Fringes for curtains - nice and easy!

Textiles in the interior - a very important and significant detail.Knowing some of the mysteries of decorators, with the help of some secrets can be advantageous to change the design of the room.Very good cope with such tasks fringe for curtains.

Blinds in the interior of the room

Gone are the days when the curtains were only used to protect against bright sunlight.Today textile products are indispensable in the design of any interior.This type of decoration can not only change the visual perception of space, but also give the room a whole new look.It is important to consider the choice of curtains.In most cases, this kind of decor plays a key role in the interior of the room.Many designers have recently advised not to dwell on the classic versions, but rather to try to use the most unexpected solutions in the design of the windows.This is easily done with the help of sewing curtains for the order.But if the material resources do not allow to take advantage of this service, the curtains can be des

igned independently.In order to accomplish this, you must use special techniques.Ideal elements such as pelmets, picked, fringe for curtains.

Styles curtains

first step is to determine the style of curtains.There are several different types of textiles: classic, modern, neo-classicism, eclecticism, minimalism, Gothic and other options.When choosing curtains should consider the style of the room.They should not be the brightest and most expressive part of the interior.It is necessary to arrange the window so that it blends harmoniously into the overall picture and complements the look of the room.To determine the direction, you can start draping curtains.One of the more unusual ways of decorating textiles - fringe.It is not only easy to use, but also gives an extraordinary view of the most unexpected design solutions.This decorative feature is widely used in almost all styles.Most often, the fringe is sewn to the bottom and side of the product, but often decorators are experimenting, sheathing tape most of the cloth.Richer is the product looks, if the decor is used to tint.

braid as a kind of draping

fringe for curtains - this is a special band with a variety of brushes and cords attached thereto.This material is so specific that it can be applied to a variety of products: drapes, curtains, pelmets decorating and grabs.Even the lightest fabric making up the curtains can be decorated with braid.Fringe for textiles made from various materials: natural, synthetic, mixed.This decoration has several forms: it can be tawdry, cut, and fan-shaped block fringe.Decoration is welcome this tape with the help of beads and rhinestones.Decorating is not necessary but it should be borne in mind that the main form of curtains plays a key role fringe.It is very important that the color palette of the decor is rich in its nuances.This allows you to safely play with the design.Brushes can also decorate and, if necessary, and make your own.Fringe, tassels for curtains, picked, hand made, the entire article will give a unique image and unique style.

General advice In order to achieve maximum success as a result of decoration textiles, it is necessary to pay attention to all stages of its finishing.For example, it is not necessary to use a braid of the same color with curtains.A combination of several shades will give only a great zest to your product.Fringe curtain can be the most unexpected colors.This does not only emphasize the unusual way of facilities, but also add a touch of luxury.

fringed curtains always look favorable.In addition, its use helps to give the room a rich and festive look.This version of the decoration is very often used in the design of furniture, cushions, tablecloths, poufs.This is done in the form of the finished building.Sewn braid on their own - not an easy task.Such work requires a lot of attention and care.After carelessly sewn tape not only spoil the view of textiles, but also the entire design space.Sewn braid must be on the wrong side.

curtains decorate their own hands is very simple.Indeed, in the world there are no specific rules for processing textiles.This means that you can fully embody any, even the unexpected idea.A little imagination - and will have a unique curtains with fringe.Photos can easily show off their very best in design magazines.Consult the designer is always possible, but to create the room of your dreams is possible only with his own hands!