lintel of the opening is greater than 2.5 m. In the case where the ceiling height is less than 2 m, it is not recommended to install the arch, because it takes some of the space.Better to do rounding on the corners of the door opening.

When considering the look of arch structure must take into account compatibility of the selected finish with the overall style of the room.