Murals in the interior: the price and photos

no need to err and do not believe that the design of our interior is not so important, but the most significant to consider the quality of work and the price of materials.Murals in the interior, artistically executed murals, corrugated wallpaper and many other finishing works give the interior not only our personality but also sophistication.

Everyone is familiar with the complexities of the repair process.As we prepare ourselves to the thought that soon the house will begin repair work, very often forget to pay tribute to the time and effort to prepare and creative thinking through the hand.

Painted walls in the apartment

Many of us prefer the practicality and durability of the final result of the repairs.Naturally, no one wants to detect cracks in the ceiling or poshtukaturennom only to find a piece of wallpaper peeled off in the corner.And this desire is natural for any reasonable person.So when you decide to be present artistic painting the walls in the interior, it is necessary to pay atte

ntion not only on the professionalism of the employees, but also in the choice of materials that they are going to be used for priming and painting.

If you are planning to buy their own paint and primer materials for work, take the trouble to consult with the staff of DIY stores.Explain exactly what you want to get a result as durable to be painted mural on the walls of the apartment and a manufacturer can really suit you.

How to choose a design for the hall?

Oddly enough, but the designers all over the world in recent years have come to the conclusion that an ideal decoration for the hall of the apartment is a wall painting.The price of such pleasure depends directly on the size of the room and the desired picture.If you have a small entrance hall with a low ceiling, and the desired list you want to put on one of the walls, then you should not be afraid that such a "work of art" you will ruin.

Of course, in fact, the price bracket ranging from quite cheap services masters of painting the walls to incredibly expensive.Here it all depends on the pattern that you choose, from the high cost of materials and colors used.

Which style of painting to give preference to the bathroom?

One of the most comfortable places, of course, after the bedrooms - a bathroom.There can be (especially the fairer sex) hours.In the world it has long been recognized style bathroom, which has no equal - Provence.Designers are advised when choosing the subjects of Provence to repair bathrooms do not forget that requires painting the walls in the interior.Photos lavender fields or just drawings prairies and waterfalls can best relax the tired body when taking water treatments.

Do not forget about the aesthetic pleasure.When your house has recreated by artists interiors small part of the province of France, and then in the morning I want to smile more often.

But it is important to know that the design choices in this category almost force you to repair the apartment in the same style.Provencal interior looks harmonious only when this subject is distributed throughout the house.

Decorate nursery

Who better than children to suffer from a lack of brightness and the "fabulous" modern interiors.The way out of this situation can be painted the walls in the nursery.Despite the fact that many parents do not want several times to make repairs in the room of the child (in order to save money on materials, or consider it pointless), making it necessary for the full development of a son or daughter.

not necessary to spend a lot of money nursery decoration.All that is required - it is your desire and creativity.For starters highlight the child's room wall, which is open from cabinets and other bulky furniture.Invite a wizard that will guide you through painting the walls in the interior . price for the work may be minimal, if the picture is simple and unpretentious.Alternatively, you can put on the wall of portraits of favorite fairy tale characters child.Most importantly, with the age of the picture on the wall can be painted, and who knows, maybe it is a creative process will awaken in your child's artistic talent.

decorate the living room painted murals of

For many people, the house - it's not just a place where they live.For most it is a place where you want to come back after a hard day's work, which is always cozy and comfortable in the circle of friends and relatives.From our attitude toward the house depends on its appearance.

Lounge - a place of meetings and receiving guests.The very name of this room indicates the presence of a large number of people, and therefore it should be the interior a rich, colorful and impressive.If you decide to decorate your home and make painting a wall in a room for receiving guests, unique picture should be scaled.Since ancient times, the presence in the house of the frescoes was a sign of wealth and the great taste of the owner.So now, in the range of wall paintings offers a huge number of magnificent frescoes, which are suitable for the interior of modern houses and flats.

Art painting.Choose your style

scale of the diversity of artistic trends are staggering.Murals in the interior allows designers to not only play with the textures and colors, and styles of painting.

There are many examples of painting in the style of abstract art and avant-garde, it has gained popularity (at least the classic images of landscapes or still lifes).Modern art does not only unleash the imagination of artists, but also allows you to decorate the interior of the original paintings, making it at the same time an original and individual.

wallpaper-pattern.Can replace artistic painting?

Sometimes, choosing design style, we want to diversify and improve the atmosphere in the house and make a list of walls in the interior . But from lack of money and, perhaps, the lack of a suitable master, we prefer not to strain and to buy wallpaper patterned (landscapes, and so on. N.).But while waiting for spectacular results with this choice very often we are disappointed.

It should be aware that the Desktop can never replace deposited on the wall or thick wallpaper pattern.The artwork, which creates a master at painting the walls, can not even be put in comparison with the adhesive finished picture.

We select master and learn the price

worth to discuss the financial side of the issue.Like any other technical aspect in the design of apartment decorating, painting the walls in the interior requires a cash outlay.To name the exact sum, unfortunately, is impossible.So, for example, painting a wall in the children's room has a size of 13 square meters in the art ArtCar will cost 10,000 rubles.

Of course, we must recognize that it is an expensive pleasure, but sometimes the interior requires that attended painting walls.The price also depends on the quality of materials to be used in the presence of stucco panels and other additional elements.But do not worry.If you still want to decorate your house painted on the walls, you can go on a little trick.

Nobody forces you to contact expensive masters.Of course, if you have planned a large-scale mural in the half of the room, then you have to shell out, but when your desire is a simple unpretentious figure, you can do anything else.In every city, there are art universities, and students in higher courses certainly accept part time for a much lower cost.Of course, the quality in this case you no guarantees, but in absentia, you can ask the faculty and ask to advise you the most talented and diligent student.

Art painting ceilings.Give your child "starry sky" in the bedroom

When there is artistic painting the walls in the interior of a child's room, and the nature of the child's imagination can develop much brighter and faster.Tell me, did as a child, when my mother was putting us to sleep during the day, we just fell asleep?Of course not.Probably each of us remembers that moment of looking at the ceiling.And those lucky children who were on the head at least some wallpapers, and many had to peer into the cracks in the plaster.

Thanks to new methods of interior design, we have a great opportunity to "decorate" the world of the child.Give your child the "starry sky" or "fluffy clouds" over the head with the help of artistic painting ceilings.