The project houses in the style of minimalism

Country house in a minimalist style is gaining popularity in the modern world.But do not assume that this style is only for the creation of interior design house or apartment.It is present in painting, in architecture and in the makeup of women.We can say that minimalism - a way of life that is dominated by a kind of lightness, combined with the comfort and practicality.

What is minimalism

appeared relatively recently, in the 60s of the last century, minimalism was originally used to refer to the sculptures of simple shapes created from common objects, such as neon tubes, metal parts served its equipment and otherobjects of everyday life.

houses in minimalism style different from other buildings of its perfect simplicity, naturalness, freedom of space, lots of light and a complete lack of pretentiousness deliberate.It is thanks to these features minimalism remains one of the most popular and attractive style of architecture.

Insanely fast pace of contemporary life does not leave modern humans

almost no personal space.Only a person can relax at home and away from the daily hustle and interior of the house in a minimalist style with its clean, simple lines, a minimum of furnishings, limiting the maximum naturalness and great comfort that will contribute.It is safe to say that all this for half a century are extremely attracted to interior designers and architects, builders.

house in the style of minimalism

Despite its apparent simplicity, where everything is at a minimum, the design of the house in the style of minimalism can not be attributed to the simple by design.It would be easy - to build the box as much as possible to glaze it and make a flat roof?But no modern minimalism - it is not only simple design of the neon tubes, a style that helps a person to solve urgent questions for him by creating a distinctive, customized for the particular person design frees up space for a maximum of personal freedom and self-realization.

Modern requirements to the style of minimalism

ultra-modern house in minimalist style along with the use of materials such as ordinary stone, metal and wood, involve the use of the various structures of the more advanced products - plastics, chromeparts, glass and concrete.Lighting techniques have also undergone some changes compared to the past, one might say, retro minimalism.Today, designers can afford some sort of free-thinking in this matter and a light not only on the perimeter of the room, as it was before, but in the ceiling structures and walls.

Like everything in this world has the architectural minimalism and true supporters and ardent opponents, who do not like plain and undisguised gray concrete structure.In turn, the supporters advocate a positive point of view, citing the argument that modern house in minimalist style universal.It is adaptable to the needs of any person, extremely comfortable building, despite its apparent incompleteness and perfect accuracy of designs.

It should be noted that the one-story house in the style of minimalism perfectly coexist with two-, three- and five-story buildings even, which are based on this architectural decision.

project attic house with a swimming pool in the style of soft minimalism

Design house with swimming pool has a number of features - it is only natural to use environmentally friendly materials, an abundance
open space and light.In such a house is easy and comfortable to live as one, and families with children.


central point of the first floor of the house in a minimalist style is a living room, which can get into the entrance hall and dining room, decorated strict fireplace and a large aquarium for marine fishes.From the dining room you can get to the kitchen area located apart.Isolated from the rest of the premises is a sauna with a swimming pool adjacent to it.

second floor is given living quarters - three bedrooms, each with an individual shower or bath.

attic houses adapted for other needs of residents.Here we are located recreation areas and work, including an office, a room for children's games and a small bar with soft comfortable furnishings.

Interior Design

This project houses in the style of minimalism, where the main interest in interior design is done on ultra-modern comfortable furniture, natural wood, the presence of creamy marble in the bathrooms, ample glazing and high ceilings.

Wall decoration made monochromatic colors without gloss floor dwellings lined with natural beech board.Entrance hall, kitchen and bathrooms are decorated with marble tiles.

To emphasize the height of the ceilings, are used in the design of large, modern fixtures and transparent glass partitions.Completeness interior gives a restrained, laconic in form furniture.

minimalist townhouse project

Anyone who dreams of the big, light-filled house, perfect project of this three-storey townhouse with its simple natural design.The basic design concept of the house are: the use of natural materials, which fades each other space, the presence of elements taken from the high-tech style, the beautiful black and white color palette.


Working through the layout of the house, you need to think carefully about the device space, properly relate the technical communications and other zones of the structure.Planning townhouse is very similar to the traditional design of the majority of European country houses, but it does not prevent him from being very comfortable and individual.

The first floor includes an entrance area, staircase hall, living room flows seamlessly into the dining room with adjoining kitchen.It is also assumed that there is a guest room with a bathroom.

second floor is fully adapted to the needs of the owners of the house.Several bedrooms, each of which has an en-suite and walk-in closet.

third floor townhouse - it is an office, a gym, a small bar room and a playroom for children.

Interior Design

general appearance of the house is designed in classic-style d├ęcor.Clean lines, precise form of geometric designs, black and white color scheme and plenty of chrome - this is the general design trends of the townhouse.

entire interior of the building is built on a combination of contrast (white and black) colors, softened here and there a soft cream and mouse-gray shades, which, incidentally, give the illusion of increasing the visual space.

The leading role in the creation of this ultra-modern interior, of course, proper lighting plays.It includes a variety of types of devices - from the design of the built-in plasterboard ceiling spotlights to LED lighting along the edges of stair steps and skirting boards.General lighting is provided by large, round, almost flat chandeliers of frosted glass, as well as wall sconces.

Wall decoration made of white decorative textured plaster, which is in contrast with the dark floorboard gives the room a sense of extended space free.

soft furnishings with black upholstery in a combination with white facades of furniture, light tops and shelves give the shelving decoration of the house a certain formality and solemnity.

From the above described and it can be concluded that the design of the house in the style of minimalism - is both a design of the building's architecture, design and thoughtful approach to the design of the interior space of each room.