Design of a small closet.

WC is the smallest and unsightly premises in the apartment.Attention is paid to him relatively little.Although it is within your power to make the interior brighter and more interesting, fun or to give lavatory presentable.This suite should also be safe in terms of hygiene, and all materials used - comfortable in retirement.It is best to choose samples that will be resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants.All this can be achieved by self-design a small toilet.

WC in "Khrushchev"

main problem "Khrushchev" - a small toilet, combination tub.How can you organize the space with a total area of ​​2.5 m²?Oddly enough, it is possible.First we need to define the range of colors of the future interior.Cold blue and blue colors have long gone out of fashion, but quality frame may be appropriate.Designers are increasingly using vivid and bright shades, including lime green, peach, yellow, pistachio and others.The artist in high esteem as milk, beige, pearl, gray shades.Design a small bathroom w

ith a toilet, made in bright colors to visually expand the space.

classical solution for the interior of the toilet is still a mosaic or colored tiles.The main advantages of the materials - is the ease of washing, cleaning chlorine tolerance funds, as well as the inability to absorb odors.Himself worked well as plastic panels, which are increasingly used when developing the design of a small closet.Interestingly, these types of surface finishing also contributes to enhance the visual area.

For a small assortment of toilet flooring as diverse, but the tiles and there is competition.Form it can be extended or classic square.Special attention should be paid to the collection of tile, which is stylized parquet.This practical and beautiful.At the same time, so that the legs do not freeze under the deck stacked system "warm floor".

Design small toilet should also provide the right chosen lighting.Economical and simple good solution is to install a few lights in the center or on the perimeter of a tiny room.Classic overhead lights located above the door, is also suitable, especially if the original issue.

Pondering design a small toilet in the "Khrushchev," and do not forget about the cabinets and shelves.Look great hanging cabinets, which are installed frosted glass door.They filled the room like air, while its design make freer and easier.

designs and patterns for walls

creating a design of a small closet, you can not use a very large picture contrast.An acceptable alternative is mosaic tiled traditional size.Better in this case to choose a muted base color and a brighter one.For example, it is possible to connect the tiles and milky orange shades.

size tiles

He selected based on the size of the room in which the tiles will be laid.By the same token are made and small toilets.Design (photo you can see in this article) is to create a feeling of lightness, as if to push the boundaries of the room.Tile here is better to choose a width of 15 cm. At the same wall you can draw and with the help of ceramic larger size.But do not forget that too large trim elements in a small room can be visually reduce the space.Consequently, a small toilet to do very close, it is better from the specified format is not rejected.

plastic panels

If you create a design of the toilet is small in size, it is necessary to know that such a cladding material requires no construction skills, therefore, if you wish you can do it with your hands.The panels are made in textures and colors that mimic various finishing materials, therefore, the design of the room, lined with this material can be very original.

First we need to make measurements of the room and calculate the necessary material.Next you need to install the panels using a special glue.If the toilet walls are not very smooth, it is necessary to make a pre-wooden crate.

remaining finishes

If you are interested in how to create a design of the toilet is small in size with standard materials, you need to consider the option of pasting of wall-paper.You can use washable, vinyl and liquid wallpaper.The latter option requires priming the walls, while the finished trim cover must be on top of varnish.

most budget option finishes - is washable.Vinyl are more expensive, though, and they will last longer.

Architectural style

Making toilet connected with various difficulties, because in this case we are dealing with a very small bathroom.

If you think through the design of small size toilet (photos can be seen in this article), keep in mind that imitation precious materials and expensive dark inserts allow you to create a classic interior.Tile-glass shades with a Greek or Egyptian ornaments and curved lines can also create an interesting design.In this cold colors with the effect of antiquity reproduce the Rococo style.

combination of shades

In order to come up with unusual design of small toilets, need to abandon the classical beige and brown tones and replace them with more expressive.For example, it would look great wall decoration with enough light green.It can be combined with horizontal lines more fresh salad and light color.

a win-win option is the use of white tile with any other color.For example, you can be diluted with white trim inserts sand sun or fuchsia.

Repair toilet

Since this room requires a minimum of finishing materials, the cost of large, however.But even the most basic design is carried out using at least two different types of tiles that you want to calculate.

And this is done very simply.Measured by total area, which need to be finished, then the result is divided by the area of ​​the tile 1.Although today it is possible to use specially designed calculators.


"Hruschev time period" with its small parameters often pushing their owners to a variety of non-standard decisions, thereby forcing them to look for ways to save space.Creating the design of small toilets, people are increasingly today its attention is stopped on the corner and ergonomic suspended toilets.Combining them can sink a small size.


From what doors will be installed depends largely on how the result will look like a small closet.Design (photo presented in this article), the whole room should be in harmony with its style and color scheme.It must be remembered that the design of the doors, which are located in the bathroom, also affect the general appearance of the corridor.With their selection must take into account higher humidity bathrooms, which can cause deformation of the fabric, if it is made of poor quality lumber.For this reason, the toilets are increasingly using plastic doors.Although you can install and traditional wooden door that is designed specifically for rooms with high humidity.


necessary to consider that many designers, developing toilet design of small size, which you can see the photos in the article above, stop at the actual lighting solutions.When choosing lighting for the bathroom, the designers suggest, as do well-lit room, and in this case it is given a modern look, to focus on the necessary areas and elements.Basically, it is recommended the installation point, or halogen lights that can create diffused light, pleasing to the eye.If it was decided to establish a so-called light curtain, it is necessary to take care that he was Weatherproof housing, because even in a separate bathroom very often there is a high humidity.